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Dope Opera: It’s Mueller Time All the Time and I’m Sick of It

Am I alone in getting tired of the Mueller Show? This man has garnered headlines over REAL news for what seems like an eternity now. I’ve seen this before, though. This is the same media circus I remember while living in Los Angeles and the OJ Simpson Trial was going on. And all kinds of media celebrities were being followed. Kato Kaelin, remember him, had his time in the limelight. As did LAPD whiz kid Mark Fuhrman and the lawyers, prosecution, and judge who I have, blessedly, forgotten the names of now. I don’t know why I remember the cop and Kato, but I guess I should work harder to forget them, too.

The media has become obsessed with these courtroom dramas and political scandal investigations as if any of this actually matters. They do this for a reason of course, melodrama that draws fixed eyeballs translates to mucho dineros. However, at the risk of ruin the ending of this dope opera for you, let me spell out how this is going to play out. Trump’s not going to jail and it’s just as unlikely he’ll be impeached. The most they might do is censure him or give him a written warning. The government has long been a shameful spectacle of impropriety and false witnesses applauded for their ability to lie to the American people. Do we really need a court to prove that when we have their campaign promises written on paper?

The United States government is a tawdry cabal of amoral, bloated windbags with one hand taking bribes and the other hand picking up the phone to tell the Navy to go launch missiles at countries we’re not technically at war with. People think Mueller can change this when this has been going on since the end of World War II? Ah! But wait! That’s not entirely correct! The Teapot Dome Scandal predates World War Two by decades! Indeed, this is a government any self-respecting person should be ashamed of. How anyone thinks this sorry state of affairs can be redeemed by one hapless cop running around like he’s Colombo or Kojak beggars belief. One would have better luck attempting to salvage a 1972 Ford Pinto with a blown head gasket than trying to fix the United States government. At least the Pinto retains some scrap value. Click To Tweet

I find myself wholeheartedly amused by those who genuinely think the government is good at heart and just needs to be saved from the designs of evil people. Excuse me, if it really was good, evil people couldn’t get into it and remain in it, lodged like a gargantuan tapeworm in the bowels of the body politic. To the contrary, the government itself is corrupt and evil and, therefore, attracts like-minded individuals as a magnet draws iron filings. The Capitol and the White House are crook magnets, drawing the corrupt and reprehensible from the entire span of the nation. Those who have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt they can commit felonies and either not get caught or not get indicted are called “electable” by two political parties cut from the same cloth of corruption and debauchery.

A country divided by the circus that is our politics now has the perfect clown to distract us while and make us overlook policies that impoverish us.

And we are supposed to believe that Mueller is going to change this sordid state of affairs? How so? Let me just throw this out: Messiah complex. That’s what it’s called when you look to a savior to rescue a country. Every U.S. president since Eisenhower has stepped into this role. Now, you look to this Mueller to be the Messiah Marshal Dillon to face down the Hole In the Head Gang up there in DC? Ha! I love it! I find the entire charade amusing, but not in the way you think. I don’t wish to see just Trump disgraced, but the entire U.S. government disgraced before the whole world. To the point being a U.S. diplomat overseas would be a continual exercise in embarrassment and profuse apologies to everyone he or she met.

But not because I think it can be redeemed. No, it deserves being disgraced because it earns the disgrace. In all honesty, the entire U.S. government deserves being put on trial for decades of war crimes. The U.S. starts wars, enters wars, or uses a pernicious international form of gossip and slander to instigate wars. “Pssst! Hey, we’ve got intel that your neighboring country is massing troops on your border…” That kind of pernicious gossip. There is nothing that should merit more shame than being associated with a country that engages in this.

Mueller presents himself as an astute character, but under all the media hype is a bumbling gumshoe that needs to execute a search warrant to find his keys in the morning. Come now, if everyone “knows” Trump broke the law, the evidence must be there! Where is it? Underneath the evidence of Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction? Here is a nation that claims it “knows” when other countries are building nuclear weapons (“we have the evidence”) but it can’t find the evidence its own president broke the law? With all the alphabet soup of intelligence agencies and warrantless wiretaps, and Mueller can’t find the evidence? Gee, why don’t you look under the evidence of Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program? Maybe someone accidentally put it there when they got the mail from Israeli Mossad that morning and dropped the mail over it.

Truthfully, U.S. intelligence agencies are not good at finding evidence, they’re more skilled in fabricating it or cooking up bogus intelligence. Ask them to find genuine evidence, they’re lost like a three year old asked to explain where babies come from. “I don’t know…can we have ice cream now?” And we PAY these people?! They’re trying to install a new leader of the CIA whose credentials include torturing people and abusing a pregnant woman. Great choice, guys. What, was Adolf Eichmann not available to run it via a Skype hooked up to an Ouija Board?

“Gosh, Jack, you don’t have very nice things to say about America…” No, I don’t. And I have good reasons. But, again, I am the court jester here. That’s my job. But I can present the evidence proving the United States government incompetent. I can do so 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even when I am asleep. How? By this simple process: just turn on the news and keep in mind they’re not even telling you 25% of the truth. #DopeOpera

“The truth is that all men having power ought to be mistrusted.” ~ James Madison

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