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Psalms 68:31: Prophecy of a Gathering Storm

This is a marker in the course of human history. We have arrived at an inflection point where a choice is before us a people. We can keep pushing forward led by debauched men and morally bankrupt global leaders. Or we can turn back to love and refuse to give our hands to a malicious few who are hell bent on remaking the globe in their image. Though what I write is inspired by the bible, I want you to read this article less as a sermon and more of a testimony of what is coming next for us if we don’t rise up and wake up as a people.

The Psalm I used for this article one that talks about a promise God made to the children of Ethiopia. But this is far from an article only about Ethiopia for what I am writing about lies at the core of all of humanity as this is one part prayer and another part admonition for all of us regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender, religion, or ideology. Every Ethiopian is quick to quote this Psalms but few understand the depth of the message for these words are speaking of a prophecy. Psalms 68:31 states:

Princes will come out of Kemet; Ethiopia shall quickly stretch out her hands to God.

The same malicious few who are bleeding the world through avarice have attempted in many ways to invert the will of God in order to make gods of themselves. The bible is a prime example, countless revisions of the bible have been disseminated blessed by the money of pernicious devils who have it in their hearts to make us all submit and bow before them. We live in a time of perversion and hypocrisy led by godless plutocrats who deploy craven demagogues by way of politicians, pundits and personalities to splinter us apart and divide us perpetually.

I know every generation has professed that they were living in prophetic times and many more have feared that the end of time was before them. I am not here to tell you to hide your possessions under your mattress or to go get your last confession; none of us know what is coming tomorrow and all we can do is live our lives the best we can given life’s uncertainties. However, I would be remiss if I did not note that we live in a different time and that we have reached a tipping point as a society. What was once thought impossible is no longer improbable. At the push of a red button, humanity can cease to exist or we can go the way of a slow boiling toad as indifference is exhausting our planet and depleting natural resources.

Let me state at the outset; I believe in an awesome God and a creator that loves humanity–I do not for a second believe that it will be God who will unleash fire upon us. Though I do not know the providence of God, neither does any man or woman if they are honest enough to admit it, I do not for believe in my heart that God is one who practices collective punishment upon his children. Rather, it will be humanity that will loosen the flames of hell upon ourselves through a mix of indifference by the masses and willful malice by the few. While we are busy chasing materialism and the pleasures of the flesh, insidious men who sit atop of society are pushing us closer and closer to the brink.

We have a choice as a people; we can wake up now and rise up or we can keep sleeping and watch mushrooms envelope the globe. This is no laughing matter, world leaders have been lined up like dominoes in order to march humanity into another global conflict. We survived World War I and World War II even though tens of millions perished–we will not survive World War III. Once, twice peril; the third shall be a collective genocide. Sadly though, while the planet is on the brink and countless nations are burning, we as a people have turned into a society of Neros fiddling while millions are roasting one exploding Tomahawk missile and a MOAB at time.

Injustice ignored shall be injustice that envelopes all. The ways we keep using the pains of people as memes and political footballs will blow back at us if we are not careful. The time for politics is over, the time for human decency is before us. Unity is no longer an empty slogan, human survival makes unity an imperative or we shall perish. What is happening in foreign lands will boomerang back to America and throughout the West and echo into every corner of the world for if a war breaks out between the major powers, our next status will be radio active.

Eighty years ago, Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia traveled to the League of Nations to beseech the “free world” to help Ethiopians fight the monstrous Mussolini army. He did not ask nations to send their children to die on behalf of Ethiopia nor did he ask for countries to depart with their treasures. Haile Selassie simply asked for brave Ethiopian jegnas (heroes) to be given the means and the arms to defend themselves. The world turned a def ear and ignored the plight of Ethiopians, to which Haile Selassie spoke these prophetic words:

No subtlety can change the problem or shift the grounds of the discussion. It is in all sincerity that I submit these considerations to the Assembly. At a time when my people are threatened with extermination, when the support of the League may ward off the final blow, may I be allowed to speak with complete frankness, without reticence, in all directness such as is demanded by the rule of equality as between all States Members of the League?

Apart from the Kingdom of the Lord there is not on this earth any nation that is superior to any other. Should it happen that a strong Government finds it may with impunity destroy a weak people, then the hour strikes for that weak people to appeal to the League of Nations to give its judgment in all freedom. God and history will remember your judgment.

As Emperor Haile Selassie warned world leaders, the plight of Ethiopia soon enough became the crucible of the world as Mussolini and Hitler unleashed infernos upon humanity. The tears and blood of Ethiopians landed at the doorsteps of Europe, America and the world. Ethiopia is significant in the bible for this reason, scriptures is not just fairy tails as some dismissively refer to it. What is written in the old Testament and the New Testament are equal parts admonishments to listen to our better angels and warnings of the devils who try to destroy us.

There is no need to theorize about these prophecies anymore or to mock the bible, just turn on your TV screens and you will see world leaders colluding to push humanity into the arms of our collective annihilation. Donald Trump is pushing wars with Korea and acting with full blown hubris towards China and now Russia. The possibility of war is talked about openly as our depraved mainstream media is pushing the war to end all wars for the sake of more clicks and corporate money. We are one bad decision away from flying ICBMs from which will emerge Satan’s lick and final kiss.

The rich and famous made provisions for this coming conflict a long time ago. You don’t have to take my word for it, the paper of record for the rich gnomes–publications like Forbes, Wall Street Journal and Fortune 500–have been printing stories of opulent bunkers (LINK) that the wealthy few have been building underground for more than a decade. Let me break some news to you here–rich people are not in the business of spending money. The billionaire gentry only invest money to either make money or to gain more power. Thus, the only reason that they are building these bomb shelters beneath the ground is so they can protect themselves when the time comes while the rest of us shrivel above them.

Before this time comes–before we find ourselves walking in our own Nagasaki and Hiroshima–maybe it is high time we wake up and refuse to be divided as a people anymore. Let not the prophecy of Haile Selassie be repeated; for the next prophecy that comes true, if we continue to turn away from human decency and chase depravity, is one that will give rise to global disintegration. I write these things not to scare you nor to imbue your spirits in fear for death in one way or another comes for us all. Life is but a vapor for we are here only for a moment. But while we are here, let us live a life of liberty instead of being squashed into nothingness by a few who have colonized the world.

The prophecy spoken in Psalms 68:31 is thus not only about Ethiopia, it is about the entire word. Faith and science both affirm that life started at one source. Whether that one source is God or the big bang is for you to decide, but what can’t be disputed is that we all came from singularity to become many. Science has also affirmed that life started in the continent which has been renamed to Africa (was once called Ethiopia in the eastern regions of the country Ethiopia). No more wars, if we rise up as a people let us do so armed with love. All faiths affirm that love is the only way to defeat hatred for all else is dead.

Ethiopia is the source of life, did you know Ethiopia means “land of God’s blessing”–from Ethiopia was derived the word Utopia which means an ideal society. The propaganda and lies of history teachers who are thoroughly ignorant blows the mind as they indoctrinate children that Ethiopia means “land of burnt faces” in Greek even though Ethiopia existed a thousand years before the city-states of Athens and Sparta were even conceived. The same malice was visited upon the bible as Constantine hijacked a faith in 313 AD which was accepted by Ethiopia 280 years before the Roman tyrant was born. Since that time, religious men–who are really pharisees–have co-opted the bible to commit one treason after another upon humanity. The locus of evil can be traced to the Vatican for it was from there a group of anti-Christs started to bleed the world.

That time stops here! No longer will the continent of Ethiopia be bled by colonialists, imperialists and wicked men who profess to be working for God when they are really foot soldiers of the devil. The time of bleeding billions of people throughout the world for the sake of money and greed is over! The time of world governments robbing the wealth of nations while using state propaganda, diplomatic speak, NGOs and capital larceny is over! What has been committed for generations in the cover of dark is now going to be put forth to the light of God. We as a people have a choice to make; slow walk towards extinction as we let a few destroy us or wake up and rise up to reclaim this world from the hands of demonic globalists.

To the globalists devils who are beguiling the world with wickedness and treachery, as Haile Selassie once said, history shall remember your duplicity and judge harshly for the wars you keep initiating in the name of capital accumulation in order to steal the wealth of nations. If you escape judgement here on this earth, you will pay dearly for an eternity as you join your pugnacious idol John D. Rockefeller (link) who tried for years to forestall death in order to delay eternal condemnation. As he is churning in a sea of fire now, those who think they sit atop the pyramid now shall soon be crushed into dust by the hammer of God’s judgement. The same message goes out to the TPLF tyrants who are bleeding enat Ethiopia at this moment; stop submitting to evil men and serve your people instead. Take off that demonic pentagram off our sendek alema and honor the nation that gave birth to Christianity.

Let me end this by channeling Haile Selassie and speak these words to the 21st century league of nations. Walk away from the wicked and quickly stretch forth your hands to humanity and decency. All things have a price; partaking in self-indulgence at the cost of humanity has repercussions for those who live in opulence while the rest suffer shall in time roast for an eternity. For beloved soldiers, those who are in the military, the police and veterans, you are the children of God and peace keepers. Disavow immoral orders and wicked men and stand with the least of us. For the rest of humanity, the time is before us to choose the the love within us or to continue sauntering towards a life of gratification and lasciviousness. The former points to redemption; the latter leads to eradication. Choose wisely:: #Prophecy6831

“Are ye not as children of the Ethiopians unto me, O children of Israel? saith the LORD. Have not I brought up Israel out of the land of Egypt? and the Philistines from Caphtor, and the Syrians from Kir?” ~ Amos 9:7

If you understand the message behind this write-up and refuse to give your hands to pugnacious men who are bleeding the world, share this article on social media and use #Prophecy6831 to spread this message globally. Let us colonize the powerful, it is time for the least to have many and for those who take much to be humbled.

Check out the message of the Ghion Cast. This is about Teddy Afro’s new music “Ethiopia” but those who hear closely enough to the message and the music will hear the melody of redemption that is possible if we only believe!

Look back to see what the future might hold for us if we don’t wake up as a people. Do not let a prophecy be our future, we can change the course of history if we unite and love be our moral compass. Le zelalem tinur Ethiopia and God bless humanity.

Ye Ethiopia wetatoch ena beteseboch, tenekeneku, tenesu. Le rasachew menor tewut, le ezgyaber ena le Ethiopia belachew komu! Adera new, Ethiopia enatachew nat, endatreswat! Ye jegnoch lejoch nehn, ye Adwa hezboch nehn! Ye hezan menfez alefwal, ye Ethiopia saat ahun nat!


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