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Venezuela, USAID and European Charity: Ravenous Wolves Invading in Sheep’s Clothing

In one of the most horrific acts of genocide in the history of mankind, the United States committed a holocaust against the indigenous population of America and eradicated entire civilizations. The tragic irony is that Native Americans originally gave true charity to the pilgrims only for their kindness to be returned with malice. Within short order, Cherokee, Seminole, Hopi, Miami and countless nations were decimated and the fraction who survived were either placed in internment camps we now call reservations or forced to assimilate by the whips of indoctrination.

What led to the near extinction of Native Americans was a mix of state terror and poisonous offerings. Before the Cherokees were displaced from their homes and led on a Trail of Tears that made the Bataan March look like a summer vacation by comparison, they were given blankets laced with small pox. It takes a truly demented and evil mind to give people hope as a means of burying them in unmarked graves. But this is nothing new; throughout history, charity has been used as a beta test before the product of mass carnage was unleashed by imperialists. If you want to know why Venezuelans and Maduro are resisting the “aid” that the United States is pushing, it’s because they are aware of what America and European powers have done to countries like the Philippines, China, Cuba Vietnam and Iraq.

Survivors of European and American holocausts throughout the world have learned the hard way that the bible is a precursor to the bullet. Missionaries and “charity” givers are the advance scouts sent by empires; these false prophets arrive on foreign shores pretending to do God’s work when they are really furthering the agendas of Satan. The number of countries that were ensnared in the trap of colonizers by way of faux benevolence are too many to count. This much is known, when the United States, Great Britain, France and western imperialists send in donations, run for the hills because the next step after alms are armaments that destabilize nations and steal their natural resources.

I write this to give context to what is going on at the borders of Venezuela at this precise moment. What America is doing by forcing aid down the throats of Venezuelans is setting the stage for mass chaos that will then serve as an invitation to “alleviate human suffering”. Because the military-financial complex that runs America with platinum fist can’t get enough of bleeding humanity in order to squeeze out the next marginal dollar, Venezuela is now in the cross-hairs as the media-politico complex gin up public opinion for yet another “regime change”. Like meth heads tweaked out crank, our government, in concert with their NATO partners, insists on blitzkrieging around the planet in order to feed their money and force projection addictions.

You would never know it watching mainstream news, but people do not like to be invaded by foreign aggressors.

This is the reason why a large swath of Venezuelans want nothing to do with America’s supposed kindness. You can take this to the bank, Trump, Bolton and the war criminal Elliot Abrams care little about the plight of Venezuelans, what they want is Venezuela’s proven oil reserves, which are the largest in the world. This is the Iraq War redux; what George Bush did with the lies of WMD, neoconservatives and neoliberals are currently itching to do by way of aid they are forcing upon Venezuela in order to incite strife and set neighbor against neighbor.

The audacity that politicians, pundits and media personalities have is boundless. As I was writing this article, Fareed Zakaria was interviewing some warmongering shill—who most likely is on the payroll of either an intel agency or some defense contracting corporation—crying crocodile tears and expressing outrage that Maduro would refuse the United States “aid”. Never mind that America turned away aid from foreign nations when Katrina hit New Orleans. As American citizens were drowning while their government was dithering, Bush and his cronies refused outside assistance.

Our government should spend less time lecturing other countries and take care of the army of homeless veterans who are stacking up in cities across America.

The playbook is the same even as the targeted countries continue to change. Invading countries and occupying them is reserved only as a last resort; it costs too much in terms of capital and bad press to subdue millions of people at the point of a gun. Instead, western governments—which are really nothing more than subsidiaries of corporate globalists—send in jackals (covert troops) to arm factions and empower paramilitary forces. This invariably leads to destabilization as civil unrest breaks out.

It is at this point that the media blitz kicks in. Images of starving women and children and whole scale destruction are beamed around the world in order to agitate the public and influence public opinion on behalf of warmongers. What they never tell us is that these terror campaigns were instigated by the very countries that rush in to give “aid” to failed nations. Venezuela has been facing sanctions, embargoes and Great Britain stole Venezuela’s gold holdings, valued at more than $1.2 billion, and is refusing to release it. Countries don’t become failed states in a vacuum, they are engineered to fail by central bankers.

After encouraging the populace to seek vengeance and giving them enough weaponry to act on it, politicians on both sides of the aisle here in America and throughout European capitals are paraded in front of podiums to express shock and outrage as the world witnesses untold human suffering. On this front, there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans. Remember when Obama said he was against wars? Neither do I. What he actually said was the he’s against “dumb wars”. Obama’s beef with Bush was not that he started a genocide in Iraq but that he went about it the wrong way. Barack was to anti-war as a hyena is to veganism. He went on to double down on Bush’s legacy of endless wars; where Bush started wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Obama raised Dubya and started wars in Libya, Yemen, and Syria while continuing the wars he promised to end.

More and more people are finally waking up to this realization, Obama was the biggest hoodwink in the history of America. Yes he con.

Not to be outdone, Trump swept into power promising to stop nation building and instead “make America great again”. Within short order, Trump showed that he was nothing but a puppet of the very globalists he ran against. His rhetoric and bombast masking the policy decisions that are no different than his predecessor, Donald is just an orange and obtuse version of Obama. Venezuelans know this of course, that is why there are large demonstrations demanding that “Gringos stay out”.

You would not know this watching MSNBC, CNN, Fox News and the rest of corporate media here in America and throughout Europe. There is no free-press to be found in mainstream media, Obama made sure of that when he signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) during his last month of his presidency, a law which authorized propaganda (PSYOPS) to be practiced by our government against US citizens. To this end, the drumbeat of war is yet again being pounded; this time “aid” is the pretext that will be used to depose Maduro and install a puppet Guaido by destabilization or by force.

For those who have not figured it out yet, let this episode serve as the final straw that Bernie Sanders is a duplicitous sheepdog of the neoliberal establishment. Of course, most of us figured that out the minute he folded like Trump’s casinos to endorse Dick Cheney in pantsuits aka Hillary Clinton. But even by Bernie’s standards of spinelessness, what he did yesterday was truly astounding. Bernie threw in his lot with Donald Trump and blessed the justification that will eventually be used to unleash hell on Venezuela. Our revolution is nothing more than a counter-revolution meant to keep disaffected Democrats hooked on the latest cult of personality. This is what Democrats do; bereft of ideas, all they have are mannequins with talking points and tokens with platitudes.

When will the world wake up to these acts of terror that are being initiated by imperialists and stop standing by and meekly witnessing aggressor countries keep attacking lesser nations? When will we, Americans, say enough to this corporate sponsored bloodletting that is condemning countless millions of people to their graves in order to enrich the oligarchy? How many people have to perish before we say no more? How many veterans must come home broken by wars only to end up on the streets homeless and hopeless? When are we going to demand that our government stop demolishing countries overseas and instead build up our nation and the broken lives of millions of people over here? #USAid Click To Tweet

Eighty three years ago, when Ethiopia was attacked by Mussolini, Haile Selassie went before the League of Nations and warned that what was happening in Ethiopia will land at the doorsteps of Europe. The indifference of western powers turned Selassie’s warning into a prophecy. Consider this another warning, this time not from a king but from a sojourner, what is happening to nations like Venezuela, Syria and Yemen will in time land at the doorsteps of America, Great Britain, France and NATO nations that continue to revive the ugly legacy of Hitler as they destabilize nations and give them “aid” once they demolish societies. As cargo planes arrive with rice, they take off with raw resources, I’m pretty sure that the devil is a philanthropist.

They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them.” ~ Matthew 7:15

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