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Rock Felled: Money Can Buy Unwarranted Praise, It Can’t Stave Deserved Condemnation

The lives we choose to lead have consequences in this life and the next. Those who choose virtue over selfishness are rewarded as they leave behind a legacy of goodness as they are remembered for their deeds. Those who choose greed over generosity will be remembered in time for their deviancy and the dishonor they sowed. However, upon death, both the latter and the former are equally celebrated for no one likes to wish ill on those who passed away irrespective of their character or lack of it. This is the standard for most of humanity where there is an initial moment of praise, deserved or unwarranted, followed by an assessment of a person’s life based on that person’s legacy.

Unless of course you are a billionaire and have more money than the GDP of some nations in this world. In this case, logic and reason is suspended as a village of lackeys and toadies line up to give unwarranted praise to any aristocrat who passes away. A silent respect gives way to unabashed devotion and accolades as those who have been blessed by the ill gotten gains of felled plutocrats and brainwashed lemmings alike line up to heap ovations on avaricious gnomes who deserve condemnation more than they deserve celebration.

This article was inspired by a tweet I saw last evening by Neil Degrasse Tyson who wrote the following words in honor of David Rockefeller on the occasion of his passing:

David Rockefeller’s (1915-2017) $900M in lifetime philanthropy is equivalent to donating $24,000 for every day of his life.

Give people enough time and the pictures they paint of themselves is washed away with their true colors. Whatever respect I had for Neil was thus instantly erased with that one seemingly innocuous yet utterly duplicitous tweet. Parenthetically, this is how a random astrophysicist rises to the level of uber wealth, garners 7 million followers on Twitter, and is given access to the megaphone of our mass media. Neil revealed himself to be a pluto-coon who owes his wealth and status to the malevolent pricks like the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Soros, Kochs, Buffets, and Bezos of the world. These billionaires I speak of have amassed untold billions by way of the most unethical business practices and yet their greed pushes them to keep bleeding the world in order to acquire more.

It is said that a rich man has less chances to get to heaven than a camel has to emerge on the other side of a needle’s eye. There is a reason for this; money inverts the soul and makes otherwise normal human beings do some of the most wicked things. It’s not just the love of money that is the root of all evil, money itself is evil for it debases the human soul and turns love into lust. Most of society’s ills can be traced back to money and the perceived lack people have when it comes to cash and accumulations. Out of one hundred people, how many do you think would commit murder if $1,000,000 was offered to them? How many among us would commit an immoral act for a few thousand dollars?

So then imagine what happens when the stakes go from a couple of thousand dollars or even a million to tens of billions of dollars. The human spirit morphs into that of Satan as well-heeled ogres throughout the world compete with each other to see who can make an additional billion dollars. This is what confounds me; if you have all the money in the world, why do you have to keep wanting more? Except I understand it through my own life experiences; when I first graduated and got my first job, my first salary was $35,000 a year. I told myself back then in 1999 that I would be happy once I made six figures. With each successive year, I kept creeping closer and closer to that threshold only to keep acquiring more possessions and debt with each promotion and pay raise. When I finally attained my goal, my remaining revenue after expenses was roughly the same as when I was making 35K a year.

This is the same trap of gluttony that uber billionaires fall into as they keep getting more and more while they keep gaining and gaining. Except there is a wide difference between the average American who keeps possessing more for the sake of accumulation and the 1% class who keep amassing fortunes befitting of Fort Knox. Whereas most of us fall into the pits of consumerism that ends up consuming us, when billionaires consume, they devour the world. Billionaires have at their disposal untold money and bank accounts with more zeros than the Japanese air force during WWII. Rapacious gentry like David Rockefeller thus deploy their fortunes to buy up praise and accolades by way of bullshit philanthropy and fraudulent charity. Add to that the media empires they control through their corporate contributions by way of advertisement purchases and what you have is mass deception—this is how Lucifer is presented as an angel.

The story of praising the rich without regard to the evils they commit is as old as the Old Testament. After all, it was Jesus’s condemnation of the pharisees (read wealthy pricks) that eventually had him crucified. The few have been running over humanity for as long as money has been around and turning the world into one large pyramid scheme. The Rockefellers are generational experts and professional criminals when it comes to the practice of committing larceny upon the mass of humanity. Why do you think by the way that the US dollar is “graced” with the pyramid with an all seeing eye on top of it along with the words ” Novus ordo seclorum” (new order of the ages) next to it? These devils are telling us their plan in plain sight; they aim to recreate the world in their image and in the process sit on top of us like capstones on pyramids using their fortunes to monopolize technology and buy up gate keepers to be the eyes that omnisciently watch over all of us—they are using their cash to make gods of themselves.

The devil’s greatest trick was to convince the world he did not exist. This was a throwaway line in the Usual Suspect but the truth could not be any more evident. The devil exists alright even if none of us saw him and he uses his foot soldiers like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds and endless closed societies from Masons to various the Trilateral commission to spread his darkness throughout the world. They hide in plain sight as their endless symbols adorn money, clothes, and corporate logos everywhere.

They use deception to divert mindless lemmings keep into uttering conspiracy theories of the step and fetch it fools Lil Wayne or Beyonce being Illuminati when in reality the true malicious devils are a select few who take part in the mind shocking rituals and atrocities. By the way, did you know that Masons is derived from the “sons of Maia”, the same Maia (link) that is the goddess of fertility that these demons keep paying homage and tribute to with that demonic pentagram. How do I know this? Because unwittingly I too once joined a fraternity thinking I was making a difference when all along I was being played for a fool  (read poem all the way at the bottom of this article). This is how the world is bamboozled all the time, the wolves are smarter than the herd as long as the herd bleats along to the drivel that is fed to them as truth instead of questioning the dogma that is being shoved down our throats.

This malicious plan to reinvent the world and in the process gobble up its resources for themselves can be traced back directly to John D. Rockefeller, the great great grandfather of the now deceased David Rockefeller. John D. was a pugnacious human being who monopolized the oil industry by viciously kneecapping his competition out of business and then “minimizing inefficiencies” in order to pay his workers slave wages. Oh wow, look at that! Te word “minimizing inefficiencies” is what they drilled into my head when I was getting an MBA at Johns Hopkins and is the gold standard behind the lean six sigma methodology that corporations keep deploying to “reduce redundancies” at your job. “Minimizing inefficiencies” means bleeding humanity and underpaying workers in order to maximize profits. We can thank the likes of John D. Rockefeller for normalizing this abhorrent practice; our nation suffers a mind bending wealth-gap between the haves and the rest of us because we have accepted the art of transferring wealth from the masses to a few while we harangue over the pennies that is given to the poor.

The Rockefellers, since the day of John D., have finely honed this con game of taking from the masses and then pretending to be saints by giving back a few cents on the millions of dollars they are stealing from us. So when Neil Tyson goes on Twitter and parrots the talking point that David Rockefeller has given away an average of $25,000 a day in philanthropy, what he conveniently leaves  out is that the same Rockfeller has stolen multiple times as much from humanity by way of rent seeking, driving out competition, and most heinous of all financing the ventures of globalists as they have initiated one war after another—murdering millions of people in the process—in the name of profiteering and corporate capitalism. Globalists are the ones who own our government by controlling world currencies and hobbling any nation that does not bow to their whims the same way that John D. Rockefeller kneecapped his competition.

The truth is that these globalists, led by the now deceased David Rockefeller and the rest of sinister “masters of the universe”, are every bit as revolting and evil as Hitler. I know I risk losing credibility with that statement for daring to run afoul of the Godwin’s Law but sometimes the truth has to be said and then let the chips fall where they may. The endless wars that our military-financial complex laden government keeps initiating throughout the world—leaving tens of millions of people dead on a yearly basis and rendering the lives of thousands of veterans broken in the process—is at the hands and the whims of these malignant opulent demons who have enough money and affluence to buy up the souls of politicians, pundits, stars and opinion leaders alike.

It is for this reason that people from Neil Tyson, Hillary Clinton, George Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump alike line up like an army of Judas in order to worship at the feet of Rockefeller for they owe their rise to fame and their own fortunes to the largess of the truly filthy rich gnomes like David and his cabal who have amassed their riches at our expense. But this one thing is true, the fortunes of these hobgoblins who suck the life of this world can buy the praise of endless stooges but no amount of money can stave off the judgement that is coming next.

You want to see bipartisanship by the way, well observe how Republicans and Democrats alike bow before the idols of their multi-billion dollar patrons and masters and join hands to sing the praises of globalist plutocrats who have effectively nullified our democracy and initiated a hostile takeover of the world. Politics is nothing but a diversion meant to hoodwink us for both parties and the policy makers have in common the benevolence of the imps who sign their paychecks and allow give them the status and power they covet. This is how folk sell their souls, in order to maintain their lavish lifestyles and to keep in close proximity to power as they pay lip service to caring about us.

So how about we, the people, stop falling for demagogues and their con games and disavow both Republicans and Democrats alike and unite around the essence of our common humanity instead of being divided by globalist wolves. The one thing that “liberals” and “conservatives” have in common is our repulsion we have over the unfairness of this global scam that is corporatism and how our nation has lost sovereignty at the hands of traitorous jackals who have co-opted the seat of power in order to erase opportunities for the masses. Let us focus on this one issue instead of fighting over red meat that is being thrown to us to distract us from forming a united front.

As for Rockefeller’s death, I will do away with decorum and refuse to praise the devil’s left testicle that is David Rockefeller and instead say Roast in Peace for the evils he has committed to the world. There is a price to be paid by those who bleed the world through their bank accounts and by those who accept the blood money of these moneyed ogres in order to wreak havoc unto the world and take the lives of innocent people. Money can wash away sins on this earth but there will be an eventual hammer that will come down atop the heads of those who commit injustice for the sake of affluence and wealth. David is about to understand this truth; at the age of 101 he passed—today is day one of the eternal lake of fire. Ironic, David once felled Goliath with a rock, well yesterday David—a pugnacious rock that stoned the earth with his wealth–got felled. Justice was delayed but now justice will be meted out. #RockFelled

“For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad. 18Take heed therefore how ye hear: for whosoever hath, to him shall be given; and whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken even that which he seemeth to have.” ~ Luke 8: 17-18

Below is a podcast (GhionCast) on the topic of fake philanthropy and how wealthy pricks buy up good will and praise by deceitfully painting their malicious deeds as charity. If you like this article and choose to throw your stone at the devils who bleed the world, share this article far and wide using #RockFelled

Rest in peace to the one good Rockefeller, Michael, who understood the evils of the Rockefeller family and chose to live a life apart from the legacy of malice that was given birth by John D. Rockefeller. Michael Rockefeller died “mysteriously” New Guinea and of course the native population was blamed for the death of Michael initially. But what is done in the dark comes out in the light, even as some escape judgment here on earth, there is a judgment of flames and fire for those who have the hubris to think they can get away with murder. #Justice

Logos, Symbols, and Idols

I finally understand

the wisdom of the bible

when we are told

to disregard false idols

these symbols

cleave us from one another

creating false divisions

between sisters and brothers




Consumer goods


All of these things

Marked by various logos

they do nothing more

than make us serve a nefarious master

how easy it is

to disregard teachings

and embrace

the seduction of symbols

but in these symbols

lies the devil’s maleficence

while we blindly adorn

various logos

we have no concept off

if you look around you

observe for a minute

pentagrams everywhere

omnipresent depravity

homage to Satan

and pyramids ubiquitous

that challenge God’s providence

we think they are stars

all throughout our surrounding

salute them on our flags

adorned on copious corporate brands

ubiquitous on our clothing

omnipresent even in churches

pagan marks all over the dollar

walk about in Washington DC

you will witness endless odes to darkness

they boast about it openly

about the Novus Order

they aim to create

proclaimed it on the back of the dollar

world leaders in collusion

leading to our dissolution

minions of Beelzebub

illuminating the world

with their pernicious darkness

welcoming only serpents into their circle

As they claim they trust in God

the god they are serving

is not God that we honor

watch the news sometime

go ahead and observe them

presidents and ministers globally

shaking hands secretly

You will see men clasping their hands

In circles hand over hand

Exchanging the very same grips

That was taught to me in college

As I blindly joined a fraternity

College kids joining these same fraternal orders

Practicing rituals that are purely demonic

I don’t talk without knowledge

For my ignorance once led me to that depravity

I pledged loyalty to an organization

That traces its origins to Masonry

As in the sons of Maia

The roman pagan goddess of fertility

As they worship her son Hermes

The byproduct of the devil’s infiltration

The same source that deceived Solomon

They gladly boast of defeating God’s wisdom

Go ahead and let a Freemason read this

And witness the shock on his face

The whole practice is nothing but an occult

It has now been made into a joke

Every two seconds illuminati being mentioned

Most who join these cults are ignorant

As they perform community service

Thinking they are making a difference

But to a select few their immorality is incredible

The treason they commit unto the world

The treachery they release is deadly serious

It is for this reason I walk away from my association

And will never answer “I am”

To some foolish secret challenge

For the only I AM is my father God in heaven

I warn my brothers from my former fraternity

Walk away from that which has its root in blasphemy

My sins of joining a fraternity

Taught me the ways of the wicked

Now I see with clarity

As we keep chasing dollars

That the mark of the beast

is the very money that runs the universe

the devil is in the details

that we rarely understand

as we disregard prophets

by worshiping paintings

that image of God on your wall

was really Zeus rebranded

merchandising bibles

selling God for a profit

pastors counting change

more than saving people

Praying under steeples

When that very symbol

Is depraved without equal

It sure is hard though

To speak truth to the masses

This is why we are divided

Because we worship brands

By way of logos and symbols

Trying to gain individuality

By succumbing to wantonness

Stop bowing before imagery

Paintings of Jesus and God

Are antithetical to the message

For God doesn’t exist in paint strokes

Art that teaches division through skin tones

God lives in each of us

Be like His likeness not the image

Blessings are not seen with the eyes

They are found in our collective hearts

If we want world peace

Maybe we should start

By embracing our oneness

Stop worshiping logos

and idolizing symbols

that divide us as a people

Excerpt from “Serendipity’s Trace” a collection of poetry about our common hopes and common pains and a quest to fight for justice. “Serendipity’s Trace” can be found on Amazon, clicking on this link (HERE) or by clicking on the picture below.

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