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Tucker’s Prudence: When Fox News Becomes the Voice of Reason

We have truly arrived at a weird time in our political discourse when Fox News is setting the standard for sensibility in mainstream media. Grant it, this is not saying much given the sorry state of corporate journalism. However, I must give credit where credit is due. In a time where pundits, politicians and media personalities are leading a warmonger parade and insanely pushing a confrontation with Russia, one lonely voice rose from the ashes of sociopaths to inject sanity into the public square.

I’m talking about Tucker Carlson and the sober assessment that he proffered on his show a few days ago (watch video below). I’ll let you watch the video for yourself, but just know what he said is a radical departure from the bluster of chicken hawks who are willing to fight until the last drop of other people’s blood in order to perpetuate an endless policy of war and capital theft around the world. There is a reason I’m so hard on mainstream media; at every corner, we are being inundated with the blathering of military-financial complex shills and paid mercenaries of the military-industrial complex.

But at least on one day, someone in mainstream media chose a different option. This is not to cast my lot with Fox News nor am I changing my mind about corporate media as a whole. I still stand by my position that news is not news as long as journalists are getting paid by the very powers they are supposed to be checking. Fox News is still in the business of presenting news through partisan filters, which is why the position that Tucker took in speaking against a rush to war with Syria was so astounding. Click To Tweet

Tucker criticized Donald Trump and both sides of the political aisle for absurdly pursuing a course that could end with nuclear bombs landing in Moscow, DC and all cities in between. In the industry of corporate media, it truly does take courage to divert from the business model that has made Fox News one of the profitable media companies in the world. This is why mainstream journalists and pundits are more than willing to go along with the corporate line instead of questioning the words they are being force fed from teleprompters. There is too much money being made from ad revenues and Wall Street contributions to dare question authority. Moreover, what goes boom enhances revenues—war is truly a corporate cash cow.

It usually does not end well for those who don’t kowtow to the company line. Can we say Dan Rather? Which then begs the question: what exactly inspired this sudden defiance from Tucker and why did he decide to speak against the madness of yellow journalists who are pushing yet another war. Only time will tell. When it comes to mainstream media, I have learned to be very hesitant and to observe for a long time before I arrive at a final decision. However, at least for this day, I will give credit to a mainstream reporter who finally did his job and questioned the insanity of establishment voices. Hope more journalists decide to find their voice and speak against the coalition of the killing who are cashing their checks as bodies are dropping in these ongoing crimes against humanity. #TuckerPrudence

Check out this clip from Tucker Carlson, to his credit he breaks down how there is a rush to war being carried out by warmongers in mainstream media. 

Check out my latest podcast where I discuss these issues of mainstream media voices who too many of us blindly follow to our perils.

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