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#TrumpBecause: He’ll Make America Grate Again!

This is the top 11 reasons why Donald J. Trump is the greatest president in the history of America and is the closest thing to Jesus–as Christ said in Judas 45:1, “declare bankruptcy and screwth over the poor!” We love you Trump, you are about to make America Grate Again! Or maybe he’ll make America green again! Nukes did I say that? On to the MAGA show.

#TrumpBecause 1
He is a self-made billionaire who will MAGA! Except you know, he inherited his money from daddy, filed bankruptcy endless times, and screwed countless Americans in the process.

Sometimes the only way to reach people is through satire and pictures. I have said before, and stand by the statement, that I do not attribute any malice or ill intentions to Donald Trump supporters and his fans. Nonetheless, I wish his worshipers would wake up from the delusion that Trump is one of them. Trump is a clown and an empty suit who just bamboozled his supporters the same way Obama hoodwinked his followers.

This is our problem as a people; we are so enthralled with those who are famous and rich that we end up bowing before them. I’ll say this again and again, do not conflate wealth with either intelligence or compassion. The uber rich are super cunning and most of them made their fortunes by bleeding the rest of us and gaming the system. And when it comes to compassion, these pricks are alternative humans. Donald Trump is the perfection of these two vices; a man who inherited his wealth and then went on to screw countless working Americans by declaring endless bankruptcies.

The same way I published #ObamaBecause last week (link), this is being published to rightly condemn Trump for his duplicity and pernicious actions. By the way, this is no laughing matter. Trump this week sent nuclear armed ships to North Korea and is pushing confrontation with Russia over Syria. This empty suit is bringing us one step closer to nuclear annihilation. Wake up America and unite as one people or else we will find equality under mushroom clouds. MAGA will then be Make America Green Again as nuclear fall out and radiation might be our new normal. Think about this and stop letting politics bend your morals and your judgment. #TrumpBecause

Where politics exist, reason and logic are non-existent

If you appreciate this article and want to speak truth to power using a mix of satire and mischief to perhaps reach Trump supporters without being hateful towards them, send this article out via social media using #TrumpBecause and while you are at it, send out your own tweets making fun of Trump using the same hashtag.

For those who are still stuck on Trump, maybe you should watch the video below and hear Donald’s own words as he applauds the crooks Bill and Hillary and praises the American dream killer that was NAFTA and globalism.

This is how both Republicans and Democrats, and empty suits like Obama and Trump, manage to screw over the people. When will we wake up to the bullshit?


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