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The Unheard Soundtrack of Humanity

Why is it so much easier to judge than to accept? Why is it so easy to see the flaw of another than to spend time reflecting on your own path? Why is it easier to pretend all is well than to face the truth? The plight and condition of the human race has always been defined by our limit to grow beyond our present circumstance. We have had many spiritual messengers along the way to teach and guide us to our eternal truth but we fall in the same pattern, generation after generation.

Our inability to accept our beauty in our flaws, our lessons in our failures, our strength in our challenges, our compassion in our wounds, our spiritual quest in our destiny, our acceptance in our shame and our love within ourselves limits our ability to experience our humanity in itsfull spectrum. We live in a limited world defined by religious dogma, labels, judgment, ego, pretenses, material possessions and fear based beliefs. We define our world with limited and divisive beliefs and confine ourselves in a language of good and bad, happy vs. sad, intelligent vs. ignorant, rich vs.poor, conservative vs.liberal, religious vs. non-beleiver and on and on.

The truth is that life exists within the spectrum of all we see and don’t see. If we resided more in our hearts than we do in our minds, we will redefine the evolution of humanity to the greatness of our creator’s vision. Instead we spend more time defining our differences than celebrating our ONENESS. We create pain with our judgment and inability to accept each other instead of elevating each other with kindness and compassion. We are taught religion as a separate entity from our humanity and spiritual quest. Each religion has its limits and inability to explain that if God is present in all beings then how could he not be present in all religions?

If God can love all animals that have no labels and religion how can he condemn and separate us based on what religion we follow? If we are seeking love and acceptance from our creator how can we justify our need to judge and condemn those that don’t believe what we believe? There is a need for religion in this world but it is a path to your spiritual quest not our answer to life. Religion cannot be taught in the same way we teach science and math because it is a matter of the heart not the brain. I don’t care how many bible verses you quote and how many times you go to church, temple or a Synagogue, it is all useless if you don’t have the lessons and compassion in your heart to apply it in life. Life is something you feel and experience and if you don’t have an open heart then you have yet to begin your spiritual path and claim the greatness that is waiting for you.

Unfortunately, we are blinded not just by our religion but other earthly labels that we use to define each other and the world we live in. We use life circumstances, our childhood experiences, our past pains, our current conditions, our material possessions, our education or lack of, our skin color, ethnicity, our gender, our sexual identity, our political views and our plot in life to define the meaning of life. We have allowed all these labels to define not only who are and how we view each other. These are nothing more than just buckets and experiences that keep us separate and divided. If we can learn to see past these boxes that we put each other in, we can truly learn to accept each other and allow our differences to flourish. Only in accepting and allowing our difference to shine can we truly find our oneness in life.

What makes us ONE is the spirit and soul that stirs in each one of us. It is in our hearts, our breath and blood that is essential and ever present in all our lives. It is in our quest to find love, joy, meaning and purpose in each of our lives. We may look for it in different places but we are all looking for the same things in life. We just have to take our blinders off and kick all the boxes that have limited our vision to only believe what we see and only understand when there are proofs and answers. Believe what you want to believe but don’t assume that is the only way or condemn others that don’t see it your way. Strive for what you want to strive but don’t think let it get to your head or assume that you are better because you achieve more. Enjoy what your heart calls you to do but don’t assume that is what everyone needs to enjoy life.

Humanity is a symphony, our melodies are enhanced when we play music together instead of singing our blues apart.

Learn and educate yourself but don’t let it fool you to think you know it all. Expect nothing less than excellence in your life but don’t use it to condemn others who choose a different path. Accept that life is about all the experiences that come into our life, it is in our happiness as much as it is in our pain, it is our loss as it is in our gain, it is our despair and as well as in our triumph. We may meet each other at these different spectrum of our lives, let us not get off our path trying to rescue someone or condemn someone for where they currently are. Instead, great each other with kindness and love and see beyond the current circumstance for these moments are fleeting and ever changing.

You may be on top today but you are not guaranteed to be there tomorrow. You may be struggling today but you have yet to see what beauty is waiting for you. Grow and blend with every experience that comes your way and allow your fellow man to grow and blend with where they are in their journey. Learn to see the light and love within each other and disregard the illusion or current circumstance to define what you see in another. Find the commonalities for you will find it even in the polar opposites of life. No matter what mountain top you reach and what riches you accumulate, let your humility be your guide and pray for your fellow man’s blessings. Click To Tweet

You don’t have to share, rescue, change others or feel guilt for what you have for what you have may not be what others are seeking. Enjoy all your blessings and bask in your glory but don’t let it define you for we don’t know what tomorrow holds. Feel the pain and anguish of where you are at but don’t get stuck there for your blessing may unfold tomorrow. I pray that we each love, accept and nurture ourselves and in return elevate each other to our greatness. Only then can we truly understand the true glory of our creator, our universe and our humanity. #SoundtrackOfHumanity

“My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.”~ Desmond Tutu

Rahel Fikre
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Rahel Fikre

Rahel is a writer who believes in the power of unity and the healing power of love. A mother of two who understands the challenges of working full time while providing for children, Rahel sees the struggle of humanity not as one of politics or religion but about the spiritual connection we all have with one another.
Rahel Fikre
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