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Trump’s Wall and Ghettoizing of America

If only we had leaders who spoke the truth instead of demagogues who spread disinformation in order to perpetuate a broken system of crony capitalism. Alas, we keep electing prevaricating empty suits, Democrats and Republicans alike, who lie through their teeth as we keep depending on the equally bankrupt mainstream media to keep these snakes in check. The issue surrounding Trump’s proposed wall to keep out illegal immigrants serves as a great example of this paradigm for the whole controversy is nothing but a tempest in a teapot that is being boiled in order to distract us from arriving at the truth—our nation has been hijacked by globalist plutocrats.

The sad thing is that both “conservatives” and “liberals, who our two depraved political parties insultingly refers to as their base, are snipping at each other even though they are both outraged about the same things. The most ardent Obama supporter and the most avowed Trump supporter, if they sat in a room together, would arrive at these same conclusions and thus decide to be allies:

  • The American dream is dying as the middle class is being bled
  • The average American is over-levied and we are being drowned by unfair fees and taxes
  • Economic inequality is at the root of most societal ills
  • More power should be given to communities and less to bureaucrats in DC and multinational corporations
  • We should be investing in building up our nation instead of policing the world


I venture to say, regardless of your politics, most likely you agree with the five points I posited above. If we put aside partisan fealty, we would realize that most of us actually agree on the path that our nation should take going forward. Sadly, too often, we let politics get in the way of common sense and ideology obstruct our common purpose. We are a people that is being divided by the elites as we fight over red meat that is thrown at us as if we are a nation of Pavlov’s dogs.

Immigration is one of these red meat issues that has fractured this nation along the red/blue divide. I’m not going to ascribe some evil intention to Trump’s supporters who insist that we build a wall even if I feel their solution is misdirected. There is validity to their belief that our ability as a people to find and keep jobs is withering caused in part by an inundation of immigrants. But few address the root cause that is attracting millions of migrants to America as they risk life and limb to cross deserts and rivers.

An endless supply of cheap labor is not good for any of us—citizens and immigrants alike. When supply of labor outpaces supply of jobs, it’s a prescription for disaster for the middle class. Disaster is exactly what we have as globalism is nothing more than multinational corporations skipping from state to state and hopping country to country in order to find the cheapest source of labor. Publicly owned corporations like Walmart, Amazon, and Starbucks are thus a plague of locusts in this way; they thrive by eating away at the very roots of society. The more we patronize them, the more we are putting a noose around our collective necks.

What made America great, at the risk of echoing the hobgoblin Donald Trump, was never corporations and big business. What made America great were small businesses and small business owners who decided to become entrepreneurs as they provided a public good while they enriched themselves. So my fellow Americans, if you want to make America great again, we will only do so when we as a nation decide to stop bowing before Wall Street corporations and instead support and empower small businesses who reside and operate right in the communities they serve.

We are doing the exact opposite as we keep feeding the monster that is multinational corporation. We had eight years of an empty suit Barack Obama who sold the middle class down the river in order to prop up the same hyenas who bled this nation in 2008. Obama shoveled $14 trillion dollars by way of monetary policies (QE, ZIRP, bailouts galore) to the same “too big to fail” plutocrats who kneecapped tens of millions of Americans into perpetual indigence. We followed up a teleprompter reading fraud Obama by electing a soulless narcissist Trump who pretends that he is an anti-globalist when all along he made his billions through the global system.

It is globalism that is hobbling nations like Mexico, Ecuador and beyond and cratering their middle class into insolvency the same way it is driving the middle class in America into extinction. This is what drives people to leave their homes and come to America to find a means to survive. If Canada was paying $200,000 a year for janitorial jobs, how many of you would quickly swim across the Niagara river and start saying “colour” in order to get a six figure job? This is the same incentive that is driving countless people to this country. Stop vilifying immigrants for they are not the problem. The problem is that we have tilted all policy matters—from tax preferences to endless subsidies—towards corporations at the cost of the rest of us. Moreover America is a land of immigrants—99% of us are byproducts of immigrants after all.

We should have a fair system of immigration that honors America’s essence of being a land of immigrants while concurrently making sure that we do not flood the market with cheap supply of labor that handicaps all of us. The way to do that is not by building walls—that is one of the dumbest ideas I’ve ever heard. You can’t build walls high enough to keep out people if the incentive to come here and the discomfort to stay in their country is sufficient to motivate people to act. If we vilify anyone, it should be the morally bankrupt corporations and companies who hire cheap labor and pay them slave wages. Forget fining companies who practice these unethical policies, start locking up these jerks and executives who think they can keep treating humans like disposable assets the same way we should have locked up the greedy jackals who crashed this economy in 2008 by using our life savings as betting chips on exotic derivatives.

The problem is not the workers nor the immigrants that come to America. The problem points right at Wall Street and their puppets in DC who are selling this nation down the river. We have let a few make slaves of us all; even if you are making six figures, all of us are living in a perpetual state of economic anxiety. The mass majority of us are but one or two paychecks away from utter disaster and homelessness. This is what happens when a nation lets corporations treat workers as inefficiencies that need to be eliminated. If you heard that word before—eliminating inefficiencies and redundancies—just know they are talking about your job and along with it your livelihood.

Donald Trump has no plans on building walls (as today’s developments shows) for he is beholden to the same corporate interests who financed his campaign by way of earned media and free media they gave him. He is a corporatist himself and a globalist imp through and through. If you don’t believe my words that he is a globalist, well maybe you should hear it from Trump’s own lips (link). As Maya Angelou once said, when people tell you who they are, believe them.

The months leading up to “Black Tuesday”, the Roaring Twenties was humming along as people kept judging the health of a nation by the wealth of a few. October 29th ripped the mask off this lie as a crash led to the Great Depression. We averted that fate in 2008 when the craven Obama floated tens of trillions of dollars by borrowing from our children in order to prop up a broken system. Another crash is coming and this time, the Fed Reserve has no bullets left in the chamber to stimulate the economy. Do not be fooled by the fact that Wall Street is at record highs, the question is simple. Do you feel economically secure? Why we judge our economic welfare by the opulence of corporate executives is beyond me.

For God’s sake stop fighting each other! Do you not see what they are doing to us? People in Chicago who suffer in poverty are in the same boat of penury as those in the Appalachians who shiver in indigence. The issue before us is not about race, religion, orientation, gender or ideology. These things do nothing but splinter us, the better for the powerful to fleece all of us. Make unity the clarion call and our north star or I swear to you in time we will go through a mind bending odyssey and we will finally arrive at equality in ways we don’t want because there is nothing that makes all equal like rumbling stomachs and empty wallets. Before we get there, I implore you to stop letting the powerful few fracture us as a people and instead unite to reclaim our nation from the clutches of globalist pigs and greedy pricks.

Perhaps we should spend less time focusing on building walls to Mexico and start building walls between us and Wall Street because the true threat to us all are not immigrants but the devils in expensive suits who are once again betting with our lives. If we don’t wake up to this fact soon and deal with an over-bloated government whose sole purpose is to transfer wealth from the 99% to the depraved few and dismantle the multinational corporate leeches the same way that Teddy Roosevelt did when he busted the trusts that were destroying the American dream, the wall that will be our reality will be the ghettos we will all call home. #TrumpGhetto 

The word ghetto means walls, the Jews in Poland were kept behind walls (ghettos) before they were shipped off to concentration camps. Be careful of politicians who offer to build walls, those same walls will one day imprison all.

If you appreciated this article and understand that it’s an attempt to build a bridge between people who are being fractured by double dealing politicians and pundits, share this article on social media and speak truth to power using #TrumpGhetto

The video below describes how both Democrats and Republicans keep gaming us as a people. Say no to partisan ghettos and find freedom in thinking for yourself.

May we have less walls between us and more compassion in us::

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