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Carnal Culture: Our Complicity in Fostering a Libidinous Society

A disclaimer is a must from the outset in order to make sure that people don’t mistake the intention of this article. So let me make it perfectly clear; what you are reading here should in no way be taken as a means to condone the reprehensible actions of powerful men who have been getting exposed for the deviant ogres that they are. There is a vast difference between pursuing a woman and letting her know that you are interested and being a sexual predator. What we have been treated to for the past couple of weeks is a litany of prominent people who let us know that fame and fortunes do not confer decency upon men.

When men who have vast clout use their power to curry sexual favors from their subordinates and the woman feels the need to comply or else face career consequences, this is nothing short of extortion and hostage taking by way of a financial guns. This is a thousand times truer when it comes to people who are depraved enough to go after children and objectify minors before they are old enough to know right from wrong. Parenthetically, I generally don’t believe in capital punishment, but I give a second thought when it comes to those who hurt children and rob them of their innocence. There is a common theme in all this; men who have fallen from grace from Roy Moore, Matt Lauer and beyond all have one thing in common–hubris inculcated a sense of entitlement in their hearts to do as they want.

Yet, in condemning these people, I must take a pause and reflect. It is easy, you see, to point fingers and feign outrage about the depravities of others. But in a way, are we not accountable and responsible for what is going on too? We have become a society of sex junkies where carnal pleasures are to be pursued with reckless abandon. By the way I don’t meant to be pious and preachy; I too for a long time went whole hog in chasing the flesh and pursuing as many women as possible. I don’t meant to equate my actions with those of Matt Lauer and Roy Moore, but I would be a hypocrite if I did not take personal responsibility for once indulging in the Sodom and Gomorrah that society has become.

What else but lewdness can we expect when we have become so enraptured with debauchery as a people? We are constantly bombarded with imagery of sex and salaciousness only to be shocked when we witness depravity in the public realm. Are we not accountable too? I was flipping the channel not too long ago and ran across a cartoon where the main character was literally dressed up like an F Street hooker. This is what we are treating our children to as we let Hollywood and pop culture teach them that sex is a pastime and a hobby to be sought. Only to turn around and be outraged when children, who should otherwise be playing with dolls and trains, end up having sex before reaching puberty.

We are all hue and cry when the end takes place but rarely do we reflect on the means of how we got there. We just love to point fingers as we demand legislation to cure societal ills while avoiding the roles we play as individuals in this continuing decay of our nation. A massacre breaks out and there is an immediate clamor for gun laws only for the outrage to pass and we go back to letting our children play out the most horrific massacres on PlayStation. In the same way, we either actively or passively preach sex as a virtue to impressionable minds only to be up in arms after what we sow comes to harvest. Again, this is not to insinuate in any way that women deserve what they get; I’m not excusing the actions of the depraved. Yet there is something to be said about discernment and prudence.As we point three fingers at the perversions of the debased, let us look at ourselves. I write this to both men and women; I don’t want people to think that I’m aiming my words only at women. We should use this moment to reflect and more importantly ask what is it we want for ourselves and our children going forward. Do we want to keep fostering a culture of libido and self-indulgence at all costs, or should we come to value moderation and discretion. We have been conditioned to accept hookups as a norm and programmed to view self-gratification as a virtue. There are repercussions to all things, permitting a heritage of sexual objectification and sowing wild oats has wider ramifications–we are witnessing it daily on HD television. #CarnalCulture

“In matters of conscience, first thoughts are best. In matters of prudence, last thoughts are best.” ~ Robert Hall

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