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Kamala Harris 2020: Chains You Can Believe In

We are thoroughly programmed as a society to view everything through binary lenses of black vs white, liberal vs conservative, man vs woman and the endless social constructs which are imposed upon us. A fair amount of people were thus lured to this article because they saw the third rail of identity in the headline. But what you reading, though seemingly aimed at liberals and “black folk” (if you want to know why I use quotes, watch this video), is intended for anyone who insists on accepting ideologies pushed by the powerful and artificial identities imposed upon us by the status quo.

The inspiration behind this article is the incessant chatter over the past couple of days of the new hero and savior of the liberal left that is being pushed by the Corporate State Media. The old me, the political lemming I once was, would have taken the bait and signed up to the narrative of Kamala Harris being the champion of us little people. Sam Rayburn would often say “there is no education in the second kick of the mule”; as in getting kicked once is a learning experience, but going back to get kicked again makes one an idiot. Well my fellow Americans, Obama’s roundhouse wallop was all the education I needed. I finally woke up the the fraudulence of this two-party extortion after getting a kick not even Bruce Lee could fathom.

The kick led to this political education: the status quo does not endorse true change agents neither do plutocrats promote people that care about us. Bush, Obama, Trump, Harris, Hannity, Van Jones, the litany of duplicitous imps who are propagated by the establishment as working class champions are too many to list. But these people did not get afforded the stage and get accorded platforms without a reason. Money is the devil’s lasso unleashed to buy the souls of all these partisan hacks. They all accept fame and cash with this implicit understanding—shatter the people into islands of grievance in order to perpetuate friction.

Kamala Harris is the next iteration of the divide and conquer hoodwink. Money is now flowing to her coffers from the Democratic establishment and the affluent “liberal” bundlers and donors. The irony is that these donors are not partisan at all, they spread their money around to both parties in order own politicians on both sides of the isle. This is what most of us fail to realize, the uber wealthy do not give a shit about politics. People like the Koch brothers, Soros, Gates, Bezos, Buffet and the moneyed gentry only care about policies even though they make a great show of being concerned about fairness. As they leverage their amassed fortunes to purchase glowing press and burnish their benevolence, behind the scenes they unleash their bank accounts to buy and own every pundit and politician in their line of sight.

Notice how every opinion leader that you read or watch in the Corporate State Media only speaks about justice through a narrow prism? What leader do you see in the public square speaking of a united front and standing for universal justice? No need to Google, the answer is pretty much 0. With rare exception, the personalities we love to worship as a society are all duplicitous maggots who inflame passions and feed fire to our emotions. This is done for a purpose; as long as we see justice through exclusive prisms, it is easy to make us turn on one another. Divide and conquer is no joke; what has been perfected in far off places is now being unleashed with awesome force here in the United States.

This is why it is the height of foolishness to fight for justice through a limited perspective. People who go around chanting “build the wall”, blathering about “white privilege” and partaking in the endless array of myopic rhetoric are actually perpetuating injustice as they speak against it. The only way to overcome this global system of oppression and capital tyranny is through unity; those who insist on fighting for a part instead of the whole become an ally of injustice. However, I can’t get too upset at folks who let their passion lead them to this form of sectional thinking for I too once resided in limited lanes of identity not too long ago. Moreover, people who hurt and are hobbled by iniquities tend to lash at others who suffer as they do—I understand all of it.

I reserve my ire and condemnation for those who know how the game is played and choose willingly to partake in the chicanery. I promise you this one thing, Trump is no different than Obama as Obama was no different than Bush. If you remover the politics and assess the policies of the past three administrations, all three presidents were identical with just differences on the margins. Actually this is true going back to the days of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson before him . Illegal wars, transferring wealth from the many to the few, continued spying of citizens by our own government; these policies are set in stone and will not change no matter what puppet-in-chief occupies the White House. This is how the powerful win all the time; they distract us with personalities who speak grievance to our respective identities. As we fight about politics and bicker about historical grievances, they screw us all in the tuchus!

Obama pulled a doozy of a con game on his “base” in 2008; all that talk of hope and change and in the end he fed America to the wolves on Wall Street. His hold out loyalists refuse to acknowledge this truth; ask them what Obama did and they can only utter “style and grace” as if they are parrots with turrets. Trump took the BHO path to the White House as he too spoke to the grievance of his base and used their pains as stepping stones to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Ask Trump sycophants what 71 year old Donald has ever done in his life for others, they can only utter “MAGA” like robots stuck in loop back.

Just today Senator Kamala Harris introduced a bill in the Senate with fellow Senator Rand Paul which attempts to reform America’s bail system. The prison-industrial complex is the 21st century of enslavement, millions of Americans are put behind bars in order to enhance the revenues of the litany of companies that are tied into the penal system. As prison is to slavery, bail is to turning free people into indentured servants of Korporate America. For the effort to reform bail, Kamala Harris is being lauded as a courageous voice for the voiceless. And of course, partisans toadies are falling in and falling in love for someone they know nothing about other than the fact that she is on TV and is famous. It never ends well for Kool-Aid sippers, the cult always get screwed by the personalities they worship.

Let us put aside the propaganda and asses Kamala’s supposed heroic effort. The Rand-Harris bill has nada chance of passing; it’s a symbolic and toothless gesture meant to illuminate Kamala as a progressive champion even though she knows damn well the bill will never be enacted. Let’s look at her tenure as Attorney General of California, you know, when she actually had the ability to affect change. What did she do to fight against the prison-industrial complex and stand for the huddled masses? Do you really need to Google the answer? Kamala is a rotten apple that was birthed from the Clinton’s stained blue dress machine; the same Clinton machine that injected steroids into the prison-industrial complex in the 90’s.

I’m going to lay out a line of logic here, let me see if you can figure out the common denominator. Eight years of slick talking and hyper sexual predator Bill Clinton gave way to Bush and his “common man” malapropisms. Eight years of George W. mangling the English language and the Middle East along with it gave way to smooth talker Obama and his hope and change shtick. Eight years of effete leadership and Barack lip service symbolism gave way to the ignoramus Trump and his carnival barker antics.

If you haven’t picked up on the common theme here, every eight years there is a radical departure from one personality to the polar opposite persona. This is nothing more than cyclical change meant to make us think that a new day has arrived with the new presidents they are selecting for us. But if you inspect the policies from Clinton to Trump and all in between, there is not an iota of a difference between them. Cyclical change is how they enslave us and get us to vote for a system that is at the root of global repression. They keep suckering us through identity politics.

If you get nothing else out of this article, take away this one thing. Just because the top 1% do well does not mean the rest of us benefit. The first “black president” became a millionaire and is now getting paid hundreds of thousands per speech by the very people he helped in 2008. How does his wealth transfer to the well being of the masses in Chicago, Baltimore, Atlanta and beyond? The first clown president Trump became a billionaire by screwing over every day Americans as he built his empire by digging the financial graves of countless working stiffs he defrauded.

How does Donald’s conquest help the broken denizen in Appalachia, Boise, Wichita and beyond? Get ready for the new identity card, this time a two-fer of “black” and woman, is about to be used to yet again distract us from the root of the problem. Identity politics is a hell of a drug and they are overdosing us with it. Kamala Harris, who made her name in politics by being a staunch advocate of penal plantations, is now running for president—her campaign motto should be #ChainsUCanBelieveIn Click To Tweet

My people, do not fall for it! Do not accept this Corporate State Media narrative of Kamala Harris being the new hope and change. She is just a counterfeit hero who is a shill of the DNC and their corporate masters. Rich people don’t give a penny without accounting for all outcomes so trust me when I tell you that Kamala is already in the pockets of special interests and the corporate agenda. The best way to separate the frauds from true champions of the little people (that would be 99.99% of humanity for the record) is to follow the money. If politicians or pundits, irrespective of their partisan affiliation, take a red cent from Wall Street and the oligarchy, discount them as shakedown artists and traitors to our cause. But if we insist on returning to the mule hoping for change, we will get plenty kicks we can believe in.

“People can choose between the sweet lie or the bitter truth. I say the bitter truth, but many people don’t want to hear it.” ~ Avigdor Lieberman

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