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The Bizzaro World of Donna Brazile and the Russian Imbroglio

Charlie Peach

Charlie Peach

Guest Writer at Charlie Peach
Politics Peach is an insightful thinker and an independent writer who presents analysis of social and political events with passion and logic.This and other write ups from Charlie are available at her Medium page above.
Charlie Peach

Waking up to Donna Brazile’s cathartic Politico story at first glance was a moment to cheer but after reading the entire story & especially the last two paragraphs as well as Donna’s supposedly tearful cries and promises to Bernie (ROTFLMAO), it became very clear this was nothing more than an attempt to sway Bernie’s supporters to come back to the Democratic Party. What was even more laughable was that she Ms. ‘Ethical’ Brazile, was heartbroken…

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