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First They Replace Your Name, Next They Erase Your Existence

To the victor goes the spoil. This adage has been recounted throughout human history. Most understand this to mean that conquerors get to take from the conquered and that the victors have authority over the defeated. But there is another aspect of subjugation that is often neglected; forget the gun, the most powerful weapon of colonizers is the pen and the hands of paid educators who wield it. People are defeated by weapons; they are enslaved through indoctrination.

For the longest time, I thought this axiom applied only to “minorities”; especially to “black” folks and people who trace their ancestry to the continent that we now call “Africa”. There is a reason why I put minorities, black and Africa in quote marks, however before I get to the heart of the matter, I just want to note my evolution. I now understand that the deception of the status quo applies not only to out-groups but to dominate classes as well. Low and behold, the same game the “elites” have been deploying against “minorities” have been unleashed with lethal efficacy against “white” people as well.

The game I’m talking about is stripping away people’s identities and replacing our given names with false constructs and labels that don’t come from us. Divide and conquer depends on creating factions out of thin cloth in order to splinter society and foster tribalism. Before the establishment can divide us, they must first convince us that we are different than others. They do this by erasing our names, nullifying our heritage and wiping away our history in order to supplant them with outright lies and propaganda.

Did you know that the continent we now refer to as Africa was once called Ethiopia? Did you know that the Atlantic Ocean was once called the Ethiopic Ocean? Did you know that the Nile River was actually called the Ghion River? The Ghion River is the second river mentioned in the bible, they washed away our significance by rebranding the Ghion River into the Nile—the active denial of history. Now you know why this publication is called the Ghion Journal. This is what colonizers do: they send emissaries using the guise of benevolence before they loosen their malevolence. First come men with bibles before military with bullets arrive. There is a reason why one civilization after another was subdued by lesser nations, chicanery lulls people into complacency only to wake up into slavery.

There is a vast difference between education and knowledge. The former accepts information without questioning, the latter questions in order to attain wisdom::

It is noted that Adam and Eve were deceived into eating the apple; Lucifer is a most excellent liar. Those who do the devil’s deed on earth have been trained well by their vile master; secret societies illuminated with darkness have commandeered every institution from government, media, academia to religions and compel them to echo their distortions by using their money as carrots and character assassins as sticks. The bible was hijacked by Constantine and his henchmen for political purposes, the Nicene Council transfigured the Ge’ez bible beyond recognition and shortly thereafter established the Vatican—faith weaponized as religion in order to oppress the masses. Governments have been conscripted by billionaires who have weaponized their wealth in order to bend politicians to their will. Media has been subsumed by multinational corporations who have no interest in protecting our collective rights and only care about enhancing their profits. At the intersection of all these takeovers are globalists who are diverse in makeup but identical in evil.

The lies of history are so copious that the truth is impossible to decipher amid a sea of disinformation. There is a reason why the last book of the bible is called Revelations, only God can reveal the truth after centuries of lies that have indentured humanity. What is initially resisted by people who refuse to be vassals of the establishment is eventually accepted and in time adored by the masses. Bob Marley cited in “Redemption Song” that we must liberate our minds from mental slavery; after all, the chains at the feet are nothing compared to the chains in the mind. The few who lord over billions have effectively enslaved the whole of humanity using media as their guns and false narratives as their bullets. In this war of information, we have been reduced to fighting over imposed identities instead of uniting to defend our common interests.

Even my homeland Ethiopia, the one country that successfully repelled colonization, has come under the spell of manipulators. My forefathers fought and died defending Ethiopia from Italians who invaded our country with high hopes of turning a biblical land into their personal fiefdoms. Ethiopians of all stripes and backgrounds put aside their differences and rallied to our Sendek Alama (the Ethiopian flag) and defeated fascists at the Battle of Adwa. Ethiopian jegnoch (warriors) perished by the thousands in order to protect their children from the bandira (flag) of Italian invaders. A century later, the descendants of jegnoch dishonor their ancestors by calling our Sendek Alama bandira. Not content with injecting tribalism into Ethiopia and conditioning us to accept fabrications, globalists went one step further and added a satanic pentagram on our Sendek Alama. Like toads in boiling water, they are slowly boiling us with false narratives.

This same virus of self-nullification is how “black” folks in America have been bamboozled into accepting insulting terms as their identity. Here is what I know to be true, no one in the continent that was once called Ethiopia used to call themselves black. This is beyond dispute, the word black did not come from us—it was imposed by outsiders. Look up the word black and you will see all kinds of negative connotations appended to it. Slave traders and colonizers were calling us black in order to dehumanize us and to wall us off into the ghettos of labels. They stripped our identity and literally rebranded us, we accept their brand and puff up our chest calling ourselves black with pride.

The ultimate objective of these artificial identities and social constructs that are imposed upon humanity is to have co-victims fighting one another and to distract us from realizing the true source of injustice. World leaders use different means but their ends is identical; they cater to their base, convince their followers to demonize the “other side” and sit back and laugh as we claw each other like crabs in a barrel. In Ethiopia, the new prime minister took over promising hope and change only to deliver more of the same. Sound familiar? This is the same scam that Obama pulled off with such efficiency that he earned the Ad Age Marketing campaign award in 2008. Trump emulated Obama in reverse in 2016 as he too played on the grievances of his base while demonizing Democrats. While politicians pretend to be fighting in public, behind closed doors they are all singing from the same masonic playbook. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled off was convincing the world he did not exist, the second greatest trick was convincing humanity that justice could be delivered through politics. #ReclaimOurNames Click To Tweet

At the core of this insidious bamboozling is the cunning ways the ruling class foment tribalism. We are continually programmed to view ourselves as labels. Politics, religion, education and an endless array of social constructs amplify our differences and minimize our commonalities. The only reason I woke up to these lies and refuse to bash “white people” in order to stand for justice is because two years of homelessness and hardship taught me that poverty and suffering comes for all irrespective of our skin color, ideology or our ideologies. I now understand that collective judgement is evil and that the only way to truly fight for justice is not by fighting at all. We can’t hope to defeat hatred by mimicking it, we can only overcome iniquity through love and unity. This is the reason I quit journalism in order to become chair of Ethiopians for Constitutional Monarchy, the only way to counter the lies of the establishment is to build institutions that can match their propaganda with messages of truth and coexistence.

If we are to liberate ourselves as a people, and by we I mean the near total of mankind that have been colonized by the “elites”, we must free our minds from centuries of organized lies that have Balkanized humanity. Do not accept narratives blindly, question all who come around pretending to speak on your behalf and dismiss anyone who tries to inject tribalism and does not stand up for universal justice. A new paradigm of peace and shared prosperity on earth is possible if only we stop accepting propaganda as news and when we realize that we have more common than we have that divide us. Above all, respect your name and understand your roots, those who forget their past invite present bondage and subjugation into the future.

A tree that forgets its roots shall be a broken branch with no leaves that curses its seeds::

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