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This Week’s Recap of Corporate Media Bullcrap

People with rotten teeth have no business being dentists. I write this in light of the latest cause célèbre the neocon and neoliberal clans are championing. It is the height of hypocrisy for our government to lecture anybody about Democracy when we are being led by a lawless cabal in Washington DC who govern without our consent. Maybe Democrats and Republicans should stop preaching about rule of law and freedom and practice what they preach here at home. Instead, we are bled by a bunch of molar pullers with stained teeth who insist on deploying rusty pliers upon unwilling patients and burying billions into the cavity of hopelessness with the painful drill of the military-financial complex.

Be careful when vacuous politicians in the District of Caligula start proselytizing about human rights. The minute these puppets of plutocrats start to feign concern about fair treatment, citizens of nations caught in the crosshairs of neo-colonialists should perk up immediately and start building bomb shelters in their backyards. Talk of justice from unjust technocrats means warmongers are planning another bloodbath; war profiteers use benevolence as a pretext to bludgeon nations that refuse to toe the corporate line. If you think that the wars our government keeps declaring throughout the world is about justice, just ask yourself why is it that Israel—which has revived ethnic apartheid—is treated with kid gloves while Yemen is demolished with cluster bombs.

Ponder these points for a minute. Why is it that Malala Yousafzai is treated as a celebrity for defying the Taliban while Ahed Tamimi is ignored when she gets locked up for defying the excesses of the IDF? Terrorism, you see, is projected through the lens of those who wield power. That is why the ruthless sultans of Saudi Arabia are given preferential treatment while a nation like Eritrea is treated like a pariah. If we really want a world of peace and co-existence, maybe our government should stop arming factions throughout the globe and proliferating weapons of mass destruction as a means to fatten the top and bottom lines of arms makers like Boeing and Northrup Grumman.Which naturally leads me to the new war flavor of the month that the political and media class are cooking up. When it comes to the machine of death that is the military-financial complex, there is not an iota of a difference between Democrats and Republicans. Neocons and neoliberals are the same thing! They just reside on different sides of the aisles but are getting paid by the same plutocrats. Is it any surprise then to see pugnacious pundits pushing a new conflict with Iran on both MSNBC and Fox News using different talking points but advocating the same end result? If you really pay attention, both the liberal and conservative intelligentsia are singing from the same music sheet of genocides.

Yesterday afternoon, as I was flipping through the channels, I landed on Fox News. Front row was Ormi Ceren laying out the casus belli for a war with Iran. Of course he did not come out and explicitly advocate hostilities with Persians, he just planted the seeds of sectarianism that he hopes will eventually destabilize the regime in Tehran and the wider region along with it. What starts with rhetoric leads to arming factions in order to roil nations into civil strife. This is what colonizers do, there is no need to send “boots on the ground” when they can just deploy information warfare, unleash propaganda through corporate media and sell bombs and bullets to warring sides. Major General Smedley D. Butler, the most heavily decorated leatherneck in the history of the Marine Corps, called war a racket for this reason. Patriotism is sold by banks and born by veterans and victims alike.

By the by, Omri Ceren is a Zionist. Before people rush to libel me an anti-Semite, let me clarify my position on the issue of Zionism. I’ve written about this before, Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism. As a native born Ethiopian, my lineage is interwoven with the history of Hebrews that is traceable to biblical times. My ancestor Emperor Tewodros II was part and parcel of Solomonistic kings and queens who ruled my land of birth dating back to the era of Queen Sheba and King Solomon. This is why the real Ethiopian flag has a lion of Judah on it and why the rulers of Ethiopia were once called the tribe of Judah. To be anti-Semite would be to deny my own heritage and spit on my own ancestors. I love Jews the way I love all cultures throughout the world. Speaking against Zionism should not be taken in any way as advocacy against Jews. In fact, there is a large and vibrant sector of Jews within Israel and throughout the world who are vehement in their opposition to the racist philosophy of Zionism.

Ah, but you see, those who have vast wealth and access to power can dictate history and turn fictions into facts. The same way that the Vatican has convinced the world that the face of Cesare Borgia is the image of Jesus is how Zionists have co-opted the story of Judah in order to justify land grabs and normalize the walling off Palestinians behind the open air prisons of Gaza and the West Bank. You would think that people who had their parents forced into ghettos in Germany and Poland would pause before passing on that inhumanity to others. This is the face of Zionism that is hidden by slick marketing campaigns as they convince the world that Zionism is based on a promise to a “chosen people” in the Torah. Except Zionism is not a culture nor does it have anything to do with the Old Testament, Zionism is a racist philosophy that elevates one people above others based on one of the most astounding cultural appropriation of all time. Revelations 3:9 comes into clear focus when one considers Zionists who have hijacked a history that does not belong to them in order to commit injustice.

Alas these truths are NEVER mentioned by the toadies in corporate media. Instead of challenging false narratives and asking people like Omri Ceren pertinent questions about the protests that are taking place in Tel Aviv, the way Benjamin Netanyahu is treating browner Jews like third class citizens and looking into the allegations that Ethiopian immigrants are facing forced sterilization, talking heads in mainstream media just pass along state propaganda and give credence to the disinformation campaigns of paid lobbyists and think-tanks who are the spear tip of neocon and neoliberal warmongers who destabilize the world in order to inflate the bank accounts of globalists. It is for this reason that Omri Ceren earns this week’s “hackery honors”.

I have to give it to Fox News and the way they have perfected agitation and the peddling of narrow-minded “journalism” to their partisan base. This is not to say that MSNBC, CNN and the rest of the corporate hounds don’t partake in the same yellow journalism that Fox News practices, but Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes took it to another level as they present everything through the prism of identity. It is ironic that Fox News pundits always rage against identity politics when they are the ones who turned it into a business model and monetized grievance in ways that forever changed the already broken corporate news industry. It is said that a lie travels the world as truth is putting on its pants. However, truth endures. Fox News and their duplicitous pundits like Omri Ceren willfully spread orchestrated propaganda, but in time truth will expose these plutocrat parrots for the frauds that they are.I would be remiss if I did not mention this one last thing as I conclude “This Week’s Recap of Corporate Media Bullcrap”. Though I speak against Zionists, I am not casting my lot with people who blame Jews for the evils of the world. To single out one group is not only myopic in thinking, it is also hateful and bigoted. Every bunch has rotten apples, there exists an unholy alliance between of depraved men and women who have sold their souls for the sake of money and power. This is why I speak against federalism and corporatism; concentrated wealth and power is giving birth to soulless leaders across the spectrum of humanity. It is up to us, the people, to speak up and demand the decentralization of power with our voices and through our consumption choices. #CorporateMediaBullcrap

“Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.” ~  Haile Selassie

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