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Are We Ready for Total War and Utter Carnage?

Once again, the United States government has shown itself to be a schoolyard bully and the typical cowards they are. Striking Syria, again, with cruise missiles so its aircraft and aircrews won’t be hit by Syrian surface-to-air missiles. At first, it was said that U.S. B-1 bombers and British Tornado warplanes were used and this would lead one to believe that they actually flew over Syria to drop their payloads. But, no, that would give them too much credit. They sat well outside the range of Syrian SAM batteries and used air-launched cruise missiles. Basically, do unto others, then split. Shoot and run.

To their credit, the Russians showed remarkable restraint. Because if the shoe had been on the other foot and it was Russian planes targeting a Syria the U.S. was defending, the U.S. would have downed those Russian planes and then dragged all of NATO into it to back its play. Schoolyard bullies always need backing from other bullies. But the fact is, also, the American, French, and British aircraft steered clear of Russian bases in Syria. Why? Because the Russians would certainly have sunk a few ships in retaliation. Bullies only like to attack when they think they can get away with it.

This is where we’re at. The United States is a global bully who attacks anyone it likes, anywhere it likes, as long as it feels it can get away with it. And it does. The Russians commitment to peace can be clearly seen because it is going well out of its way to avoid a war with the United States who is just as clearly provoking one. The United States is asserting itself as the only superpower that the world must obey instantly and without question. Or, well, you see what happens. The United States uses your country as a dartboard for Tomahawk cruise missiles. If the U.S. doesn’t like your leader, well, he better step down as ordered. Or else. On and on go the list of demands from the United States. But what has the U.S. given in return? Certainly not peace! Certainly not prosperity! The United States brings nothing but war, death, suffering, destruction, and poverty wherever it goes. Just look within the United States itself and you’ll see its own citizens are not immune from it, either.

When a nation shows itself to engage in military action without any provocation whatsoever, it is a rogue nation. But more to the truth, it is the same as the Third Reich. See, they made demands, too. And they got those demands met, but it still wasn’t enough. When they didn’t get Poland, well, they just went in and took it. That’s how World War Two began in Europe. But I’d like to talk about another facet of World War Two: Pearl Harbor.

The United States myth around the event of Pearl Harbor is these poor, innocent American warships were sitting snug in their beds one morning when these treacherous Imperial Japanese warplanes suddenly descended in a sneak attack without warning. That’s what most American schools teach, because that is what the United States government wants taught. From 40 year old tattered and decrepit textbooks in decaying schools, mind you, but that’s a topic for another day. The truth is, the Japanese had been nearly crippled by U.S. sanctions against Japan. The Japanese High Command had reason to believe the United States would soon either attack Japanese forces or begin a war against them.

Whether or not the U.S. intended to attack Japanese forces one day really isn’t the point. The point is the Japanese had reason to believe they’d have to fight the Americans one day and they might as well gain an advantage now. Sooner, rather than later. Therefore, they did what the U.S. now calls a “pre-emptive strike”. Basically, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor is the true genesis of the famous George W. Bush “Doctrine of Pre-Emption”. The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor to reduce the ability of the United States to extend naval power in the South Pacific. Where they went wrong is they didn’t get the U.S. aircraft carriers. Other than that, it was a sound theory.

A sound theory? Yes. That’s why the U.S. learned it and refined it. Then adopted it and used it. The Pearl Harbor attack used aircraft launched from carriers, the first such major carrier-launched attack in history. The U.S. quietly admired this and that has been the U.S. tactic throughout the Middle East since the Gulf War of 1990-1991. This is exactly the same method and justification used by the United States now.

It goes like this: The United States suspects something of Syria. Thus, without waiting to see, it feels it needs to act now, rather than later. To gain the element of surprise. So it sends aircraft carriers and the bombing begins without notice, without warning, and with no declaration of war. The United States has now refined the classic Pearl Harbor Theory to use guided missile frigates launching cruise missiles. But the theory is the same: preemptive attack to stop a much large military problem which it feels will happen.

Imagine these scenes in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Chicago and beyond. We are being slow walked into hell, are we ready to hand bombed out cities to our children?

The United States needs to stop observing the Pearl Harbor Anniversary as a tragedy and be honest. It needs to celebrate it and finally admit what it has become. Because it was Pearl Harbor that taught the entire “preemptive strike” strategy to the United States, how to plan it and carry it out, and the reasons why it is preferable to do so. The United States now has zero moral credibility to complain how it unfair Pearl Harbor was. Truth be told, the real sadness is that the United States wishes it thought of it first.

The United States carried out another Pearl Harbor against Syria. It certainly won’t be the last. There will probably be more attacks against Syria, launched without warning. The United States can launch these attacks with impunity. No one at this time has an aircraft carrier force to rival the United States. That was one other thing the U.S. learned from the Imperial Japanese Navy in World War Two: If you’re going to spend money on a navy, build carriers. But carriers are not invincible. Without their aircraft and defensive support ships, they’re sitting ducks. One day, someone is going to find the tactic to counter the preemptive strike theory on the spot and turn the preemptive strike into a disaster. And woe unto the United States Navy when that day arrives. The U.S. could probably expect casualties in the several thousands to ten thousand in a single day. A war with Russia is not the same thing as a war with Iraq. We can't lob missiles from a distance and be protected by oceans, are we ready to see total carnage in America? Click To Tweet

The difference between World War Two Japan and the United States of today is that the Japanese were not intimidated by others with enough military power to challenge them. They weren’t afraid to fight to the last man on islands like Tarawa and Iwo Jima. Can the United States say the same about itself? Certainly not. It’d like to think so, but this is simply its own military mythology that assumes a warrior code like Bushido where there isn’t one. The United States is going to keep rolling the dice. But be assured, the bill always comes. #KamikazeUS 

“War does not determine who is right – only who is left.” ~ Bertrand Russell

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