We are Powered by the People, Corporations are NOT Welcome Here

The Ghion Journal is an experiment of sorts. We are an attempt to build a media company that is not dependent on corporate donations (ad revenue) and instead is empowered by the people. We do this because it is our belief that a media company that takes money from corporate entities and governmental institutions ceases to be about journalism and instead become infomercials for the "elites". It is hard to speak truth to power when you are getting paid by power. Ghion Journal is an audacious dream to reclaim media from the hands of moneyed interests and give a voice to the voiceless. (read more about us the donation button)

Ghion Journal is a community based publication, the writers are of the people because we are with the people. The writers, from the founder to guest contributors, do not pontificate behind ivory towers. We cast our lot with the masses across America and throughout the world. (read further below the contribution button to see find out about the Ghion Journal and our mission) The donate button below is a way you can be a part of this bottom up endeavor. You can make a one time contribution or make automatic monthly contributions. Below the donation button are other ways you can be a part of this endeavor and help amplify our message.

We will not take a red cent from corporations, this will enable the current writers and those to come in the future to speak truth to power without fear financial repercussions. We actually take it one step further, based on Teodrose Fikre's experience with Foco Cafe (read Business Case for Kindness), we have decided to power the entire Ghion Journal venture through the kindness and support of our readers and audience. In order to keep up with overhead, compensate the writers, procure resources that will enable us to do more documentaries and focus on people who are making a difference and expand the reach out Ghion Journal, we are asking you to support and contribute the best way you can. You can become a patron on our Patreon page and follow our work as you find out about other independent voices and artists who are trying to make a difference. Click HERE or on the picture below to find us on Patreon. 

Other ways to empower us

You will also find books written by the founder Teodrose Fikre, the profits from which will go towards building this publication (click on Ghion Library in the menu bar). You can also purchase various Ghion Journal merchandise, the profits from which helps to keep us a going concern. Click HERE or go to Ghion Market on the menu bar to get your gear today.

Ways to Amplify Our Message

Our aim is to make sure that the Ghion Journal not only can remain viable but can attract more thinkers and writers to this site. In that light, we ask you to follow/like our various social media platforms and invite others to join our effort.

We do not want to lose focus on our number one objective, we want to affect positive change in our communities and around the world. Words are powerful, we have the audacity to believe we can make a difference. So we ask you, the people, to power a website that is off the people, by the people, for the people. Below the social media icons (which you can click on to find our pages) is a video of the founder and editor Teodrose Fikre describing the Ghion Journal in further detail.

A Message from the Editor