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They Planted a Demonic Pentagram In the Heart of a Biblical Nation

This article is being reposted in light of Ethiopia’s appointment of new Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. If you agree with the content of this article, join the Twitter campaign #SendekAlema and share this article with @PM_AbiyAhmed and ask PM Ahmed to remove the pentagram from the Ethiopian flag.

It saddens me to write this; to reflect on such vile things as pentagrams and demonic symbols on a day where I should be focusing on counting my blessings. But on one too many occasions, I’ve seen the flag of my birth land and the nation which gave life to me being debased with that Satanic star on it. I’ve been seething about this for quiet a while; I’ve even gone as far as burning that depraved symbol off the Ethiopian flag live on video a long time ago. But I’ve never gone into detail why I’m so repulsed by this demonic pentagram that the Ethiopian government (Tigray People’s Liberation Front or TPLF) has put on our sendek alema (flag). So let me take this occasion to detail why this most sinister symbol needs to come off Ethiopian flag and should be avoided by all–irrespective of nationality–for the plague that it is.

Before I go further, let me first respond to what I am sure plenty of TPLF supporters will revert to in order to justify that repulsive logo. I’ve talked to plenty of TPLF supporters about this issue; almost to a person, most say that the symbol represents an ambasha–a bread that is very popular in Ethiopia. I hope that Tigray people–who are my fellow Ethiopians–do not read into this article as some attempt to vilify Tigray people who I cherish as I do the rest of Ethiopia’s people. To be honest, the first time I heard about the star symbolizing the ambasha I understood why it holds significance within the Tigray population. During the hard times of the Derg and the Woyane rebellion, I know that the ambasha was a food of resilience and resistance. I get it, I understand why some place significance on the icon when they are told the star is symbolic of the ambasha because the outlines resemble the traces found on the surface of a favored Ethiopian bread

But saying something doesn’t make it so; that pentagram has absolutely nothing to do with the ambasha and has everything to do with demonic secret societies. The same societies which have undertaken a hostile takeover of nation after nation using a combination of money and weaponry to colonize the planet are the ones who ushered in the age of TPLF. Sadly, the one nation which defiantly stood against colonization and refused to give our hands to imperialists is unbowed no more. Where colonizers failed in Adwa and tried again 40 years later using mustard gas and chemical bombs, they succeeded by turning brother against brother and unleashing the brutal TPLF junta on the people. This is how insidiously brilliant globalists are; they realized it was fruitless to subdue people by using guns and bullets, they turned to destabilization and cash diplomacy to destroy nations by way of greed and civil disorder.

The devil’s dues for those leaders who submit to the will of colonialists are two fold. First, new rulers who are propped up are to transfer the wealth and resources of that nation to their imperialist masters. That means entire countries are enslaved and put into perpetual bondage as corporate leeches suck dry nation after nation only to turn around and send philanthropists like Bill Gates and Bill Clinton to throw pennies at us after they have taken billions. The second due is to put that demonic pentagram on the flag of the newly colonized nation. Go ahead and look at the flags of every country on Google image; you will notice that almost every flag has that same pentagram on it. Yes that includes America; the United States is a colony of globalist devils too. We have no sovereignty–we are a franchise of multinational corporate interests.

In “Usual Suspect”, Verbal Kint said the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he didn’t exist. The devil is in the detail if you know where to look.

They scored their coup when they finally colonized Ethiopia. A biblical land, a nation that accepted Christianity first and mentioned endlessly in the bible, has been subverted and led into the wilderness by TPLF whores who answer to their western pimps. This is the story of “Africa” as a whole. Induced tribalism and manufactured strife is how a countries from Ethiopia to Nigeria and all in between–which have enough resources to feed the world–are turned into beggars and why famines take the lives of tens of thousand on a yearly basis. The leaders of almost every “African” nation and really almost every country in the world are nothing more than puppets of the globalist agenda. The United Nations is but a smokescreen to cover up the invisible hands of those who bleed the planet. They use diplomatic language to whisper diversions into our ears, behind closed doors these leaders answer to their plutocratic patrons.

I don’t speak on these things without research and without knowledge. I was once part of a fraternity that traces its roots to the Freemasons. I know there are good people who are part of fraternities and Masons, but there are levels and layers of these secret societies. Most members do good works, I can attest to this because I witnessed the fraternity I belonged to investing endless hours to give back to the community and uplift the downtrodden. But they are just being used as marketing arms of the truly despicable inner circle who reside at the center of these secret societies. The Masons have degrees of masonry, at the apex of this pyramid reside a depraved few who practice some of the most blood curling and perverted acts.

By the way, did you know Masons comes from “the sons of Maia”? Maia was the Greek goddess of the harvest who had a son named Hermes. Hermes is the idol that Masons pray before and why the call themselves the illuminated ones. The more I researched these things and started to dig deeper and deeper into the history of the Masons and their Luciferian philosophies, the more my eyes started to open to the ways these insidious people are behind the vast majority of suffering that is gashing at the world. Walk around our nation’s capital in DC and you will see one symbol after another that has either a pyramid or a pentagram on it. These things are all demonic and are meant to give homage to Lucifer and his reign on earth. This is why we are advised to disavow symbols and logos by the way, these icons serve to fracture humanity and make us serve nefarious souls even as most of us are blind to the true meaning behind these endless symbols that adorn our flags, our money, and our clothing.

The lies of Satan are many and he works through diversion and duplicity as do those who bow before him. But it really doesn’t matter if you believe in Satan or not as long as those who worship him do and spread his gospel of hate around the world. After all, what does it matter whether or not I believe that shackles exist if I am handcuffed by them? The most powerful weapon these illuminated thinkers have is their ability to monopolize and manipulate information. The way to kill truth is to flood the world with a million conspiracy theories so that people can’t figure out the truth apart from the lies. This is why there are endless stories of fools like Lil’ Wayne or Jay Z being Illuminati. If you believe these modern day sambos are actually Illuminati, I have a bridge to sell you at Mar-a-Lago. As long as we are kept distracted by sensationalism, we will never be able to focus on the true source of injustice.

I promise you, the Illuminati are real and their agenda is called the “the new world order“. This plan was drawn up more than one hundred and forty years ago by a former confederate officer named Albert Pike–the only confederate leader to have a statue honoring him in Washington DC by the way. The plan called for a slowly tightening noose to be placed upon the world where one nation after another is conquered and humanity enslaved in the process. Over the past 140 years, using endless wars, planned economic collapses and destabilization throughout the world, these dark forces have co-opted the earth. The globalists who are crippling this planet are the outgrowth of secret societies who planned this age of conflict and strife a long time ago. Click To Tweet

They got their crown jewel when they conquered Ethiopia. This is why Psalms 68:31 (link) reads “Princes shall emerge from Kemet, Ethiopia shall quickly turn her hands to God”. If we are going to turn our hands back to God, that means as a nation we have turned away from Him. Led by the fascist TPLF, we are letting a once holy land be turned into a play pen of greed and selfishness. Yet too many go around with empty pride as they brag about Ethiopia’s developments and shiny buildings. But a society is not judged by the accumulations of a few; society is judged by the way the least among us are being treated.

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for Me.” ~ Matthew 25:45

We are playing with fire; people who say they are Christian or believers in God better wise up and stop falling for the sinister ploys of these diabolical leaders. On a broader point, whether you believe in God or not is inconsequential. Just observe the world and the news about us, hate is consuming this world. It is in our best interest to wake up to the ways of very pernicious people who are intentionally driving us to fight each other. The only way we can undo this paradigm of strife is to disregard our differences and unite as one people or we will perish apart.

I am not here advocating yet another revolution of the guns for that is the height of foolishness. Guns and bullets don’t heal the world, they only kill people. After all, the TPLF butchers rose up against the repression of the previous Derg government only to turn to the same oppression they fought against. Every revolution of the gun eventually devolves back to the same tyranny that gave birth to it. The only revolution that will lead to redemption is a revolution that involves our hearts and our minds. We must return to love or devolve into the abyss.

If we are to have this revolution of the heart, we must stop giving our hands to demagogues who play on our fears and instead follow the love in our hearts. Don’t just accept dogma, learn to question everything and assume that politicians and opinion leaders are telling you lies. They are working for their globalist masters and working against your interests. We have a choice as a people, and by this I mean the whole of humanity. We can continue chasing materialism and squabbling or we can unite in order to defend ourselves from the excesses of these depraved men who sit atop of this world. If we do not wake up soon, the same people who keep pushing conflicts between brothers and sisters will be underground safe and sound as we are above ground inhaling mushroom clouds.

Let me wrap this up with a message to TPLF tyrants in Addis Ababa from prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn to the mouthpiece Tedros Adnahom who is running to be the director general of WHO. Take that Satanic pentagram off our sendek alema and stop butchering innocent lives in Ethiopia! There is a price to pay for all that is done; just ask yourself, is the opulence and privilege you have on earth worth the consequences yet to come? Judgment comes for all, none of us can escape it. Before it’s too late perhaps it is best to rid our land of that demonic pentagram and turn your hearts back to the people. #SendekAlema

“For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad” ~ Luke 8:17

Check out the Ghion Cast below that talks more about the butchers TPLF and the system of colonization that is hobbling the entire planet. 

Check out this video below while you are at it, there is a way to defeat this global order of greed. The way to reclaim our nation and this planet from the clutches of wicked men is through UNITY and LOVE.

I pray for the nation of my birth, the nation that is my new home and all throughout the world. May the sorrow and strife end, may we find happiness again. Be selam, desta ena fiker enenor (may we live in peace, happiness and love)::


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