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May 24, 2017

Tag: Mainstream Media

Breaking! Ghion Journal Acquired by the Washington Post for $10 Million

I’m writing this to the dedicated readers of the Ghion Journal and the audience of the Ghion Cast as well as future members of the Ghion circle. Over the past two weeks, I have been in secret negotiation with the Washington Post’s management as an offer was made through an intermediary for the Ghion Journal,

Maxine Money: Seeking Troubled Waters to Victimization Cashing

I have to give it to the partisan hacks in DC and their codependent handlers in the punditry. They have convinced a whole slew of people that shysters are heroes and in the process stay manipulating too many who are led by the nose by political con artists. It’s like our society has become one

Axis of Malice: Censorship in the Age of Social Media

Fake news! This is a charge that is levied by the status quo and is now being bandied about by the wider public. This is how free speech is annihilated as those who own information convince us to only accept news and information from only the gatekeepers and to disregard everything else as confederate knowledge.

March of Ids: Maddow to Trump, a Nation Led by Narcissistic Shysters

Courageous truth teller. Those were the three words that I once used to describe Rachel Maddow. This was back during the Bush years, when Maddow regularly took the Bush administration to task, called out the immorality of GW’s war of choice and highlighted the malicious nature of Bush’s economic policies. Rachel was my hero; the

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