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The Age of Public Serpents

They take a “taste” from businesses and people alike, taxing their victims and offer “protection” in return. They hire capos to enforce “social order” and impose their will as they jealously guard their turf. In order to be a “made man”, aspiring members have to prove to the institution they hope to join fidelity that supersedes loyalty to friends, family and humanity as a whole. They work within a hierarchy; associates working for soldiers, soldiers working for capos, capos working for underbosses and underbosses working for bosses—all saluting the all-powerful Godfather.

What I just described above is the structure of mafias and the basic framework the Cosa Nostra operate under. When we think of mafias, most of us reflexively recall movies like “the Godfather” or “Casino”. However, there is another mafia that exceeds the brutality and coercive power of any crime family that has ever existed. This mafia I write of are most governments in the world that have made it their purpose to handcuff the citizenry, levy businesses and serve the will of Godfathers (globalists) as they wield brute force to compel their victims for fear of facing harsh consequences.

Unlike crime syndicates like the Gambino, Luchese and Genovese families, when it comes to geopolitical mafias that control this world, we have no idea who the Godfathers are. The bosses of bosses are hidden from public sight as “heads of state”—presidents, prime ministers and puppets on the global stage—are presented as leaders when in reality they are nothing more than glorified capos doing the bidding of their oligarch masters. These public serpents are rewarded handsomely by the mafia they serve; some are strongmen who remain in office for life, others are given short windows to reign after which they exit stage left only for the new capo-in-chief to be sworn in and continue servicing the desires of the Godfathers.

 Worse than the strongman who remains in office through brute force of bullets are these feckless “leaders” who gain power through the deception of ballots.

In this paradigm, democracy is nothing more than a façade—a way to lull the public into a false sense of choice. In reality we the people exert zero control and have negligible influence over the governments that supposedly serve us. At best, we have been turned into hapless bystanders in our respective countries; our interests and well-being are pushed to the sideline as the capos in the halls of power work assiduously for their corporate masters. In truth, we are indentured servants as governments collude with private interests to transfer wealth upward while sinking humanity into the abyss of pervasive economic anxieties and/or total financial insolvency.

I write this article motivated by unfolding events in my new abode America and my birth land Ethiopia. Here in the states, it has become evident to all but the most dyed in the wool partisans that the United States is an outlaw nation. More than 220 years after the founders of America revolted against British imperialism, a new imperialism has wiped away the Republic and replaced it with a kleptocracy that is cunningly administered by two criminal enterprises. The Charter of the United Nations is nothing more than a public relations stunt, a way for nations with bigger guns to cow lesser nations. As our government lectures the world about democracy while having none of it here in America, they unleash the military-financial complex to spread bloodshed around the world while taking away our agency here at home.

If there was any justice in this world, Democrats and Republicans would be targets of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) act. Alas, given the legal system is co-opted by both parties and the establishment as a whole are nothing more than DBA’s of multinational corporations, what we will keep being treated to is the abortion of justice and the proliferation of inequities. Politicians, who are nothing more than soldiers of the globalist mafias, are paid large sums to serve us up to the wolves on Wall Street. We are bereft of voice in our own country; outside of symbolic votes, which have no substance when it comes to effecting policies, the broader public has been left impotent as we desperately cry out in hopes of gaining relief from boots of capos that smash our collective necks.

We have been thoroughly conditioned by the establishment to accept this con game of the duopoly in the District of Caligula. Politicians are joined by soldiers in media, think tanks, lobbying organizations and academia to enforce a social order that codifies unequal treatment and normalizes public theft. Using identity and ideology, the “elites” (they are really debase) nefariously play one against the other; instead of uniting to defend our common interests, we bash each other as we argue about who is more privileged and who suffers most. Like toads in simmering water, rather than climbing out of the pot, we prefer to stay and boil in place.

This same playbook of divide and conquer is being leveraged brilliantly in Ethiopia. The new Prime Minster, Abiy Ahmed, came in promising hope and change only to revert to the same tribal politics that were the hallmarks of the monstrous TPLF regime he replaced. Meet new despot, same as old despot; Ahmed is cunningly positioning himself among the Oromo tribe after he gave the cold shoulder to Tigray people and is now in the process of marginalizing Ahmaras and the other “tribes” within Ethiopia. RIP “medemer”, welcome murderous politics.

Never trust politicians, their interests are not to serve the people but to stifle our growth and make us dependent. During the Roman Empire, the public was conditioned into subservience with a mix of bread and circus. The circuses were the arenas and brutal gladiator competitions; grand spectacles that medicated the citizenry with the dopamine rush of controlled violence. The bread was the dependency upon the state the public became accustomed to. The upper crust of society lived like uber-royalty while the rest were huddled in mega-cities and turned into the field hands of the empire—humanity is a broken record.

The bread and circus of the Roman Empire has nothing on the bread and circus of governments in the 21st century. The circuses of our time are sensationalism, outrage for the sake of outrage and identity politics that splinter us from each other and breeds antipathy. The bread is government assistance as they take away our means and livelihood and give us back pennies on the dollar. When you rip away product from a person’s labor, that person dies spiritually and is rendered a human zombie. Most of us toil away at jobs we hate—enslaved by paychecks for fear of homelessness—only to spend our lives in regret and wondering what could be. The source of our misery is because we have been ripped away from purpose and convinced to chase money instead of pursuing our passions.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely and consolidated power is the enemy of all good in this world. Globalism is the extreme end of absolute power; a few people who have weaponized their wealth sit atop society and have maliciously turned the rest of humanity into assets and liabilities on their balance sheets. Do not let the establishment use identity to shield these monsters as they accuse people who criticize globalists of being “anti-Semitic”. There are some Jews who are globalists as there are Christians, Muslims, “black” people and “white” people. Greed and gluttony do not differentiate by social constructs neither do globalists care about identity; their only ideology is money—cash is the only god they trust.

These are the Godfathers we don’t see, the invisible hands who dictate policies and control the underbosses—some refer to them as the “deep state”—whose job it is to give marching orders to politicians. Our planet has been hijacked by terrorists who wear Armani suits and sip Chablis in their gated villas; while the rest of humanity suffers, the “invisible hands” live like Sultans as they hoard the riches of the world and manufacture deficiency for the rest of us. Don’t let economists fool you, this world has enough resources to feed billions more. Poverty, famines and human suffering are byproducts of planned scarcities that are needed to create demand and inflate profits. What we need more than ever is not more politics but an Adwa Awakening, a movement grounded in unity that can match the guns and cunning of the establishment.

A vital component of this awakening has to be the rank and file of the various institutions that protect the status quo. This article I wrote not too long ago titled “Rally Point” is intended for active duty, veterans and civil servants. A time comes where people have to choose between morality and chain of command—that time is quickly approaching. There are honorable people who serve in the military, police and throughout government; I ask those who do to look into your hearts and look out for the least among us instead of saluting the people who are bleeding our planet. Your job, first and foremost, is to protect the vulnerable; don’t forget about that as orders come that will ask you to crush the huddled masses.

I know some will dismiss this analysis as a “conspiracy theory”, it is easier to accept the lies you believe than it is to question the indoctrination we have been fed since childhood. I don’t judge people who refuse to look beyond the veil; after all, it was not too long ago that I fell hook, line and kitchen sinker for the biggest bamboozle in the history of America by the name of Barack Obama. Even after I woke up to the lies of the First Bank President, they occasionally pull me back in. Last year, I yet again fell for another hoodwink by the name of Abiy Ahmed only to realize that the globalist mafia only let overseers into the masters’ (white) house.

A hundred and sixty years ago, my great-grandfather Atse (Emperor) Tewodros rose to power in Ethiopia by taking on the aristocracy and fighting on behalf of the marginalized majority. During Zemene Mesafint (the age of princes), Ethiopia was ruled by royals who made it their purpose to squeeze the citizenry in order to enrich their coffers. Atse Tewodros smashed the greedy few and gave back to the people; for this act of courage, Atse Tewodros is still beloved by tens of millions of Ethiopians. Sadly, Atse Tewodros was silenced as Queen Victoria and British imperialists unleashed tribalism and destabilized Ethiopia. After ensuring Atse Tewodros’s death, they kidnapped his child Lij Alemayehu and turned him into the personal possession of Queen Victoria. He ended up dying in England at the age of 18 from depression and loneliness. To this day, Queen Elizabeth and the British government refuse to return Lij Alemayehu’s body back to Ethiopia.

The people in France are doing it right, Parisians put aside politics and embraced their common struggles. Adwa Awakening stands in solidarity with the Yellow Vests.

This same playbook of silencing jegnas (heroes) who stand up for the people has been used time and again throughout history. It is time we change up our tactics and seek a new strategy for change, the revolution we all want will never be delivered from the top. The people we keep looking up to are either corrupt and part of the establishment or they are prophets who will soon be silenced. The change we want will not come from public serpents and the capos of the globalist mafia, the change has to come from the bottom, it has to be organic and rooted in unity and love. The weapons we shall use are not bullets nor ballots but love and kindness. Until this day of inclusive justice arrives, we will keep eating from the apple of public serpents only to have injustice stuck down our collective throats::

They are not elites, stop calling them that and lowering yourselves beneath snakes. They are debased and they are killing our planet. Instead of fighting each other, unite and defend yourselves against these #PublicSerpents Click To Tweet

“You have despised the poor. Do not rich men oppress you, and draw you before the judgment seats? Do not they blaspheme that worthy name by the which ye are called?” ~ James 2:6

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