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Peddling Dissension: Charlottesville, Demagoguery and Using Hate as Click Bait

Breaking Update: read the newest article that discusses the dangers of tribalism that is being foisted on us (read Communiqué to Mainstream Media Journalists, Pundits and Us).

I write this article to speak against the antagonism and dissension that is being stirred up by the marches taking place in Charlottesville, Virginia. But I am not taking umbrage so much with the idiots and bigoted nitwits who are protesting against immigrants and “others”. They do this even though they are taking to the streets using tiki torches which hail from the very cultures of the “others” they are demonstrating against. I learned a long time ago to ignore fools when they act out of hatred; like needy toddlers, they are only crying out for attention.

There is actually a part of me that wants to hug these goons for I know they are only doing this because their inner brokenness would rather break others instead of fixing themselves. But I have a way to go before I give love to those who emanate hate, so I will do the next best thing and just overlook these ignorant boobs. My irritation is actually reserved for those who use the antipathy of the stooges in Charlottesville as clickbait to propagate their hidden agendas. The pundits and politicians you see taking to social media to express outrage and indignation, count most of them as frauds who are using demagoguery in order to burnish their credentials and elevate their status. Above all, these so-called progressive voices are mostly using injustice as a means of selling themselves and profiting from the misfortune of others.

This is the playbook the duplicitous Democrats and so-called “liberal” left have perfected for decades. They stoke the emotions of their “base” in order to get votes and gain power. The only difference between Republicans and Democrats is the means, their ends is exactly the same for both exist to transfer wealth from the masses to the few at the top. In all honesty, I prefer an avowed racist who tells me he hates me to the paternalism that is exuded by some from the left who use benevolence as a veil to kneecap their loyalists into a perpetual state of dependency and grievance. The charlatans on the left are not in any way worried or care an iota for the people they feign to be speaking for. In all candor, they need their followers to remain forever mired in helplessness for dependency is the way liberal elites enhance the breadth and depth of their reach.

The predictable thing is that there are some who self-identify with labels like “left” or “Democrat” who will lash out at me and call me a “self-hating black man”. This notion is so laughable; there is a presumption that my identity is tied in with being a leftist or a Democrat thus if I attack bankrupt politicians I must be attacking myself. This is what politics does to malleable minds; it warps logic and makes people defend those who oppress them. Stockholm Syndrome is no joke; the elites have conditioned too many like pets to yelp at anyone who attacks their masters. Let me make this absolutely clear, just because I refuse to call myself a Democrat or a liberal does not mean I am a Republican nor am I a conservative. I am this thing called an independent who likes to think without the constraints of ideologies and dogmas—more should join this club.

But in all honesty, this is beyond politics. What is being foisted on us as a people is a pervasive system of divide and conquer where our emotions are agitated and dissension continually peddled in order to keep us at each other’s throats. This is why a couple of hundred people protesting in Charlottesville is pushed as a national story as if the Russian fifth division has just landed on the shores of Jersey. Invariably, people return hatred with yet more hatred. This is how fellow victims of this economic warfare—which has been loosened on us by the powerful—end up attacking each other instead of uniting to take on their tormentors.

I saw a Tweet earlier today where the uber privileged Chelsea Clinton took to social media to express outrage over Donald Trump’s silence on the protests going on in Charlottesville. How quaint, hey Chelsea maybe you should direct some of that anger at your own father who unleashed the prison-industrial complex to resurrect penal slavery in ways that exceeds the era of the Great Reconstruction. This is no different than when some of the Democratic leaders and cunning liberal pundits take to the airwaves to renounce Trump for his belligerence towards North Korea and Venezuela. Where was this exasperation as Obama bombed Syria and Yemen back to the stone age, expanded Bush’s state spying against citizens, transferred $14 trillion to the crooks who nearly euthanized our economy in 2008 and codified extralegal assassinations of US citizens and combatants alike? Crickets!

Please wake up my people, on all sides the elites are playing us for fools and idiots. In the process, they are using our pains and our struggles as cash registers. They do not care about us; they only see us as stepping stones. Here is a sure fire way to separate the real from the charlatans. If they are getting paid by the very system they are expressing outrage over, discount them as frauds. Thus pundits who are on the payroll of the Corporate State Media, politicians who are dependent on the largess of plutocrats and social activists who are being pushed by the status quo, these people are no friends of ours—they are only using our struggle as a way to fracture humanity and sow yet more division.

Tribalism is going to be the death of us if we do not wake up to the way we are being conditioned to turn against each other. My native land Ethiopia is being destroyed from within as the brutal TPLF regime has successfully ghettoized the nation into balkanized regions based on tribes. This is how a people perish; when they forget what unites them, the end up turning on each other. The continent of “Africa” got colonized by this exact blueprint, tribalism was the virus that led to nearly a billion being oppressed by a few. The same thing is happening right here in America; the original sin of this nation will never heal as long as we let shysters lead the discussion. How about for once we stop depending on the status quo to lead us and we instead lead this much needed discussion (read Have this Conversation on Race).

From left to right, from liberals to conservatives, if you are not sitting at the policy table and you are not making a fortune by participating in this game of divide and conquer, I beg you to stop casting your lot with the pundits and politicians who are the source of our struggle. Please understand that we are all being pillaged by the few who gain at our cost. Stop letting them manipulate our plight in order to shatter the public into innumerable grievance groups (read Weaponized Identity Politiks). We are all in this together; do not let a few hundred simpletons in Chatlottesville take our eyes off the prize. If we want justice, let us strive for unity for dissolution is only leading us to yet more pains. Stop letting demagogues incite anger; instead let us listen to those who speak with love in their hearts. Above all, let us listen to each other instead of yelling past one another. #CharlottesvilleClickBait

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

If you agree with the message behind this article and you too refuse to let your pains be used as stepping stones by the powerful, share this article on social media using #CharlottesvilleClickBait

Watch this Ghion Cast below where the topic seems to be controversial but when you start listening to the message, you will realize what I am discussing is a much needed conversation that all of us should engage in.

Check out the Ghion Cast below where I discuss how unity and love overcame the monstrosity of colonizers in Adwa, Haiti and America. 

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Lij Teodrose Fikremariam

Lij Teodrose Fikremariam is the co-founder and former editor of the Ghion Journal. He is currently the chair of Ethiopians for Constitutional Monarchy. A published author and prolific writer, a once defense consultant was profoundly changed by a two year journey of hardship and struggle. Going from a life of upper-middle class privilege to a time spent with the huddled masses taught Teodrose a valuable lesson in the essence of togetherness and the need to speak against injustice.

Originally from Ethiopia with roots to Atse Tewodros II, Lij Teodrose is a former community organizer whose writing was incorporated into Barack Obama's South Carolina primary victory speech in 2008. He pivoted away from politics and decided to stand for collective justice after experiencing the reality of the forgotten masses. His writing defies conventional wisdom and challenges readers to look outside the constraints of labels and ideologies that serve to splinter the people. Lij Teodrose uses his pen to give a voice to the voiceless and to speak truth to power.
Lij Teodrose Fikremariam
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