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From Obama to Trump: the Grand Deception of Cyclical Change #YesTheyCon

There was a time not too long ago, 9 years ago to be exact, when I was a through and through political useful fool. I fell hook, line and sinker for the fraud that was Obama as I traveled over 15 states volunteering my services for free trying to get the “first black president elected”. Nothing educates the mind like the twin professors of hindsight and a kick of reality’s mugging. What I know now is this very simple lesson—the system only allows overseers into the mansion of the masters. Obama was just a part of a cyclical change that is part and parcel of the deception that is our politics and our governance.

I want to focus your attention on this topic and hope you really think about the concept of cyclical change. I present this article before you in the hopes that maybe more will realize that our so called “representative Democracy” is the biggest scam this side of the Milky Way. The two party system is nothing more than a smoke screen that is puffed into our eyes in order to burn our collective retinas and prevent us from seeing the true source of injustice. Politics is the smoke and politicians are the screen; combined they give us a pretense of choice in order to make us think that we—the people—have a say in the decision making process of our government.

My friends let me disabuse you of the idea that “we the people” are the bosses of the United States of America. Peel back the corporate media spun mirage of freedom and liberty and what is found below the surface is this sad reality. They have made slaves of all of us and partisan ideology is the chain that has put endless millions into the bondage of dogma and myopic thinking. Both Republicans and Democrats are identical beast working for the same corporate monsters on Wall Street. Both are thoroughly bought out by billionaire plutocrats who use their wealth and their bank accounts as weapons of mass coercion and intimidation.One check of a billionaire nullifies the votes of 120 million Americans. History should note that Citizens United drove the last nail in the coffin of our Republic; in reality our nation’s sovereignty died ages ago. Soulless men like the Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Morgan in the early 1900’s kneecapped their competition and the American economy using unfair business practices and predatory means. JP Morgan started a run on the banks in 1913 by using his media empire to start rumors of financial insolvency that cratered the US economy. Morgan, Rockefeller and uber rich gnomes then stepped into the same crisis they manufactured and offered to bail out the government. What they effectively did was take ownership of America. The price they demanded—like the terrorists that they were—was the creation of the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve and Wall Street consequently became the de facto government of America and Washington DC became the marketing arm of the multinational corporations. How ironic, it was a Democrat, Woodrow Wilson, who killed the grand experiment that was conceived during the constitutional convention. Benjamin Franklin, when asked by an elderly woman what the founders of America gave them during the convention in Philadelphia, responded “a Republic, if you can keep it”. Woodrow Wilson not only lost the Republic, he euthanized it and gave the dead body of the Republic to rapacious tycoons in black Armani suits.

But the mirage had to be perpetuated; the lie of a Democracy had to be sold in order to deceive the masses into accepting their own enslavement. The two party system was the perfect foil; a scheme befitting of the devil’s genius was then foisted upon the masses. As long as the people can be fooled into voting between two false choices, they can vent their frustrations once every four years only to take it up the tuchus after the first Tuesday of November. This is a stroke of brilliance combined with a heaping of perniciousness; the country is split between left and right, conservative and liberal, black and white so that the divided wings would fight each other as the 1% take from all of us.

I remember once, during the heyday of my partisan hackery, watching Cross Fire on CNN. The guests were congressman Barney Frank and another congressman whose name slips my mind. I was transfixed by the two guests being egged on by Bill Press and Bob Novak. I swear at one point I thought the two guests were going to duke it out! There I was Cheetos in hand cheering on Barney Frank and “my team” while I was hissing at the Republican. This is the level of fatuity I was a part of even though back then I could not get enough of the drama of Washington DC. After all, viewing politics as sport and entertainment is as American as apple pie even though it is as lethal as Ebola.

Later on that evening, I was driving by 15th Street in DC near the White House and spotted a restaurant called Old Ebbitt Grill. This name stood out as it was continuously advertised on the various political talk shows I used to listen to religiously on the radio. I decided to park my car and take a jaunt into the “DC’s watering hole of politicos”. I ordered a Stella beer and at one point walked back to the bathroom. Holy crap! Who did I see? Who else but good ole’ Barney Frank and the same guest who he was having a screaming match with on TV just a few hours earlier! Except this time, they were not fighting at all. They were drinking it up and hamming it up. The whole thing on TV was nothing but a big production in ways that even the WWE could not come up with if they smoked a forest of Cali bud.

It would take another 8 years and a mind bending odyssey of hardship and bad breaks before I finally woke up to the bullshit. Clarity hits like a million volt lighting bolt. Obama was no more change than McDonald’s chicken nuggets are made from organic chicken parts. The entirety of Washington DC is one big Hollywood studio where Democrats and Republicans play the part of rivals when in reality both are same side of a malicious coin who are working for their wealthy patrons.

At what point are we going to wake up and realize that the entire political and media class are chummy with each other as they turn the rest of us to chum?

Obama’s role was to peddle false hope to a people who grew weary of Bush’s mangled leadership. Cyclical change required a polar opposite of Bush; whereas GW was an inarticulate oaf, Obama was presented to us as a polished speaker. Bush the brute;Obama the effeminate alternative. The whole system of governance is nothing more than thesis/anti-thesis arrangements where one party takes power on the mantle of change only for the other party to follow the same script to gain power after we tire of eight years of the same thing.

Ah except nothing changes at all! Politics you see is for the people but policy is where the rubber meets the road. And when it comes to policies, the status quo never changes. Obama did not change an iota of policy when it comes to the corporate agenda of more wealth for the few even as he slithered his tongue pretending to be different. Obama in fact outBushed Bush as he shoveled $14 trillion dollars to the same pricks who bled the economy in 2008 and let tens of millions of Americans lose their homes and played golf with John Boehner as more became homeless. He forced tens of millions of Americans on the a broken health care system that values profits over people and for this duplicity he was rewarded handsomely. The other day Obama was paid $400,000 to speak by the same corporate hyenas who powered his campaign in 2008. That's 40,000,000 pennies—we finally got the change we could believe in! Click To Tweet

Potus Drone US Obama went on to continue the same wars that Bush started even as he pretended to be winding down the age of American imperialism. Just for the record, a war is when our bombs drop bodies in Kabul and Mosul and has nothing to do with the idiotic term “boots on the ground”—which by the way is insulting our men and women in the military as it reduces them to just inanimate objects. Obama will be remembered one day for the biggest deception perpetuated on a people in the history of America. A corporate toady and tool, millions still fawn over Barack but have nothing to say other than “style and grace” when they are asked “what did Obama accomplish”.

Out of the pan and into the fire. We now have a sociopath in the White House with his tiny hands itching to push the button that could end us all simply to prove that his manhood is not as small as it is. The same way that the liberal side of the isle fell for the con job of Obama, conservatives are now suspending all logic and common sense in order to support a man who once used to defecate on their ideology and religious values. A man who made his billions through the global system of greed is now supposed to be the anti-globalist who is going to save America? The MAGA crowd jumped on the bandwagon of Trump and forgave his excesses and duplicity because he gave voice to their anger—he was their change they have been waiting for. Identity politics led people to believe that a hustler was a change agent and a grifter would make America great again. Sad thing is that both sides think the other side got duped as they sip on red cups of Kool-Aid.

As they pay lip service to the issues we care about, both Republicans and Democrats are kissing the feet of their plutocratic masters.

What I write about politicians you can apply likewise to EVERY mainstream media yellow press journalist. Here is a simple rule to apply if you want to find out whether your favorite pundit or journalist is a tool of the corporate agenda and a mouthpiece of government propaganda. The minute a journalist takes one paycheck from a media entity that is owned by a corporate entity, that journalist ceases to be a journalist and is instead and becomes an infomercial transmitter. Now apply this standard to every shill who works at the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, Huffington Post and New York Times and every other media outlet that is either owned by a fortune 500 corporation or takes sponsorship money by way of ad revenue from big business or big government. It is hard to speak truth to power when one is busy stuffing one’s pockets and fattening one’s wallets from the checks written by those who have power.

Here is a radical proposition, albeit potentially a self-serving idea. How about instead of depending on yellow press and morally vacuous mainstream media, why not empower independent journalist and media outlets who refuse to take a penny from corporations or depend in any way on the largess of big business contribution? Do you know that upward of 85% of all information we consume is funneled through entities owned by six individuals? The fourth estate is no more, they have all been taken over by vulture capitalists who are not intent on owning billions, now they want to control us by way of media disinformation.

Instead of trusting media hounds who have broken the public trust for the sake of money and clicks on their “alternative facts” news portals, get information from us—the small time media outlets who are more interested in seeking truth than we are in searching for the next marginal dollar. Above all though, trust yourself and stop thinking through the ideological prisms of powerful people. Please stop viewing politics as though you are a fan cheering for your favorite team. You can say “we” all you want but neither the Democrats nor Republicans will cut you a check or help you pay your rent come the end of the month. For God’s sake, learn to think for yourself and be independent!

I sure wish people would stop idolizing these political pricks and finding their identities through politics. Think about this for a minute, the debases (I refuse to call them elites) are insulting their adherents when they dismissively call their most loyal voters “the base”. The base is something you step on and build on top of. They are using our collective backs to build their mansions and leaving us with just hope for change. It’s crazy, it’s to the point now where struggling Americans are handing over their little disposable incomes they have to donate it to politicians who are already millionaires and billionaires. Worshiping the rich and powerful on this level is not healthy; I ask you to stop finding identity in politics and find solidarity with your fellow strugglers instead.

Sadly though, most choose to be loyal to factions who shove knives in their backs. This is how a nation gets destroyed. All empires fall because the public is lulled into thinking the powerful are working for their interests. We are reliving the last days of the Roman empire. Just like then, we the people are hooked on the bread (entitlements given by governments to make the people dependent) and the circus (the entertainment of our Democracy and the gladiator sport of our two party system).

Bread and circus will be the end of us; a people who are too splintered to defend their collective interests eventually get mugged into collective indigence and hardship. Perhaps indigence and hardship is what we need in America, those two factors are what finally woke me up. If we don’t wise up soon and reclaim our government from the two equally bankrupt parties in DC, we will finally find equality—too bad it will be in soup kitchens. #YesTheyCon

Just remember, the slave owner only let overseers into the master’s (White) House::

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By the way, I’m not preaching about this, I too was an utter fool and a political hack through and through.I was one of Obama’s biggest and acknowledge supporters. 15+ states, wrote part of Obama’s 2008 South Carolina primary victory speech (evidence below), and was invited to Chicago to launch Organizing for Change. It took hardship for me to wake up to the lies of the establishment.

As Bush idiotically once said “fool me once shame on me, fool me twice, ummm ummm…you won’t fool me again”.

From a parrot to a truth teller, no longer do I give my services to bankrupt politicians, I use by gifts to speak truth to power. See how the Democrats and Republicans play all of us for fools below. 

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