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The Blue Wave is a Yellow Tide of Cowardice

You would think condemning a massacre is something Senators and Congresspeople could rally behind. Evidently not. The silence is deafening and a person could hear a pin drop on a shag rug over the sound of political leaders’ collective mum. We keep hearing the Democratic Party promise a “Blue Wave” in the 2018 elections. We now see that this Blue Wave is nothing but a Yellow Tide of cowardice.

When politicians cannot condemn the massacre in Gaza because AIPAC is ponying up election campaign funds, that is cowardice. When they cannot condemn a massacre because they foolishly think it somehow helps Putin or Assad or Iran, that is cowardice. When they place politics over human life, that is beyond cowardice, it is the bartering of one’s conscience for the sake of a lie. Israel gunned down a couple thousand people and 60 died so far. See, I said “so far”. I say “so far” because without consequences, Israel will continue murdering innocent people. The cowardice of this Blue Wave that thinks they present a “resistance” to Trump is hypocrisy. The only thing these Blue Wave hypocrites are resisting is the fact that it's not President Hillary Clinton sitting in the Oval Office justifying genocides. Click To Tweet

If and when you condemn a massacre, stop using qualifiers like ‘the violence of Hamas does not excuse this massacre’. That’s as good as saying Hamas provoked the IDF into opening fire on unarmed civilians. Which is just a bit shy of saying the IDF was justified in opening fire. If Israel hadn’t squeezed an entire population into the open air concentration camp that is Gaza, Hamas would not exist. Let’s examine the causes of Hamas instead of focusing on the outcome. Hamas is the symptom of a failing Israeli colonization process by which Palestinian land was stolen. You don’t get to blame the victims. Israel could have made peace countless times. Yitzhak Rabin tried and got assassinated by a hardliner Zionist for his troubles.

Israel unleashes carnage and gets away with it because there is the tacit understanding that the United States will step in and save them if Israel is attacked and overwhelmed by the attacking army. That’s exactly what the United States did in the Yom Kippur War as they rushed in to save Israel from a massive, impending military defeat. As a result, the United States paid a heavy price. The 1973 Arab Oil Embargo was retaliation for the U.S.’s intervention as OPEC retaliated with an oil embargo that crippled America’s economy. In fact, it can be said the embargo is what started the slow death of the United State’s economy and the auto industry in particular.

For all this, the thanks we get from Israel is in the form of notorious spies such as Jonathan Pollard and extortion by heavy-handed lobbyists. Netanyahu pulled strings and got Pollard paroled. The blow black is continued violence in the region because Israel knows they can get away with it. No one is going to attack Israel on the scale of the Yom Kippur War. Israel itself is heavily armed with the best American-made weapons that American taxpayer dollars can buy for them. How about that! The U.S. government tells us they can’t afford SNAP and to take care of the least among us, but they can afford weapons welfare programs for Israel.

We don’t have a democracy in America, we have a kleptocracy where the dueling parties are actually colluding to cater to moneyed interests here and aboard.

Military aid for Israel works this way: the U.S. government gives Israel a voucher worth several billion dollars, which is only redeemable through American defense contractors. Israel buys Apache helicopter gunships from them. Basically, the money goes from U.S. taxpayers to U.S. defense contractors via the hands of Israel. Yet, the American weenies waving the Gadsden Flag that read “Don’t Tread On Me” don’t mind being tread upon if it is Israel doing the treading. The Gadsden flag is also yellow, which is an appropriate color for it,cowardice is bipartisan in American politics.

Everyone is reluctant to condemn Israel because they fear being branded as anti-Semites. That’s the fig leaf. The reality is Israeli money and influence in U.S. politics. The reality is military aid packages to Israel that put cash in the accounts of American defense contractors who have pull in the Congress and Senate. No one wants to upset the apple cart of graft, corruption, and election fraud. People are sitting there thinking the Russians interfered in our 2016 election?! People! Wake up! Israel has been doing interfering and influencing our government for decades! Why do you think every presidential candidate has to come out in support of Israel before saying one word about what he or she will do for Americans living in poverty?

The Blue Wave is backwash from a cesspool. It’s a septic tank of bogus “resistance” to policies the Democrats all support regardless of who is in the White House or who is in the majority in Congress. I write this again, the Blue Wave is a Yellow Tide of cowardice. It’s also a Green Tsunami of campaign funds from Israel. The only thing “blue” for poor Americans will be the blues of eviction notices, debt, and poverty. But buck up Democrats, at least Israel will be able to get more gunships, right! Wrap that up in your Gadsden flag, throw it on the Blue Wave, and say goodbye to any meaningful political opposition. The Blue Wave is just the Democrats version of the Tea Partyall bought for, all the time. #DNCYellowTide2018

“Hypocrisy can afford to be magnificent in its promises, for never intending to go beyond promise, it costs nothing.” ~ Edmund Burke

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