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This Week’s Recap of Corporate Media Bullcrap

You know what really grates at me? Hypocrisy and piety. Thieves and liars are better company than hypocrites and the pious. I write this as a lead in to This Week’s Recap of Corporate Media Bullcrap. I did not have to scan the pages of the Yellow Journalism wasteland that is the New York Times too long to find this week’s topic. An article written by the ever duplicitous Paul Krugman instantly caught my eyes; the type of ivory tower “analysis” that is featured in the NY Times opinion section is a prime example of corporate media hypocrisy and the mendacity of so-called “fair arbiters” who pretend to be virtuous defenders of the public.

In all honesty, I did not even read the garbage that Krugman wrote. I know I admonish some people who jump to conclusions about the articles that I write as they make assumptions before reading the content, but in this case—after reading Krugman for a long enough time—I don’t have to read his articles to know that he is just a propagandist in a blue suit and consequently dismiss his analysis as the pile of two-faced bunk that it is. The article lead was enough for me to get nauseous before I even had my first cup of coffee. “Everybody Hates the Trump Tax Plan”, that is the title Krugman chose to lash into Trump’s tax plan and piously pretend that he is standing up for the working man and fairness.

For the record, Trump’s tax plan is an insidious sham. After eight years of the richest Americans and corporations getting all kinds of preferential treatment under Obama, Trump takes the baton to rain yet more cash at the 1%. I’m not disagreeing with Krugman in his condemnation of Trump, my ire is that this same Krugman was conspicuously silent as Obama shoveled trillions to Wall Street and the plutocrat class by way of monetary scams that should have outraged every economist on this planet. What Obama committed under his watch was the biggest larceny and wealth transfer in the history of our nation. Over $14 trillion was handed over to the same crooks who bled our economy in 2008 as Barack’s administration rewarded the thieves on Wall Street by way of Quantitative Easing, Zero Interest Rate Policy and a litany of bailouts—Obama was the First Bank president.

Given this fact, for Krugman and the rest of the corporate media hounds to now bay at the moon, frothing at the mouth, and pretend to be outraged at Trump’s tax plan and the unfairness of tilting wealth to the rich is bullcrap. What the hacks in mainstream medias have perfected in false indignation and hypocrisy that is unending. They split themselves down the line between liberal and conservative pundits and take turns feigning concern for the public while treading exclusively in their partisan swim lanes. They rarely go against their preferred politicians but go full tilt the minute the other side introduces their pernicious ideas. The truth is that both Democrats and Republicans are fleecing Americans, they just have different means to arrive at the same ends. Republicans kneecap the masses into poverty through tax policies while Democrats bleed us into dependence with their monetary policies; the prime purpose of both parties is to transfer wealth from the masses to the corporate class and the oligarchy.

Krugman, using his title of economist and leveraging his insider jargon, loves to pretend like he is above the fray as he speaks with piety about the public good. He is a charlatan and a shyster who presents half-information and commits journalistic malpractice by always presenting his analysis through a partisan lens. He is a Democrat shill who rarely speaks ill of the liberal left as he yaps his trap about the iniquities of conservative economic policies. Conveniently, Krugman looks right past the endless immoralities of Democrat economic policies that are just as malicious in bludgeoning the poor, working and middle class. In other words, Krugman is a corporate step and fetch it pet of Wall Street who uses his authority to carry the water for corporations and the uber rich.

By the way, I knew the outcry from “the left” was coming the minute that Donald Trump got elected last year. The day after the election, I said that the liberal elites, who were mum as Obama continued and enhanced Bush pugnacious policies, were going to finally find their courage now that corporate rent-boy Trump got elected. Sure enough, the same people who had been quiet as church mice as Obama bombed Syria, Libya and Yemen to the stone ages, transferred tens of trillions from the 99% to the moneyed gentry and codified the extralegal assassination of US citizens and combatants alike without nary a hearing all the sudden can’t get enough of protesting the excesses of Donald Trump. Every time I see one corporate media toady or another speak against the malfeasance of Trump’s domestic or foreign policy after cheering Obama while he was doing the very same things makes me realize that we are a nation that is led by a collection of hypocritical confidence men and pious grifters.It is for this reason that Paul Krugman earns the honors for this week’s corporate hack award. His hypocrisy is astounding and beyond that his piety is malevolent. He and his ilk give cover to the immoralities of this bankrupt two party shell game that is going on in Washington DC because they never muster the courage to say that the whole system is corrupt. Instead, they hack at the leaves of injustice and pretend to be heroic. This is my second time writing about Krugman; both times I took to the pen to highlight his duplicity and noxious high minded drivel that he presents as though he is the scion of truth (read Paper of Drivel). Goes to show; fame, education and titles do not confer virtue, wisdom and morality. #CorporateMediaBullcrap

“The only vice that cannot be forgiven is hypocrisy. The repentance of a hypocrite is itself hypocrisy.”  William Hazlitt

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