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Feeding US Comey; Distracting US from the Larceny at the Fed

Professional bank robbers strike by first creating diversions. In the moments of panic and hysteria, you better believe there are crooks who are ready to break in while most people are reacting to unexpected commotions. What is true of burglars is true of professional crooks in Washington DC and Wall Street; the most brilliant criminals have nothing on the mind boggling sophistication that resides in mind of men in dark suits who run this nation as they use the veneer of our democratic system to hide their maliciousness.

Art can never imitate life. The Truman show has nothing on the theatrics that is at the heart of our political system. We, the people, are given a pretense of control in order to give cover to the biggest pyramid scheme ever perpetuated on mankind. The whole system of fractional reserve and centralized banking is a financial scam that is astounding in breadth, depth and scale. Not even Teddy Roosevelt could bust the trusts that are breaking Americans and the world in half. The moneyed aristocracy have unleashed their wealth to buy up every Republican and Democrat in DC and in the process have co-opted all levers of power in Washington DC and around the world. America is no longer a sovereign nation; the whole globe has been colonized by billionaires who live lavishly while the rest of us languish.

To hide this fact, politics and outrage is manufactured on a regular basis in order to keep us perpetually distracted. Hindsight is the greatest of educators. I realize now that Obama was foisted upon us in order to save the system after Wall Street played Russian roulette with our savings like a bunch of degenerate gamblers that they are. Bang! The gun went off as our economy collapsed in 2008; in stepped Obama promising to change the system when all along he was their mouthpiece and toady who was selected to funnel trillions to prop up a broken system. The step and fetch it Obama did exactly that; Barack funneled $14 trillion to Wall Street by way of Quantitative Easing and bailouts as he told main street and the rest of us to go kick rocks. His smooth demeanor and his suave persona were able to hide just how nefarious his policies truly were.

This is where the Comey debacle before us intersects with the Obama deception that seems like distant history. But history and current events are not just dots; the events we are witnessing are interconnected for current events are not just chance occurrences. The Obama narrative of making history and electing the “first black president” was a feel good story meant to divert attention from the racketeers on Wall Street and the globalist elites who made off with our money. It worked perfectly! Obama was able to bail out a sinking Wall Street ship and inject new blood into a system of global theft by infusing the big banks and Fortune 500 corporations with endless trillions of dollars.

The trillions of dollars though were just one aspect of the embezzlement. There was a hidden yet more nefarious aspect of Obama’s gambit. Using monetary policies like QE and ZIPR, Obama was able to forestall the complete disintegration of the global banking system. ZIRP, the Zero Interest Rate Policy, was the most pernicious of Obama’s monetary policies. By lowering interest rates to near zero, Obama encouraged spending over saving and in the process tilted the advantage away from capital expenditures to equity investments. This is why the stock market ballooned under Obama while Main street languished. Most of the jobs added under Obama’s watch were part time or seasonal jobs. We are so programmed to think that the DOW Jones average and corporate health is an indication of our nation’s health that people give Obama credit for “saving the economy”.

The economy was not saved; the day of reckoning was just pushed off into the future. Put it this way, if your house was about to get foreclosed and you decided to get a payday loan in order to pay the past due amount, did you really save your house? In fact, you made your situation worse because you added debt on top of debt—the interest payment on the payday loan just became a noose around your neck. This is exactly what happened under Obama’s stewardship; he borrowed tens of trillions of dollars and handed it right to his corporate masters. We the tax payers are now saddled with the debt and the noose of interest payments around our necks.

This is where it gets worse. Historically, the Fed Reserve and Treasury have been the backstop when our economy goes into a recession. They step in as the “buyers of last resort” by loosening monetary policy in order to stimulate the economy. Loosening monetary policy means lowering interest rates as the Federal Reserve (which is owned by private banks by the way and is not accountable to voters by mandate) interferes with the capital system in order to pick winners and losers. This is the exact thing that Adam Smith, the father of modern economy, warned about as he advocated the “invisible hands of the economy” to guide capitalism and for governments to stay out of the economy. The audacity of some of these two faced economists (link) as they lecture the Chinese about their economy—our system of crony capitalism is more managed than Donald Trump’s hair.

As many people keep congratulating Obama for “saving the economy”, what they don’t realize is that the Fed Reserve and Treasury emptied their chambers in order to breath life into the system. But if there is one thing that has been true historically it is this, another downturn is coming. Right before economies take a dive, they go on an astounding run. Look at this historical chart of the DOW since 1920’s (link) and you will see a pattern of steep gains right before the economy goes south. This is why the wealthy get out of the markets when it starts to overheat—only idiots run into the market when Wall Street is in record territory. Sell high; buy low. This is the most sage of advice for those who want to play in the markets. Wall Street is now at record highs; what do you think will come next?

We are one incident away, one trigger in the offing, before the steep gain takes a turn and takes the funny money gains of the past 8 years along with it. The thing is though, with interest rates already at zero and few buyers on the market who are willing to buy tens of trillions of T-bills and new debt, the Federal Reserve is now neutered and powerless to act if and when the next downturn comes. They can’t step in as the buyers of last resort; our economy is now a high wire act without a net to catch the fall. Keynesian polices cannot be enacted by Donald Trump because the bullets were emptied in order to “save” the economy the last time around. We can’t spend or borrow our way out of the next economic downturn; when the next recession comes, a free fall can lead to a downfall.

The oligarchy thus had no need to push on us a president who can inspire with soaring rhetoric as he reads words from teleprompters. Not even the second coming of Franklin Delano Roosevelt could convince the public to give Wall Street another chance if they do to us again what they did in 2008. So the plutocrats needed something else; they needed a spectacle of all spectacle and a carnival barker who can keep us perpetually engaged and enraged. As long as we are focused on the idiot orange ogre in the White House, they can inoculate themselves from the blame when the house of cards comes down. Donald Trump is the perfect foil; this prick sold his soul to become president even if that means he will be blamed for destroying the US economy.

What we are witnessing now with the Comey hearings is nothing but one big sideshow and a political circus that would have impressed the hell out of P.T. Barnum. The Senate is doing nothing more than playing the violin on the Titanic to convince us to remain calm on a sinking ship. Democrats and Republicans do their part as they play the part of villain or hero to their respective bases and partisan parrots. America is tuned into this hearing as they eat pop corn and partake in the drama of it all. Meanwhile, the swindlers on Wall Street are preparing for what comes next. What comes next only “they”—the elites who sit at the policy tables—know for the rest of us are just guessing. But here is one thing you should know, the scene is set for the next big heist. We are watching the diversion in HD reality while the crooks on Wall Street are getting ready to rob their own banks and make off with the little we have left. #FedNComey

“Our country is now taking so steady a course as to show by what road it will pass to destruction, to wit: by consolidation of power first, and then corruption, its necessary consequence.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

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