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The Veil is Being Lifted, Next Comes the K.I.SS

A couple of days ago, I notice a quirk that I initially dismissed as another instance of corporate interests suppressing anything that does not echo official narratives. My aloofness was motivated by outrage fatigue; I’ve witnessed over the past year or so how my Twitter mentions and retweets would occasionally slow from a gush to a trickle for no explainable reason so I expected this was just another algorithm based infringement. However, the minute I realized that the reach of my posts, as well as that of the Ghion Journal accounts, were being severely restricted across all social media platforms, I suspected that something else was at play beyond the run-of-the-mill censorship that we have come to accept as a norm.

My suspicions were confirmed when I logged on Google analytics and scanned the number of daily visitors at the Ghion Journal website. The same day that my Twitter mentions and retweets took a nosedive, the number of daily visitors cratered by more than 75% and remained at those levels since then. This is not how the “network effect” works, websites that garner a big following only continue to grow, they do not all the sudden tank and shed a substantial portion of their audience. I then clicked on the most widely read article at our website only to realize that the number of times the article has been shared was reduced from 12,000 times to less than 200 only to rise back up to 8,000 shares the minute I brought up this development up on Twitter and Facebook.

Not wanting to jump the gun and sound like a raving madman announcing the end of the world, I decided to ask an open-ended question to see if other independent journalists and non-corporate media entities were feeling the same level of exclusion. Sure enough, time and time again, I received either first-hand or second-hand testimony of the ways non-conforming journalists and independent truth-seekers were being targeted for marginalization while propagandists within mainstream media are being elevated.

I’ve known about this for a while, I’ve experienced this level of silencing and wrote about it last year when the Ghion Journal Facebook page was deleted for no reason other than violating Mark Zuckerberg’s Orwellian “community standards”. If social media companies, at the behest of their “minders”, are focusing this much attention on me, a nobody “blogger”, can you imagine what they are doing to independent journalists who have pierced through the echo chamber and cultivated a mass-following?

You don’t have to imagine, people like Abbiy Martin, Lee Camp, Jimmy Dore and Cynthia McKinney to name a few, have repeatedly talked about how they are being singled out for censorship. There are two ways the establishment attacks beacons of light who keep the spirit of muckrakers alive. The first is to malign their character and insinuate that they are either conspiracy theorists, agents of Russia or libel them by using some of the most despicable forms of guilt by association.

Caitlin Johnstone has been vilified for more than a year for being a Nazi sympathizer. Her crime? She made the mistake of noting that the “left” and “right” should put aside their political differences and unite to defend their common interests. I’ve been advocating this same thing for years, of course they dare not come after me because I am “black” and they know better than to expose themselves to charges of racism, they know the optics of  “white” elitists going after a “poor African-American”—this is how far down the rabbit hole of identity politics we have sunk into.

The silencing of dissent is not isolated to any one group or ideology. After the 2016 elections, Twitter deplatformed a popular African-American political writer by who went by the name of Charlie Peach aka #PoliticsPeach because she committed the cardinal sin of being a “black” woman who diverged from the neoliberal orthodoxy and had the nerve to think independently. Charlie detailed her ordeal in an article she published on her Medium account:

“This tactic of Macarthyism and Red Scare aren’t new and it truly shows that the Democratic Party’s roots of Dixiecrats and Neolib Clintonism are who they truly are. Democrats are nothing without the enslavement of African Americans, no different than the GOP not being anything without poor whites. The silencing of voices who are not on board with the establishment should be a concern for all.”

After shuttering her account by libeling her as a Russian agent, Twitter now allows a fake account to use Charlie Peach’s name and likeness to spread lies and preach Democrat propaganda. The establishment will allow you to be a social actorvist but they will not abide people who challenge acceptable media narratives.

The second way the establishment assault independent journalists is by leveraging technology to restrict their reach. There is a reason why I warned against silencing Alex Jones, as much as I was repulsed by Jones’s infantilism and his fraudulence, I knew what would happen if the debased (I refuse to call them elites) successfully marginalized him. Tyranny always starts by going after fringe groups only for a precedent to be set to use those same tactics against the general population. This is exactly what Hitler and his henchmen did during the 1930’s; they initially went after communists with a vengeance only to turn around and use those same gestapo techniques against Jews, gays and others who were deemed undesirable by Nazis.

When are we finally going to learn? Injustice against a few will eventually become injustice against all. That same wall we build will be the walls that imprison us.

I often wondered how Germans could have sat back and let monsters in brown shirts and swastikas unleash hell upon their nation. Wonder no more; we are witnessing in real-time a softer form of book burnings, targeted intimidation and political hit jobs that is quickly morphing into hard core despotism. The powers that be knew that Americans could not be easily cowed into compliance if a strongman tried to unleash the same fascism that swept throughout Europe in the run up to World War II and that we would fiercely resist the virus of autocracy that bleeds “third world nations” if they tried to push that NWO agenda too quickly in the land of the free and home of the brave.

They knew that the spirit of independence and rebellion that lives in hearts of the decedents of rugged settlers who chaffed at governmental intrusion and the heirs of once capital prisoners would not give their hands to a coordinated campaign of subjugation. Convinced that it would be folly to come at Americans with a hammer, the ruling class chose patience, duplicity and a creeping totalitarianism to undo liberty and implement their desired outcomes. These plans–drawn up a long time ago–are being implemented before our very eyes as obsequiously observe while our freedoms are being snatched away one by one, our rights of privacy are being nullified and the US Constitution is being shredded by elected public serpents and unelected thugs in jack boots.

Like toads in slow boiling pots, instead of being alarmed by this approaching tyranny that is pixelating before us, the broader public has been made impotent and neutered by a mix of manufactured outrage and pervasive sensationalism. Decades of conditioning by the media-politico complex and a systematic form of PsyOps has neutered our rebellion against authoritarianism and turned us into a nation of idol worshipers. Like lemmings, we salivate over political gods, media personalities and entertainment “stars” as we pathetically prostrate ourselves and offer our backs for the establishment to build their empires—they call us their base for a reason.

We have become a society of cults who idolize personalities; Jim Jones’s adherents are free thinkers compared to the political devotees on both sides of the aisle who insist on guzzling from red and blue Kool-Aid cups. It’s gotten so bad that the same people who are struggling to pay their rents and falling behind on their credit card bills are forking over the little disposable income they have to give tithings (donations) to their political gods. Jesus Christ who have we become! Instead of rising up to reclaim our government, we have been conditioned to vote for politicians in the hopes that professional liars–who are worth millions–will lead us on a revolution against their billionaire patrons.

Let me dispense with the niceties and cut to brass tacks. Wake the fuck up! Consider this a clarion call, for God’s sake disconnect from cable news and the buffoonery of social media for one day and assess what is taking place at this current moment. Don’t follow narratives as a script but use them to connect dots and ask critical questions. Do you know what will happen if America is beset by a political crisis as this wholly fraudulent Mueller investigation is about to induce?

If impeachment proceedings start, or even if the story line of gridlock continues to take hold, the stock markets which are at record highs right now, will tumble the minute DC is paralyzed by political warfare. The next big “market correction” will make the Great Repossession of 2008 look like child’s play by comparison. The government and the Federal Reserve (they are not the same thing) have no tools at their disposal to stop the free fall. Tried and true tricks (pyramid scams) that are usually used to prop up failing economies are no longer an option. Interest rates are anemic as is so there is no way to cut them to spur consumption, Treasury can’t crank up the T-bill print press and implement another round of Quantitative Easing and there is zero political will to spend trillions like Obama did in 2009 to inject money into the economy.

Keynesian policies are off the table; the markets–which are riding high at this moment–are in trouble the minute an external event creates a rush to the exit doors. Just like the Titanic, the first class passengers have their life rafts secured while the rest of society are locked below deck assured by the soothing melodies of the mainstream media quartet. For the time being, the band plays on, but when the music stops, we will be up to our noses in trouble. One minute we are going about our business disconnected as we are from the troubles of the world by two oceans and a vast sea of indifference, but one bang will wake us up to the horrors of the realities we keep running from. We have forgotten 9/11, but a horrific May Day will shake us up and give us clarity once we endure a collective cognitive dissonance—the KISS cometh.

Get ready Americans, this day will be coming sooner than you think, for many, it already has.

Let me take this moment to beseech people who serve the institutions of power and who prop up the status quo. Consider this a rally point for justice. I ask you to look into your hearts and ask yourself if this is what you signed up for. When you were a child, did you aspire to use the gifts you have—your technical prowess and your creative abilities—to change the world or to maintain injustice? You are of us, your mothers, fathers, sons and daughter and your extended families and friends live among us. Who are you going to sacrifice in order to appease your bosses? Just following orders can only get you so far, trust me, there is a SEVERE COST to be paid for being in league with evil. #KISSCometh Click To Tweet

The time has come for all of us to reflect and make some decisions. Do we continue complying with malfeasance or is it time for us to say enough and take back our government? I’m not advocating violence; a revolution of the gun is immoral and will only deliver the same tyranny that gave birth to it. The only revolution that will work is the evolution of the heart; one where we change our perspective from me first to collective success. Let us look out for the least among us, let us unite through grace and let us demand inclusive justice. Instead of being fire, let us be water.

We say we are a Christian nation that believes in God, we say that we value diversity and equality for all and we say that we are a nation of laws, no more talking about it, it is time to be about it. Failing some sort of collective action, if we insist on being transfixed on the fool in the White House and the frauds who are aspire to replace him, we are in for a world of trouble. If nothing else, if you refuse to save yourself from this cult of personality we have become, unite and rebel for the sake of our children—their lives might just depend on it.

A couple of days ago, when I was talking to a friend in Houston named Jeremy Masters (see his information below), I told him that I was totally perplexed by the era we live in. History always made sense to me; human beings are broken records and we repeat the same patters generation after generation. However, the time we live in literally has no precedent and I was conveying to him my frustrations in trying to figure out what is coming next. My friend posited the following point:

“You know Teodrose, during a wedding, a bride walks in with a veil on and throughout most of the ceremony she maintains the veil over her face. However, once the vows are exchanged and the wedding is about officially consummated, she lifts her veil to show her face. The ruling class are lifting their veils, they are about to consummate their plans and must therefore lift their veils to kiss the groom.”

I was immediately moved by this most vivid description and the way Jeremy used a wedding to break down the era of vast disinformation we live in. The K.I.SS is coming, by that I mean the Klandestine Intimidation is about to turn into Schutzstaffel (SS) brutality. When that day comes, you can never say you were never warned. If the bride are the ruling class, ask yourself, who do you think the groom is? May God bless the United State of America and the whole of humanity, may God be with us as the enemies of good form their weapons::

“Then the kings of the earth who committed sexual immorality and lived in luxury with her will weep and wail at the sight of the smoke rising from the fire that consumes her. In fear of her torment, they will stand at a distance and cry out: “Woe, woe to the great city, the mighty city of Babylon! For in a single hour your judgment has come.” And the merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her, because there is no one left to buy their cargo:: “ ~ Revelations 18:9-11

Let’s play a game of numbers:

The number to the left of the colon is 18 = 1 = 8 = 9

The numbers to the right of the colon is 9-11

The last part of this passage is 18:11 = 1 + 8 : 11 = 9:11

Our difference is about to fulfill a prophecy that was written a long time ago.


I thought twice about this using the image of Meghan Markle as the feature picture for this article, until I read that the wedding dress she wore for her “special occasion” was an homage to the United Kingdom’s reign of terror. There is a cost when one complies with evil:: #JUSTICE

“Princes shall come out of Egypt; Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands unto God.” ~ Psalm 68:31

Thank you to Jeremiah (Jeremy)

This is a personal thank you to Jeremy Masters, the man who told me about bride lifting her veil as an analogy of the time we live in. Jeremy, you were one of the few people who asked about me during my time of distress while others treated me with indifference or straight up malice. Be kind to those who suffer hardships instead of disregarding them because they are poor. You will never know, the pauper you dismiss could be a prince in disguise. #GhionProverbs 

Check out Jeremy’s music below

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