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Identical Creeps: Charlatans and Dinner For Political Schmucks

You know they are laughing at all of us right? Let me say from the outset, I hope you allow me the leeway to speak freely and without diplomatic niceties in this article. I am not a politician; what I am presenting before you is from the heart and not triangulated to cater to one side or another–I am writing this from the heart. If you pay attention and put aside partisan loyalty, you will see how all of us are being played for fools by the establishment and how our struggles are being turned into cash registers for the moneyed gentry who lord over us.

You see, the whole of the political establishment and the foie gras eating bastards are chortling at the masses while they are sipping their Cheval Blanc. Each time they convene at their posh weekend retreats, the same people you see declaring jihad on each other on cable TV and social media put aside their differences and shake their head in amusement that their duplicity actually works. While the rest of us are defending political charlatans and are willing to take bullets for our political idols, those same political charlatans are snickering at us as they unite behind closed doors.

I say this within the context of Hillary Clinton’s new book that she is now peddling as she tries to justify why she lost to the human maggot Donald Trump last November. The Corporate State Media is playing up Hillary’ pathetic book as politicians and pundits collude to enrich themselves as they pretend that they are fighting for us. In one of the excerpts, Hillary noted how she felt distressed having “the creep Donald Trump lurking behind her”. Funny how Donald, her best feral friend for more than three decades, is now all the sudden persona non grata when not too long ago he was invited to the wedding of Hillary’s only daughter. This picture below is of Hillary and Donald chumming it up as far back as the 80’s.By the by, did you know that Hillary was a Goldwater girl back in the 70’s? Barry Goldwater was an avowed bigot and a xenophobe who ran for president against an equal bigot Lyndon Baines Johnson on the platform of exclusion and hatred. Hillary excused her support of Goldwater as a byproduct of youthful indiscretion and that she became a “liberal” who has fought for inclusion and minority rights since her husband’s first term as governor of Arkansas. Except she did no such thing; Hillary did not pivot to become a voice for justice and empowerment, she just used used minorities and women as stepping stones in order to ascend the political ladder.

You see, the rich and elites do not have a principled bone in their bodies. They are shapeshifters who will bend to political winds in order to maximize their followers and fortunes. Hillary turned to liberalism the very same way Donald Trump became a conservative. They both used the identical blueprint as these two equally two-faced pricks spoke to the grievance of their supporters in order to gain power. Donald Trump, for more than three decades, was a liberal’s liberal who was all about gay rights, inclusion and minority rights because being a “lefty” was a prerequisite in New York City if he wanted permits to build his towers in the Big Apple. But when the orange orangutan realized that a large swath of Americans were getting tired of the corporate toady Obama, he flipped his “firmly held beliefs” that he harbored for more than a half-century in order to sell himself as the “anti-Obama”.

This is how our deceptive Democracy works; cyclical change gives us the illusion of transition when in reality policies remain 100% the same [read the Deception of Cyclical Change]. Obama committed the same deception in 2008; for more than a decade, Barack and Michelle attended Reverend Wright’s “black” church until political expediency required him to throw the entire congregation under the bus in order to protect his path to the presidency. Obama was a false change agent the whole time; the same way Trump became the “anti-Obama” to gain the White House is the way Barack changed his spots in 2008 in order to become the “anti-Bush”.

In truth, Obama joined Trinity United Church only because the Chicago Democrat base thought he was not “black enough” when Barack ran for Congress against Bobby Rush in 2000. Obama took a licking from Rush, so his team convinced him to be more “black” in order to get elected the next time around. Obama was a political empty suit without an accomplishment to his name; other than giving one speech against the Iraq war after the war already started, he did not have any major political achievements to speak of. He was just hustler who perfected the art of reading from teleprompters and peddling hope to idealists like myself. He came into office promising to end Bush’s wars only to continue and enhance the powers of the military-financial complex by bombing Syria and Libya to the stone ages.

They all do this. Democrats, Republicans and the establishment class as a whole are in on the hoodwink as they perpetuate a political hoax upon the public. Hillary and Trump have been chums and best pals for decades–all the sudden they are supposed to be enemies? I saw a tweet yesterday by the uber shill Peter Daou where he feigned outrage over Trump’s Phoenix rally and implored his followers to vote for Democrats in order to counter the mendacity of Trump. Mr. Daou conveniently overlooked the fact that his matriarch Hillary and her hyper sexual predator husband Bill were behind the reconstitution of penal slavery by unleashing the prison-industrial complex on America.

That same evening, the corporate hack Kamala Harris–who is now being positioned to be the “anti-Trump” for her dance with political immortality in 2020–took to social media to rage against the 1% [read Hoodwink Afoot]. The same Kamala was shucking and jiving to the wealthy donor class just a couple of weeks ago as she gladly took the money of the same 1% she is now vilifying. It is astounding that political elites on all sides can get away with this level of deception. Yet they do it all the time because identity politics is preventing too many from realizing that we are being played for idiots [read Identity Politics Sucks].

I want you to watch the movie Dinner for Schmucks tonight if you have not done so already. In that movie, a bunch of rich scoundrels invite a motley crew of “undesirables” to dinner to see who would bring the biggest loser. The wealthy few were mocking their “base” as they were pretending to be kind to them—does that sound familiar? The undesirables had no idea that they were being turned into objects of derision; they were just happy to be accepted by the upper crust of society. The movie is deep on many levels, yet I appreciate the movie for the critique that it is making in ways noticed by few. Dinner for Schmucks is jabbing society as a whole and satirizing the bottom 99% for idolizing the very same people who keep stepping on their necks.

Until we wake up to the bullshit and realize that all sides of the political class are playing us for schmucks, we will continue getting screwed by the same people who we keep fawning over. For God’s sake stop worshiping at the alter of the rich and the powerful; they do not care an iota about us—they detest all of us. Democrats, Republicans and the media establishment have nothing but contempt for us away from the public eye. Once the camera lights are turned off and they are safely away from hot microphones, they partake in incestuous relations as they count their opulence while they mock us for being stupid enough to accept their duplicity.

Here is a novel idea; the same way that the elites and the 1% use social media to peddle grievances and incite us to fight against each other, how about everyone put aside our differences and unite. Let us come together—the bottom 99%—and use social media to speak against the powerful. For one day, take a break from beating up your fellow economic victim who happens to follow a divergent ideology from you and instead build a bridge to one another by mocking these alternative-humans who are being paid handsomely by the status quo to demagogue incessantly and fracture our nation into islands of resentment and victimization.

The power is with us the minute we come together, show the political elites that we can unite under the umbrella of real hope. Use #IdenticalCreeps and get on social media to tell Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and the rest of the media and political charlatans to kick rocks. What I am really asking is for us to stop being political schmucks. I wrote yesterday that it is time for us to stop feeding into the hatred that is being intentionally stoked by the elites (click on the picture below to read “Organize and Unite). Unity is an imperative if we are to protect our common interests and reclaim our nation from the hands of globalist plutocrats and the billionaire class who are at the root of global oppression.Let me put a bow tie on this article by telling Hillary Clinton this one last message. Please go away and take your rapist husband with you. We are hip to your hustle and more and more people are waking up to the lies of your ilk. One by one, Democratic and Republican loyalists—who the elites insultingly call their base—are peeling away from the political duopoly and deciding to think for themselves. The rich and powerful should be careful of inciting hate and instigating friction; the same fuse Hillary, the charlatan-in-chief Trump and the political elites are trying to light can boomerang when it finally goes off. They can continue laughing at us schmucks; but when the schmucks unite without regard to identity and ideology, a day of reckoning will arrive for the 1%. #IdenticalCreeps

The poor labor by their hand and languish as the rich succeed by cunning and flourish. The hand grows weary; the cunning should be leery::

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