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May 24, 2017

Tag: Media

Trump, “the Bump”, and Our Politics

What if we are all being played? Do you ever pause and think about that? I know we have been trained over years to only listen to “authority”—those who wear suits, present badges, and have some lofty title—but what if these people are not necessarily interested in our welfare as much as they are interested

Warren Indignation: How Democrats and Republicans Play US for Fools

See corresponding article below the video. Ready for a different perspective that might induce a bit of discomfort? Perhaps you can call this the Morpheus Red Pill versus Blue Pill moment. I know there are a lot of people out there who find their identity through politics and ideology is the prism many view the

Aristocratic Philanthropists: Profiting from Pains; Purveying Injustice

I wrote yesterday of the vile nature of some so-called philanthropists and how they use subterfuge and theatrics to hide their malicious endeavors. Today’s Ghion Cast takes off on this theme and delves further into the very issues most of us are rightfully outraged about. There is a connective tissue that binds up most of

Ghion Cast: Trump Hate or Intentional Love

No need to add to the video below, sometimes spoken words are needed more than written ones. Just know that the moral of this post is simple: fighting hatred with hatred is counterproductive, fighting fire with fire only ends up with two burn victims. Instead of protesting and marching, extend a hand of friendship and

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