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August 11, 2021 2:20 AM

thank god for your ability and willingness to continue to share this information. praying for your continued access to the knowledge of god’s will, which is only knowable to those wanting to serve god.
it is interesting how often the victims of tyranny seem to be the loudest voices warning us, while those living in relative freedom may be more likely to take it for granted.

Wise Bassline
Wise Bassline
August 11, 2021 6:58 AM

Been hearing about the internment camp threat just around the corner for 68 years….would appreciate if the writings of Rob Wallace on covid could be looked at without agenda and then commented on

Roy Booher
Roy Booher
August 11, 2021 1:00 PM

Nuremberg Trials; almost every single guilty person beat the rap, and every peon hanged. The media lies, so too our coroner’s, I have no doubt that your mother didn’t didn’t die of Covid-19 and that you never had it either. Covid-19 was created by the same people who created HIV, everyone knows that neither HIV, or AIDS kills, that’s why they put in Covid-19, and no doubt in some form in the vaccine, if our government is so concerned about our lives why don’t they approve the vaccines from China, Russia and Cuba? Instead we can only have access to… Read more »

August 11, 2021 2:22 PM

They started these camps about 2 yrs ago. Jacksons facts who since moved , saw the construction of these sites. We wondered . Now, we know this has been the plan all along. Having ms, my neuro which from the start advised me no, to the “vaccines ” to wait. No long term studies done. And discussed herd immunity.
It saddens and angers me, if this is the path our government chooses to go down. I fight not for myself, for my children’s future.

Luna Basheve-Singer
Luna Basheve-Singer
August 15, 2021 6:30 AM

I remember your blog, “Choose Love” because of the grace of your message, your magnificent writing style and because, like you, I, too, have been homeless (from domestic violence). Many of my family members were murdered in the Holocaust, so I have a spiritual understanding of medical fascism. When the first shutdown was announced, I knew our democratic republic would soon become a fascist state. HOWEVER, I never imagined that our government, and so many others, would brazenly violate the Nuremberg Code, or that the courts would allow such a violation to occur. My friend, you need to know that… Read more »

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