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The Supreme Court, the Supreme Frauds, and their Supreme Hypocrisy

The Supreme Court just ruled in favor of The Golden Bull of Wall Street. Again. But what else would they do; the Supreme Court are merely the false prophets of corporations and the powerful. The Supreme Court ruled that employers have the right to force employees to sign a waiver of rights to engage in a class action lawsuit against said employer over wages. In other words, you sign a contract as a condition of employment that says if the employer cheats you of agreed upon wages, you cannot join other employees in suing the company. Why is this important? Primarily, because most people are not be able to afford to sue the company by themselves. Moreover, a company is much more likely to win a lawsuit filed by one person and not a class action.

Now, what we’re missing here is why, exactly, this is a Bill of Rights issue. The Supreme Court is supposed to be ruling on matters related to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Where in the Bill of Rights does it said that corporations shall be justified in cheating employees out of wages and then forbidding them from recovering their rightful earnings? Where is the massive injury done to corporations if they are forced to pay the wages they agreed to pay from the outset? Basically what the Supreme Court has done here is legalize theft and cheating. Of course they did! They are the false prophets of their Wall Street Golden Bull.

Citizens United was the last nail in the casket, a slow death induced by our government’s subservience to Wall Street was met with a bullet that killed democracy.

This is, of course, a ruling that conservatives will love. They love all things pro-business. They also love to throw the Bible in our faces to back things they say. So let me do so here in regards to wages. Book of Deuteronomy 24:15 reads: “You shall give him his wages on his day before the sun sets, for he is poor and sets his heart on it; so that he will not cry against you to the LORD and it become sin in you.” This is in the Torah and, therefore, in the Christian Bible as well. None of them can claim they didn’t know or haven’t seen it. If you say you’ve read this, and you say American law is based on a Judeo-Christian ethic (which they claim it to be, albeit incorrectly, but indulge me here), how is this missed?

Basically, the Biblical law is that the agreed upon wages must be paid promptly and without haggling or it is a sin. Not only a sin, but one that God will take the side of the employee on. Therefore, what side has the Supreme Court taken here? In truth, the Bible agrees that the proper wages must be paid promptly. This is a law that goes back at least 2,500 years! How can the Supreme Court decide that employees should be forced to sign away their right to collect the wages due to them when the employer fails to pay them? Easy: this is the United States. Click To Tweet

This is the United States that has traded the truth for a lie and calls it justice. This is the United States that has followed the false prophets of Wall Street as they grind the faces of the poor into the dust. This is the United States where the highest court in the land serves the felonious intent of corporations even as the dead from another school massacre have yet to be buried. Kids murdered awaiting some court somewhere to rule in their favor at some point. You know, “Hey guys? Can you take some time from your busy schedule of accepting bribes and defending indentured servitude to Wall Street and maybe, I don’t know, do your actual jobs? You know, see we’ve got kids dying here and we need some clarity on the Second Amendment and some balance?”

This is the United States that thinks business is the most important thing in the world. This nation has collectively abdicated its responsibility to keep its own children safe! How can anyone see another school massacre and fail to act now?! I’ll tell you how! Because they didn’t act before! Or before that one! Or before the one previous to that! On and on it goes and no one has the courage to do something to save the lives of children! And there were kids in the Santa Fe Massacre that said they knew it was only a matter of time before this happened. Does anyone at all realize this is what soldiers say before being sent back into battle after being in several already? That it’s only a matter of time before they were hit or killed? These are kids in school!

So, no, we should not be at all surprised by the actions of this Supreme Court jesters. The only thing truly “supreme” here is hypocrisy. Kids dying in schools, but let’s worry that some poor corporations won’t be allowed to get away with stealing from their own employees. The wrong actions of businesses are protected over kids being protected by wrong actions. Think about that for a moment and ask yourself what kind of country does this? I bet there are few countries on the face of this earth that would allow these massacres to go on in their schools and just act like it’s not something they can stop. I daresay no other country would permit this. But the United States does. Why? It’s more concerned with business! Isn’t it obvious?!

So here we are again. Injustice after injustice. Some government agency should have gathered the courage to at least try to do something. But no. Because the entire government at all levels has failed those kids. It has failed everyone here besides the wealthy. #SupremeHypocrisy 

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