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DemocraZy: a Facade of Control as they Screw Us All

I used to be that guy; the useful fool who made it my business to lecture others about the necessity of voting and the value of participating in our Democratic process. Though I extolled the virtues of elections, in reality I was a Democratic toady who volunteered my services for free to get politicians elected who perfected the act of pretending to care about justice and fairness. Boy oh boy did I have the DNC talking points down—here is video proof of my political hackery. I would loyally defend a feckless party all the while not realizing that I was taking part in the greatest deception ever perpetuated upon humanity.

It took a two year journey of adversity and seeing the masses broken by poverty away from the ivory towers of upper middle-class privilege for me to finally realize the utter fraudulence of our two-party political system. Hindsight is the greatest of educators; I now look back in bemusement at the bubble of naivety I once resided in. I used to mock Republican loyalists for voting against their economic self-interest all the while pulling the lever for a Democratic party that is kneecapping the masses into a state of perpetual indigence and dependence. Well my people, I have seen the light! Both parties are equally malignant; Democrats and Republicans are nothing more than veils used to hide the pernicious hands that’s killing hope in America and sucking life from the world.

Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Well Democracy is that insanity for we keep voting every four years for a president and marching to the polls to vote for Congress hoping for new outcomes only to get shellacked after the first Tuesday of November. Pomp and circumstance greets us as our votes are coveted before elections only to get fucked collectively without a nary thank you by the political rapists in DC who laughably call themselves public servants.

A bit too harsh? Not really, rapists have nothing on the alternative humans in the Federal government who walk the halls of the White House and the US Capitol. The people we keep voting for are actually hired capos of the moneyed mafia who wear shoes that exceed our yearly incomes who are treated like royalty from Wall Street, London, Brussels, Zurich and beyond. Our government is nothing more than a PR agency and the enforcement arm of the assholes in Kiton suits who are driving all of us into a state of financial insolvency and burying countless millions around the globe into unmarked graves.

I have arrived at this realization—Democracy itself is the problem. At least back during the days of monarchies, a king or a queen was held accountable for his or her actions. Leaders could only commit but so much injustice before the people rose up and took matters into their hands. A king or a tyrant thus had to worry about self-preservation; many a monarch were given the guillotine treatment because they insisted on oppressing the masses. I’m not saying that all was dandy as horrible leaders like Caligula, Nero, Idi Amin and Pol Pot are historical testaments of the evils that one leader entrusted with too much power can unleash unto the world.

Yet Democracy is an equal crap shoot without the benefit of knowing who is committing the sin. We only value our system of governance because we do not yet feel the full brunt of the policies that our elected officials purvey beyond our borders—though the time of our tribulation is fast approaching. The federated and anti-constitutional government has declared endless illegal wars for the past fifty years; starting from Korea the list of countries that have felt the corporate sponsored blitzkrieg of our military-financial complex is one that can fill up books. Vietnam, El Salvador, Cuba, Nicaragua, Panama, Grenada, Iraq, Philippines, Somalia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, these countries constitute just the tip of the iceberg of nations our government has blown apart with overt aggression befitting of the Third Reich. When you include covert military actions, our government has touched almost every nation around the globe with the bloody finger of war.

Add America to the list of our government’s victim for we too are now in the cross-hairs of this monstrous cancer that is seated in Washington DC. Yet Washington DC is not even the problem for the source of wickedness is hidden from public. This is the devious brilliance of Democracy, we are prevented from identifying the true culprits who are behind the very injustices we are all rightly up in arms over. We have been programmed to accept that voting is the solution to all that ails our nation; we march to the polls on regular intervals to express our dissatisfaction only to end up getting screwed even more after the last vote is counted. The whole con game depends on cyclical change (read the Grand Deception of Cyclical Change); after four or eight years of one party or a personality, we vent collectively by voting for someone completely different. Except there is no difference at all; politics might be different between Trump and Obama but the policies are 100% the same with just changes on the margins and on the delivery of rhetoric.

The Magna Carta is cited as the inspiration of our Republic and the womb from which modern day Democracy was birthed. The Magna Carta is presented as some type of virtuous rebellion where a tyrannical king was put in his place by the people. In reality, the people who rose up against King John of England were not the masses but were instead the upper crust of society. The wealthy pricks of England decided they had enough of power not being in their hands so the convinced “the people” to rise up against the king. Things never change; the people die so the aristocracy can thrive. What the moneyed gentry did was effectively hijack governing from the monarchy and placed it in their grimy hands by making it seem like the people had a say in the way their nation is administered.

Give people a facade of control and they will freely let themselves be shackled. Democracy is that shackle as we keep electing to be enslaved by pugnacious politicians on both side of the political isle who are getting paid by very the source of injustice they pretend to be speaking against. Just ponder this as a closing thought; if you go to a restaurant and your options are limited between dog piss and cat litter yet the owner tells you that you have a vote on which you can eat, does voting turn the two horrible options into a tasty cuisine? This scenario is the very same insanity we keep being hoodwinked to accept as Democracy—except Democrats and Republicans make dog piss and cat litter look like an absolute gourmet by comparison. Until we wake up to this con game that is being perpetuated on us as a people, we will keep voting expecting different outcomes and getting the same results—this is #DemocraZy

There are three type of people in politics: the ones who purchase the souls of screwers, the ones who get paid to screw others and the ones who pay to get screwed.

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