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The Great Distraction: Trump, the “Squad” and Diverting Our Attention from True Sources of Injustice

As much as Democrats and pundits in mainstream media pretend to be outraged by Trump, the truth is they just can’t quit him. No matter how frequently they gnash their teeth and clutch their pearls in horror, behind the camera lights and far away from hot mics, the media-politico complex pop champagne each time the infant in the White House makes news with yet another imbecilic tweet. There is a symbiotic relationship between Trump and his detractors; they both profit from his assault on decency and his continuous affront to humanity.

You have to view the latest Trump outburst through this lens to understand that we are all being bamboozled by political shysters and partisan operatives. As much as Barack Obama diverted the attention of Americans by achieving a historical first and giving people a false hope that our voices actually matter, Trump has been equally useful in distracting society from the true sources of injustice. As long as we gaze at Trump’s buffoonish antics and get caught up by the animus he unleashes, we never take the time to inspect the malicious policies that have been mobbing all of us for more than a century irrespective of which party is in power in DC.

Con artists dupe their eventual victims by emotionally manipulating them. The surest way to be taken to the cleaners is if you let people in position of power stir you into anger, resentment or euphoria. When it comes to con artists, there are few that match politicians in the District of Caligula. Both sides of the aisle have perfected the art of the hoodwink; the name of the game is “us versus them” as they convince their “base”—which is an insulting term by the by—that people who struggle just like them are their enemies and then lead their followers into the ghettos of grievance.

This fraudulence we accept as government is astounding once you wake up to the hustle. I can’t believe I used to fall for this bullshit, now I just watch and shake my head knowing that there are millions of partisans who are taking the bait offered by a bipartisan chorus of public serpents. Democrats created a public safety concern this morning as they stampeded to the nearest camera to vent their spleens and express counterfeit rage at Trump’s bigoted remarks. Their shock was only outmatched by their sheer revelry; as politicians feign indignation on TV, their staffers and a cottage industry of political opportunists were busy sending out fundraising letters to loyalists who think that justice can be achieved by donating their hard earned cash to millionaires.

All of this kabuki dance would be amusing if the consequences were not so devastating. The establishment have made Trump their most convenient strawman; as long as they can point to his boorish behavior, they never have to own up to their own malice. Contrary to conventional wisdom, racism and injustice did not start on January 20th, 2017. No matter how much they try to displace blame, the truth is that Democrats have been just as insidious as Republicans in this ongoing war against the poor, working and middle-class.

For the benefits of people who have political amnesia, let me note that it was not Trump who passed NAFTA and subsequently shipped millions of jobs overseas. It was not Trump who lifted the Glass-Steagall Act and let the banking mafia act like degenerate gamblers as they played Russian roulette with our life savings. It was not Trump who gave the same banking cabal over $14 trillion dollars by way of Quantitative Easing and Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP). It was not Trump who implemented a “health care plan” that forced Americans to become paying customers of multinational insurance corporations, a plan that was drafted by Republicans and the Heritage foundation in the 1990’s. Just in case you need a refresher, Bill Clinton was the shyster who perpetuated the first two scams and Obama was the grifter who allowed the other two criminal acts. Sure Trump continued those policies, but let us not forget his accomplices in this ongoing fleecing of America.

Neither Democrats nor Republicans want to address the root causes of racism, they would rather keep the ugly racism of bigotry alive in order to keep America divided and profit through dissension.

What is really galling is the way Democrats and the establishment on the left leverage the pains of “African-Americans” and “minorities” in order to gain power. The party of Andrew Jackson and Andrew Johnson cares about equality and civil rights right up until the last ballot has been counted. Once they gain power, Democrats quickly toss aside their most loyal voting block and embrace the same nefarious policies that give rise to social inequalities to begin with. As Malcolm X once noted and I wrote about in an article titled Bourgeois Hustlers, Republicans are wolves and Democrats are foxes, the only difference is in the mannerism they display before they eat you.

It’s all one big reality show for the supposed “free-press”, the supposed fourth estate has morphed into a fifth column of crony capitalism as they chase the insanity of Trump in order to inflate their top and bottom lines. All headlines and zero substance, MSM’s latest gambit is calling the offended parties—who are really the complicit bandits—“the squad” and furthering the good cop vs bad cop routine that is worth billions for the political industry. They play into our need for drama, this is why a man who had a top rated show on NBC was selected to be president. Trump knows how to play the foil perfectly and Democrats know to leverage his shenanigans; all sides win except the poor schmucks who actually take this gimmick seriously.

Democrats and Republicans, and the establishment as a whole, are gaslighting and deranging Americans right into the poorhouse. The same tribal politics that I warn is being unleashed in my birth land Ethiopia is being loosened with lethality right here in America. Where the tribes in Africa are based on ethnic differences, the type practiced in the United States is a lot more veiled yet just as insidious. Black vs white, man vs woman, gay vs straight, believer vs atheist, every day there is a new identity being formed in order to condition people to bash each other instead of uniting to take on our common oppressors. Divide and conquer is how a few people can subjugate billions globally.

In a lot of ways, racism is a byproduct of economy. As the proletariat’s share of the pie continues to shrink, crime, drug use, suicide and a whole host of social issues rise. Racism is no different in this way, throughout history wherever poverty and lack of opportunity were prevalent, so were high incidents of social strife. The best way to address racism is not through legislation or by pointing fingers, the surest way to decrease animosity is to give more people a fair shake in life instead of shackling them in debt perpetuity.

Reviving the American dream requires a concerted effort to reverse the wealth transference that has witnessed trillions of dollars flow from the savings of the bottom 90% of Americans right into the pockets of the global oligarchy. Alas, Democrats and Republicans are both owned by the plutocracy so the only arrow they have in their quiver is to induce tribalism by way of identity politics. It works perfectly too! Instead of being outraged by billionaires who commit crimes and get away with it, we are bickering over an idiot in the White House and his duplicitous opposition in Congress. We truly are a nation of masochists who keep expecting sadists to save us. #StrawmanTrump Click To Tweet

“The rich rob the poor, and the poor rob one another.” ~ Sojourner Truth

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