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Friday Sketch: Weekly Cartoon Reflections by Joe Infurnari

This week’s Friday Sketch is inspired by Teodrose Fikre‘s article he wrote three days ago about overcoming hardship that drew on the life and death of Nipsey Hussle titled “Hussle No More: Can’t Find Peace with the World If You’re at War with Yourself“.

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Previous Illustrations

We are excited to announce the addition of Joe Infurnari to the Ghion Journal circle of writers and thinkers. Joe is an amazing illustrator who has a knack for capturing current events and political/social issues through illustrations. Long a fan of cartoons as a powerful tool of satire and speaking truth to power, I am excited to add such a talented cartoonist to the growing team at the Ghion Journal. Going forward, Joe’s weekly reflections will appear on Friday mornings.

Joe will pick one theme or article for the week and then synthesize one of the articles into a cartoon. Below is the first of many series what will appear at this space. Check back next week for Joe’s next inspiration, until then, just remember, as we fight the good fight for justice, don’t forget to smile and enjoy the art about us.

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Joe Infurnari

Contributing Illustrator at Skybound Entertainment
Joe 'The Towering' Infurnari is a cartoonist and writer based in Toronto, Ontario. His work as an artist has been featured in print and on screens both large and small. His comics have been recognized with multiple Eisner award nominations and have appeared in publications by Marvel Entertainment, Vertigo/DC, Image Comics, First Second Books, and many more. Joe is currently co-creator and artist on the new series from Skybound Entertainment, EVOLUTION.
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