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The Stench of Fear: Buttigieg, Democrats, Trump & Political Crisis

Stan Goff

Stan Goff

Stan Goff is a writer and activist whose first career was in Army Special Operations. He lives in rural Southeast Michigan with his partner Sherry and writes what he calls "gonzo social criticism," which includes books like Hideous Dream, Full Spectrum Disorder, Borderline, Mammon's Ecology, Smitten Gate, and Tough Gynes. A practicing, if heterodox, Catholic, he draws on that tradition as well as feminism, Marxism, Black nationalism, and deep ecology as interpretive frameworks. He is committed to nonviolence.
Stan Goff

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No one can now deny that the Sanderistas have successfully infiltrated the Establishment’s perimeter. Regardless of what many say, and in spite of my allergy to conspiracy epistemes, The Democratic Party neoliberals have coordinated a . . . “strategy” . . . to defeat the existential threat posed by the Sanderista movement. This Establishment “strategy,” however, has been revised more than once, and is quickly approaching a chaotic bifurcation—one that’s occurring in a dynamic system in which…

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