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Terminal Conflict: a War Drum for Russia that Can End Us All

The symphony of war is always led by affluent drum majors and rendered by a band of the impoverished. It’s always been this way; the rich and well-to-do continually incite the public into conflicts by using patriotism as the inducer and self-defense as a pretext. On all sides, leaders claim the moral high ground only to lead their followers into their burial grounds. During the Civil War—a bloodletting that witnessed the death of over 500,000 Americans—the phrase “rich man’s war; poor man’s fight” became the rallying cry for a war weary public.

Alas, the collective memory of humanity is stricken by a most severe dementia. World War I was so horrific and grotesque in the size and scope of destructiveness, it was termed “the War to End All Wars“. It only took one generation to lay waste to that slogan; after a mass genocide eradicated more than 37 million combatants and civilians combined, the second World War trumped its predecessor by snuffing out the lives of more than 50 million people in Europe, Africa, Asia and beyond. Through both world wars, as humanity suffered, warmongers prospered.

They are back at it again. Listen closely and you will hear the politico-media axis and the military-financial complex colluding to start another conflict. At least in the past, the warmongering of war hustlers was rational to a point. Greed motivates people to initiate carnage and to normalize mass-affliction as a cost of doing business. However, what establishment politicians, media pundits and opinion leaders are pushing now is something all together different. There is an active if subtle campaign to trigger a war with Russia that could wipe out billions across around the globe. We are no longer talking about localized conflicts or regional conflagrations; bullets fired between NATO troops and Russian soldiers could quickly escalate to ICBMs birthing a terminal war that could end human life.

Across the political spectrum, thought leaders are encouraging a “get tough approach” with Russia. The editors of the Washington Post and New York Times—papers of record that have massive influence on the political conversation of Americans—are actively egging Trump to be more confrontational with Putin. This is akin to giving a pyromaniac a blowtorch for Christmas; a “stable genius” is being goaded to be more combative with Moscow by tugging at Trump’s Napoleon complex. With each passing day, we keep getting closer to our collective annihilation. The world sits at the doorsteps of a nuclear holocaust with demented war hawks knocking at the portal of collapse.

A warpath is being paved by an industry of death whose profits balloon the more human suffering expands. A consolidated power grab by corporate plutocrats has media personalities and public figures on all sides demanding a showdown with Russia. As we speak, a pretext is being laid out that can one day serve as a casus belli for a war that will truly end all wars. As Albert Einstein once noted, “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” Einstein’s prose is our prologue.

These are the horrific images of death the media establishment and political warmongers don’t show us, this is the face of injustice that one day come for us.

Hubris warps minds; the rich and powerful are not toying with the idea of our final solution without planning for all eventualities. While the case is being made for tough sanctions with Russia in public, in private the neo-aristocracy have been planning for these days for decades. Forbes magazine published an article in 2015 where they highlighted the posh bunkers corporate tycoons and colonial oligarchs have been building in their preparation for a societal upheaval. The uber wealthy did not get rich by wasting money; every penny they invest is to either mitigate risk or to maximize profits. Their bunkers are meant to ensure their continued survival below ground as we get swallowed whole by mushroom clouds.

Human suffering is not a pixel but a continuum. As people in far flung corners of the world bleed under the boot of oppression, eventually all will feel the heat of injustice. The feature picture atop this article is of a family who were turned into refugees in Syria. One day living in their homes, a menacing war of imperialism turned them into migrants in their own country. What seems impossible becomes a gruesome reality with a blink of an eye and an implosion of a building. The world is interconnected; oceans and distance are no safeguards when it comes to wars fought with weapons of mass extinction. The long walks of displaced Syrians can become the road to Damascus for all of us. Click To Tweet

As we bicker over politics and fight over red meat issues, there are very powerful people who are concocting diabolical plans to preserve the planet by mitigating risks and winnowing liabilities. Let me break the news here to those who don’t know, the liabilities and risks the “elites” keep talking about on media and pushing on social media are us—the bottom 99% of humanity. Even though this world has enough resources to feed and support billions more, globalists and new world colonialists know that their system of capital oppression is not sustainable as more people are becoming victims of the system than are people who are succeeding through it. As I noted earlier, the rich consider risk as much as they value profits. You should view the war they are pushing and their counterfeit risk for the world through this prism.

Let me pause here and address some in the political, media or military domain who might have happened upon this article or were forwarded this write up by a friend or an associate. I hope you pause and consider these things. Is a paycheck and the status afforded to you by your job so important that you are willing to obey orders that can one day end absolute life? I always wondered how everyday Germans in the 1920’s and 30’s could have let madmen rise and lead their nation to commit unspeakable acts of horror against their fellow citizens and mankind. Now I understand; evil is a seed planted by malice and nourished with compliance. I pray that you disavow self-interest for the sake of humanity’s existence.

To my fellow Americans and global citizens alike, I beseech you to wake up! The death knell is about to toll for all of us unless we somehow act with one accord to preserve our lives and defend our collective interests. Stop being led by the nose by demagogues who use our plight and leverage our pains to advance their hidden agendas. Stop viewing politics as a team sport and realize that they are using all of us as stepping stones. The very same people we keep elevating as political gods and social icons are the ones who thrive as more and more of us are being ground into dust. When the day of reckoning arrives and nuclear tipped missiles are criss-crossing the skies, the well-heeled warmongers will be safe and snug in their bunkers underground—where will you and your loved ones be? #TerminalWar

“War does not determine who is right—only who is left.” ~ Bertrand Russell

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