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Dem They Go Again! Misplaced Priorities & Neoliberal Ineptitude

If you want to know how out of touch the Democratic Party is, one only has to look at their sending Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, this past weekend, to insert themselves in a local non-partisan race for mayor, instead of to Alabama to fight for a US Senate seat against Roy Moore.

US Senator Kamala Harris and Keisha Lance Bottoms

There’s nothing that Kamala or Cory, two wall street owned neoliberals, can tell the people of Atlanta about voting for their choice for mayor. As I’ve said before, they’ve learned nothing from Hillary nor Ossoff’s loss and today will be another slap of reality when Keisha Lance-Bottoms loses an election that has been pushed with unfounded racist attacks against Mary Norwood an Independent, a White woman who’s supported more issues for AA’s than either Reed or Bottoms combined.

Bottoms and Democratic Party pushing horrific ads attacking Norwood as a racist Trump supporter only shows the desperation of her campaign…a campaign ran by the current mayor’s brother and all of Obama’s consultants and pollsters. Keisha, Kamala and Cory are a long list of elitist and out of touch Black politicians who’ve ignored the poor and middle class to pedal for white supremacy and wall street, in black face.

I’m not sure anymore who’s wagging the dog or if we’re all just being punked but it’s clear that both parties think we’re all fools. Democrats aren’t really interested in beating Roy Moore, all of this back and forth is to appease the electorate, if they were serious they would have put up a candidate with more fight and appeal than the current stooge they have running, and they would also have Senators like Harris and Booker in Alabama fighting rather than being in Atlanta in a race that has nothing to do with them.

This proves that the Democratic Party is more invested in keeping African Americans enslaved to them than they are really about the Supreme Court. As long as they have us as slaves, they can always fight for their agendas but if we ever wake up from this stockholm syndrome nightmare, they know we will never vote democrat again.

As a Black woman, I cringe each time I hear someone say that we are the largest voting bloc for democrats. It’s the biggest insult ever, when they have systematically destroyed our communities and imprisoned our families for decades. Their new con game is pushing women only agenda’s or women lead propaganda, when like every other agenda that has been pushed based on gender, it is and will always be to elevate white women ONLY.

The race to the “Bottom” with the democratic party is insulting, the ads they’re running against Mary Norwood and the fear-mongering being used against Black voters is shameful. Democrats are using African Americans fears and years of systemic racism as a tool to keep us enslaved. Yet today, John Lewis a supposed civil rights icon, is voting for a gay asian male (no offense to LGBT) over a Black woman (Felicia Moore) for Atlanta City Council President (is anyone calling him a coon today?)…a woman who has a stellar record as a City Council member but her only flaw has been daring to hold Kasim Reed accountable and not going along with his corrupt agendas.

Lastly, when Mary Norwood wins today and she will win, you can all thank the 44 years of Black mayors and leaders who allowed the gentrification of Atlanta and forced out their most loyal voters to either the suburbs or the subway (homeless). So don’t fool yourselves, Atlanta is no longer the Black Mecca it once prided itself to be (Black population has dwindled and the only rise are the pocketbooks of the elites), this fight from the Democratic Party is only about the elites and controlling the Black vote.

From Russia With Love,

Charlie Peach #PoliticsPeach

Charlie’s views are not necessarily the views of the Ghion Journal, we publish her work in our ongoing effort to enlist writers who can present news and analysis apart from this two-party racket that are the Democrats and Republicans. Charlie Peach’s tenacity proves unending. Though she was censored by Twitter, she keeps on speaking her mind. Check out her work on her Medium page by going to HER PAGE HERE

Charlie Peach

Charlie Peach

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Charlie Peach

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