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Humanity for Sale

We are endowed with unalienable rights. All men are created equal. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These are soaring odes to freedom that form the basis of our nation. If only reality matched rhetoric. Our rights are now a commodity to be traded to the highest bidder and cut out from the bottom line. Our unalienable rights are our right for food, shelter, education, safety, health and the right to chart our own course in life. These have now become a commodity to large multi-national corporations who no longer have to answer to the people or the government.

We as a people have been divided, disenfranchised and misled to turn a blind eye to what is really going on. We have the red states vs. the blue states, white against black, American against foreigners, rich against poor, Christians against Muslims, academia against the uneducated, the conscious versus the ignorant, the upper class versus the working class and the list goes on ad infinitum.

These “divisions” are nothing but illusionary labels that keep us separate, divided and ignorant from understanding how our lives are being altered on a minute to minute basis. The truth is that there is only one battle—the battle for power, control and wealth by institutions. These institutions see power as a scarce resource and are hell bent on keeping it. We are all livid at the state of our country and our world; instead of looking at the true source and diagnosing the problem, we have bought in to the propaganda of “us versus them”.

The essence of humanity is community, we are stronger together and we suffer the more we are splintered apart.

The very people who contributed to the collapse of the economy, the poor quality of food that is making us sicker, our pharmaceutical drug dealers, our private health care insurers, and failing education system are the ones that are still in power and the ones to blame for our maladies. Yet they have us blaming migrant workers, gay couples, and each other as they continue to reap record profit—we are such sheep that we keep getting sheered by the same folks who fleeced us yesterday.

How did we get here and why are we still allowing it to happen? How did we trade our life and liberty away to a system that is designed to keep us all working, buying, fighting, searching and struggling to make ends meet? Do you know what is in the food you are eating, do you know what’s in the medicine you’re taking, do you know what your kids are really learning, do you know what your spiritual adviser is up to, and do YOU know? Greed and the lust for power are always the source of a collapse of civil societies—hubris has doomed more empires than all the natural disasters combined since the time of Babylon.

Existence is evident, when people stop seeing people and only see the path to riches, when people trade compassion for self-interest, when people forget who they are and whose they are, when and all we see the infinite world as limited and fight for I versus them, we set the wheel in motion towards self-annihilation. This virus of wanton self-indulgence is not only evident in large corporation; it has become a virus that is spreading faster than AIDS. We have forgotten who we really are—we have discounted that we are divine beings and spirits. There is nothing wrong with being ambitious and trying to get ahead, but when ambition becomes the goal onto itself, you lose track of your soul and see your fellow man and women as nothing more than enemies to conquer and destroy. Click To Tweet

Our way of life is being significantly altered as our basic human rights become a commodity and we become inventory to unaccountable corporations. When our health, education and food is seen as a product, the significance of human life diminishes as the bottom line becomes the end goal for every decision made. On the other hand, we are working more hours than ever only to still live paycheck to paycheck. Money have been sucked out of the middle class, our farmers, our small businesses and schools, only to serve and protect those with all the means.

There was a time one income can support a whole family, people ate wholesome food, spent quality time with their family and enjoyed whatever lot they were in life. Now, even with two parents working the poverty line is only a few steps behind. This is not only an economic poverty, this is a social and spiritual deficiency. We are facing bankruptcies and foreclosures not just on our bank accounts and property but at the very core of our spiritual selves.

The answer lies within each of us; stand up and look at all the lies you have accepted as truth. Don’t believe all the “us versus “crap. Instead, connect all the dots to what is happening in our everyday life and rise up. Ask questions, seek out people who want to improve life for themselves and others, look for ways to stop being a pawn in other people’s game. Live below your means, don’t be seduced by materialism and keeping up with the Jones, find ways to cultivate your happiness within so you don’t need to spend your last dollar without on that pair of shoes that brings you momentary happiness.

Above all, meditate, read, walk, spend quality time with your family, SAVE, SAVE, SAVE money, energy, time, food and your own spirit. Unplug from the internet and connect with REAL friends. Find ways to give back and contribute to society, don’t get caught up in hate, blame or anger and move instead to the light of love no matter how bleak it may seem. Pray to the most high without getting caught up in religious zealotry and the name of your creator, cultivate your passion, love deeply, get in touch with your subconscious mind and get past the barriers of your conscious reasoning that keeps you stuck in the rut of your life.

Live deeply, divinely and truly; no club, drug or alcohol can get you high like being in touch with your true self! Be in the world and do worldly things without being defined by it, see your divinity and beauty no matter what state of mind you are in, love from the core of who you are without being afraid, trust that all things— good or bad—is for the betterment of your soul, don’t fall trap to your habits, sow mustard seeds and good deeds, bask in the glory of life.

Give, even if you don’t much to give, let go of old experiences, hurts and wounds, open up to the possibilities of life, lift someone else up without expecting anything else. Smile even when you don’t feel like it, be kind to yourself and others who may not always agree with, celebrate your oneness with everything. Let go of your ego, admit when you are wrong, apologize if you have done wrong, hug yourself and others close to you, greet your neighbor, protect the environment, be thankful even for the smallest gestures and dance in the beauty that life has to offer.

Wake up people! Don’t be sucked into the mass-media, political, economic, social and religious warfare that is dividing US all each day by sowing the seed of mistrust, false outrage, and fear. The Truth is that there they all gain by keeping us dumb, numb, confused, hateful and angry. Anything that takes you away from your universal truth within you is done so to benefit someone else. A politician, an advertiser, a religious organization, your so called “leader” can only benefit if you blindly believe what they tell you and live in fear of your fellow man, if they make you question your value so you can let them define who you are.

You were perfect the day you were born. If you experienced hardship, it was your creator lifting you to your most high self, learn from it and move on. I pray that we each find our path to our beauty and humanity and stop being defined by all the negative images and messages we have been subjected to. May we all travel in light and love to our best self and our best universal souls. LOVE and LIGHT—it is there if you choose to see it. #commUnityFirst

“My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.” ~ Desmond Tutu

Rahel Fikre
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Rahel Fikre

Rahel is a writer who believes in the power of unity and the healing power of love. A mother of two who understands the challenges of working full time while providing for children, Rahel sees the struggle of humanity not as one of politics or religion but about the spiritual connection we all have with one another.
Rahel Fikre
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