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Dodd-Frank Shakedown: Making Sense of $hell Games and €harlatans

3.14.18 Update: Senate Republicans just rolled back the Dodd-Frank Act. This is being reported as news by corporate media, the truth is both sides of the aisle are engaging in fraudulence. Read this article below to find out how and why we need to Break the Duopoly.

On any given day, I have the hardest of times trying to figure out who is the bigger of two assholes. I mean, is it Republicans with their false piety as they preach morality while they rob from the poor to give to the rich? Or is it the Democrats with their false charity as they pretend to be giving to the people while pushing more and more into the arms of perpetual poverty and dependency? It’s like trying to pick between a hammer to the toe or listening to Sarah Palin explain the theory of relativity. Both in the end though are enacting laws and pushing policies for their corporate masters even if their methods are divergent. What Republicans give to the wealthy by way of fiscal policies Democrats likewise use monetary policies to favor the rich.

Yet, if someone threatened me to be the ghost writer of Donald Trump’s tweets or to be the speech writer for the empty suit Obama, I would have to say that Republicans are the lesser of two pernicious evils. The reason is simple, I appreciate at the very least that Republicans tell me daily they are against me and the vast majority of working Americans and act accordingly with the laws that they push. Democrats though, they are on a whole other level of malignancy; they have perfected the art of caring as they use the pains of their constituents to advance their own interests.

I could give a thousand examples of how Democrats demagogue and grandstand incessantly but where the rubber meets the road, the Democrats are fleecing the very people they feign to represent. For the sake of brevity, let me use Christopher Dodd and Barney Frank as the prime evidence of how Democrats slither lies with forked tongues only to fork over every day Americans. I wrote earlier that the Comey testimony (link) was nothing more than theatrics meant to give cover to a larceny—a continued wealth transfer from the few to the many—that is taking place behind the scenes. Less than three hours later, the House of Representatives uses the occasion to prove my point right. I promise I don’t have ESP; I just know the way these pricks in DC work now.

Let me tell you what will happen next since I’m on a roll. The Democrats will scream bloody murder as they elevate the Dodd-Frank bill to some holy grail. Duplicitous baboons like Chris Van Gnome Hollen, Chuck Shyster Schumer and Maxing Money Waters (link) will hoot and holler as if the Republicans just crucified Jesus. Not to be undone, alternative humans like John Criminal Cornyn and Paul Children of the Corn Ryan will rush to the dais in order to justify their continued favoring of the rich over the rest of us. All of it though is a staged carnival because Dodd-Frank was a feckless and toothless bill that actually made it harder for smaller banks to compete against the multi-national banks by forcing small businesses to spend fortunes to meet compliance requirements without doing anything about the anti-trust behavior of the big corporations who dominate the banking sector.

Moreover, the bill did zilch, zip, zero to prevent “too big to fail” as it payed lip service to consumer protection when in reality in was a law that made changes on the margin with respect to ensuring banks and investment firms became separate entities. It did nothing to address the legalized casino that is the derivatives market and the endless ways corporations can repackage loans in order to minimize their risk and push that risk to the tax payers. In other words, Dodd-Frank was a symbolic bill that did NOTHING to address the pathology of degenerate gamblers who continue to play with our economy like a bunch of drunks playing Texas Hold’em in Macau. When it’s time to pay the house and the debts are called, it will be us, the tax payers, who will be left holding the shit bag.

But wait! There’s more! It’s not bad enough that Chris Dodd and and Barney Frank gave us piss and told us it was champagne. Oh no, it gets worse—they actually got Medieval with their treachery. Chris Dodd retired shortly after the bill was signed by Obama and entered the private market. I’ll give you one guess what profession he chose. Here’s a hint a hint, the answer starts with lobby and ends with an ist. That’s right boys and girls, two timing Dodd became a lobbyist in Washington DC as he became an instant millionaire by representing the interests of corporations by screwing over the rest of us. The temerity of these swine in expensive suits to call themselves public servants; even Baghdad Bob would not believe the level of deception that goes on in our nation’s capital.

But wait! There’s even more! Not to be outdone, Barney Phony Frank did something even more astonishing than the duplicity that Dodd pulled off. The same time Dodd retired from the Senate, Frank did the same as he handed in his resignation papers in order to become a public citizen. Of course poor Frank had to get a job, I mean he has been the second coming of Mother Theresa as he spoke for the huddled masses in his home state of Massachusetts and beyond right? Guess what profession Mr. Frank chose? Nah don’t guess actually, you will never guess right on this one because you are not that cunning to think like the uber snake Frank. Our boy Barney joined the board of a big bank. I shake my head thinking about this, the same man who authored the Dodd-Frank bill in the House of Representatives resigned upon its passing in order to make millions as a banker.

My fellow Americans, our country has been hijacked by charlatans on one side and con artists on the other. Both Republicans and Democrats are financial terrorists who give allowance to the continued fleecing of America. We keep fighting overseas against jihadists that our military-financial laden government is arming, but in reality the terrorists are right here in America and they wear dark suits as they walk in corridors from DC to Wall Street. We better wake up to the mendacity of this two party fraud that is destroying our nation and cratering the world along with it. Democrats and Republicans are perpetuating wickedness by different means; there is no lesser of two evils—both are equal evils who make a mockery of our nation. #ShellGamesCharlatans

“A liar begins with making falsehood appear like truth, and ends with making truth itself appear like falsehood.” ~ William Shenstone

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