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The Bizzaro World of Donna Brazile and the Russian Imbroglio

Waking up to Donna Brazile’s cathartic Politico story at first glance was a moment to cheer but after reading the entire story & especially the last two paragraphs as well as Donna’s supposedly tearful cries and promises to Bernie (ROTFLMAO), it became very clear this was nothing more than an attempt to sway Bernie’s supporters to come back to the Democratic Party. What was even more laughable was that she Ms. ‘Ethical’ Brazile, was heartbroken when she learned of all that Hillary and DNC had done and were doing to undermine the will of the people.

The above quote from Donna Brazile would be heartwarming if it weren’t so insulting and laughable. Donna was just appointed to the DNC’s Board of Ethics, that alone was an insult to anyone with a brain. Tom Perez (DNC Chair) also removed all of Bernie Sanders’ supporters from the committee. Donna was caught after LYING repeatedly, having given debate questions to Hillary Clinton but nowhere in her exorcism did she acknowledge her own role in elevating Hillary.

Donna and the Democratic Party knows that the Clintons’ are done within the Dem Party and they also know that Bernie Sanders has risen to be the only flame left in their dying party. Donna is a smart woman, she would never have written this without sanction, or her political career is over. Dems will never admit that Russia played no critical part in Hillary losing the election because they still need a boogeyman to hold on too and Donna clearly continues down that path in the article.

The acknowledgement of the fraud of Hillary’s Victory Fund was exposed during the primaries…I wrote about it ad nauseam only for her cult followings to deny and attack me for it. We heard for months how Bernie wasn’t raising money for down ballots and that the great Hillary was working hard for down ballot dems. When a story came out stating that to be a lie and that in fact, Hillary, DNC & DWS were lying to donors and funneling most of the money to Hillary, her/DNC’s & corporate owned media quietly brushed it under the rug.

I do applaud Donna for exposing how badly managed the DNC was ran under Obama & Debbie Wasserman-Schulz’s leadership from a financial perspective, but we all knew this to be true long before now. Because how else does one lose over 1000 elected seats over the past 8yrs without poor leadership! As someone once said, “Obama was good at electing and elevating one person and that was Obama”.

There are a lot of missing pieces in this article and Donna’s careful penmanship and finger pointing dancing around the lines of criminality and corruption are easily overlooked. Donna made sure to deny any criminality of the party as a whole including the suspicious murder of Seth Rich and the truth behind the Awan brothers who were being paid 5 million dollars by DNC and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, as an IT Aide to DWS & 25 other Congressional Democrats. We also know that Democrats illegally purged over 200K voters in NYC and many other cities across the country. Donna is only sharing a fraction of the truth along with some good folklore and southern charm to sell a book and to save a party that’s long been dead because as she stated, “she refuses to kill the patient”. We all know where the cancer is and how far it’s metastasized within the Democratic Party and no amount of life support or Bernie ass kissing by Donna will save it now.

There’s no reason for shouting with glee when the DNC is still being ran by Obama’s incompetent pick Tom Perez at the top and all of Hillary’s (including her) wall street puppets below. If Donna were sincere, she’d call for the removal of Tom Perez (who I personally watched being illegally nominated) and the reinstatement of all the Progressives who were removed over the last week.
If you want to know how out of touch Donna and the entire DNC Establishment are, make sure that you don’t miss the very casual and subtle way she mentions vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard. Even Donna cloaked in her good Christian girl southern charm, can’t hide her nouveau riche elitism.

Summation: Hillary does a book tour blaming, Russia, Bernie, Obama and white women being forced by their husbands to vote for Trump, now Donna has written a book blaming Russia, Hillary, Debbie, Obama, OFA & the DNC. Not to mention some of their biggest donors (all of HollyWEIRD), are burning in flames from hundreds of sexual predatory revelations.

However, after over a year of Bernie being attacked as a non God or Saint Bernie, Donna Brazile actually had a ‘Coming to Jesus Moment’…LOL
Lastly, as we embark upon the November 7th elections across the US, this could not have come at a worse time for Democrats but at this point, Democrats, NeoLiberals along with Hollywood’s complicity and sexual perversions, all just need a proper funeral!! #DemExit #DNCFraudLawsuit

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