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Third Party or Bust!

So, here we go again with the Democratic Party voter shaming. We haven’t even arrived at the November elections and Democrats are already pre-emptively blaming third party candidates for their future losses. I guess they must already know they’re going to lose elections on a superbly humiliating basis in November. But the voter shaming, like Christmas, begins earlier and earlier each year now.

Look, the bottom line is this: You cannot claim to believe in free elections and then slam people who vote the way their consciences tell them to. How can you say to America, “We are the guardians of free elections!” “We oppose interference in our elections!” when it is YOU doing the interfering, while only providing candidates that mumble pragmatic nonsense when they should actually live the ideals they espouse?

Voter shaming is election interference by proxy. That is, it is election interference using peer pressure to influence the outcome of elections. See, you all whine about “Russian meddling,” but what do you call what you’re doing? There was once a time in the United States where it was considered in poor taste to even ASK someone how they voted. It was considered as personal as one’s inner spiritual life and asking after it was equally as boorish and rude. You had to know someone very well, as a close friend to ask about those things.

Thus, knowing this, to tell people how to vote is on par with telling them what inner spiritual life to practice and how to practice it. How so? Because voting one’s conscience is linked to what one feels to be right and many people draw that from religion or a moral philosophy based on secular ideals. Conservative voters vote that way, so how is it then that the Democrats fail to understand this dynamic occurs with people who are far, far from being conservatives?

Jimmy Dore on voting for Jill Stein of the Green Party.

People say, “I had to vote for the lesser of two evils!” Let me illustrate what that is. Lesser Of Two Evils: A condemned man is given a choice between being executed by gas chamber or the firing squad. He thinks to himself, “I must choose which one is the least painful one.” In fact, both methods are equally painful but in different ways. And both will have the same end result also. How, therefore, can this man possibly ascertain which of the two methods is truly the lesser of two evils?

There’s also this nugget of pragmatism: “We have to vote for Sammy McSlick or Bucky McBumbler will get elected!” This is flawed beyond redemption. If defeating Bucky is the priority here, then run a quality candidate. Why on Earth would you run a bad candidate if it is so important to defeat Bucky? Consider this: General Eisenhower is planning the D-Day invasion. He knows it is critical to defeating Germany and easing pressure on the Soviets fighting on the Eastern Front. So Eisenhower decides the best method is to land two hundred ROTC cadets using a tugboat, a garbage scow, and a coal barge. This force is handily defeated. Rather than taking the blame, Eisenhower blames the Soviets for his own incompetence. This is the dynamic behind shaming voters for voting third party.

People assume dictatorships don’t have elections. This is not true. They have elections, but they tell the people who to vote for. Or they run two candidates equally invested in the regime. So no matter who wins, the same result occurs. And if people complain, the regime says, “Well you voted for that guy! You should have voted for our guy!” Even though they knew all along it was their guy to get elected no matter what. This is the same thing we see going on right here in the United States. We have two candidates from the same Wall Street financial infrastructure vying for the ability to pass laws favoring Wall Street. Oh, and to send covert aid to terrorists around the globe so Wall Street can control natural resources in those countries one day. This is not a choice. This is, in and of itself, a rigged election.

“But, Democrats have promised change!” Indeed. I remember that in 2008, too. “Change You Can Believe In”. And what’d we get? Another war in the Middle East, a mandatory private insurance scam enforced by law and tax return theft, Wall Street bailouts, failure to prosecute war criminals, and the creation of ICE concentration camps. How, I ask you, is that markedly changed from George W. Bush? Because Obama was better spoken? It was actually “Change you can believe in, but which you will not get.” No one is buying this anymore. Democrats have lied too much for too long. People vote third party because guess what? They have nothing left to lose.

Our experience has taught us we have nothing left to lose. We got poorer under Bush, poorer still under Obama. Trump makes us poorer yet, and Hillary would have done so had she been elected. We’ve pawned what we had of value. We have nothing left to lose. We can’t afford a house so promises about them mean nothing. We know that “health care access” is not a national health care system so we’re not buying that malarkey, either. No one can afford this society you candidates come from. How can you possibly even begin to understand our struggles? You can’t. So stop pretending.

I say vote third party until it hurts the Democrats so bad, that they begin to topple under the weight of their own corruption. Let the entire system come crashing down on their heads. Click To TweetLet them scream and whine and howl with outrage. Do it anyway. Vote third party. No more choosing between EvilDum and EvilDee, the TweedleDum and TweedleDee of American politics we know as Democrats and Republicans. Vote third party until they get the message loud and clear: We’re not your pawns or employees. We’re not your staff or your interns. I say Third Party Or No Party!

Don’t forget they’ll say, “But how will we impeach Trump?!” Come now. You have no intention of doing that. You need him there to win you the 2020 election. We see your game. And we ain’t playing it anymore.

“I am not for the left or the right, but for what is right over the wrong. I am not an elephant or a donkey, but a lion that stands only with Truth and my conscience.”Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

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