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Republicans Stab You in the Heart; Democrats Stab You in the Back #WithoutConsent

We are led by a cabal of pathological liars who can perjure themselves as naturally as Obama can read from teleprompters. On both sides of the aisle are a bunch of shysters who enact legislation and shepherd laws in the guise of benevolence when all along they are just enriching themselves. I write this motivated by Texas Representative Kevin Brady, who is currently holding a press conference to announce the passing of the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act”. With a straight face, he lies through his teeth as he pretends that the tax scam that Republicans just rammed through Congress is meant to help the little guy when all along this is just another boondoggle to fatten the wallets of corporations and billionaires.

Let me say from the outset that this article is not a partisan screed. Although my ire is affixed at Republicans at this moment and their abject greed in pushing a tax cut that ransoms the average American with yet more debt and deficits in order to feed the opulence of the wealthiest 1%, I would be remiss if I did not point out that Democrats are guilty of the same deviltry. Both parties are a pox on household Americana; their methodology might be different, but their ends are identical. Where Republicans use tax codes and tax cuts to transfer wealth from the vast majority of Americans to the nouveau-aristocracy, Democrats use monetary policies to arrive at the same conclusion—the illusion of Democracy is really a collusion of political swindlers. In the District of Caligula, bipartisan is another way of saying that “we the people” get screwed by both parties.

As if on cue, the barracudas Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are currently on C-SPAN pretending to be outraged about the Republican tax scam and feigning concern for working and middle-class Americans. These same two grifters were willing accomplice as Barack Obama enacted one monetary policy after another that were boons for the criminals who shattered our economy in 2008 while throwing empty rhetoric at the victims of Wall Street. Quantitative Easing, Zero Interest Rate Policy and a sea of bailouts led to over $14 trillion dollars being gifted to the mafia that is the military-financial complex as crumbs were given to people whose homes were underwater and 401Ks were pilfered. Obama is given credit for saving the economy in 2008, a rising tide of homeless people teeming in towns and cities throughout America beg to differ. The tragedy of it all, the change we could believe ended up being the coins that jingle in the pockets of 49.2% of Americans who are dependent on government for sustenance.

Where Obama left off, the carnival barker Donald Trump gladly took the baton to further the pillaging of Americans. That is the difference between Democrats and Republicans; whereas the former stab you in the back, the latter stab you directly in your heart. Both of them use the suffering of the most vulnerable to mask their greed and gluttony. Representative Kevin Brady cunningly uses examples of working mothers and veterans who will be helped by this monstrous tax hustle the GOP is about to foist upon us. He cites how the average family will be given a tax cut of a thousand dollars a year using selective statistics to give credence to this Republican shakedown. They malevolently use the least among us as a weapon of extortion; homeless veterans and hungry children become human shields to justify legislation that benefits a few while saddling our nation with trillions more in debt that will be paid for by future tax hikes and cutbacks on Social Security and social safety programs. To wit, Republicans are giving a kiss to their wealthy patrons as they screw the poor, working and middle-class—make America great again indeed!

The poor labor by their hand and languish; the rich succeed by cunning and flourish. The hand grows weary, the cunning should be leery::

If you really want to know what the political class in DC are up to, just listen to their rhetoric and then invert their euphemisms. For example, George W. Bush’s signature “Patriot Act” was really a Treason Act whereby our government used 9/11 as a pretext to take a shredder to the Bill of Rights and yank away our rights of privacy and free press. Likewise Obama’s “Reinvest in America Act” was really an investment pyramid scheme that enriched Wall Street at the cost of Main Street. Both parties use poll tested words and slick marketing slogans to codify laws that tilt the playing field towards corporations and plutocrats while tilting jobs, opportunity and wealth away from the rest of us. Those who call attention to this depraved scheme to defraud Americans by way of politics and policies are tarred and feathered with the labels of “wealth envy” and “class warfare”.

There is in fact a class war going on in America, except it’s not how Fox News and the conservative corporate charlatans love to present it. The class warfare is a one way massacre where the majority of Americans are being sacrificed at the alter of corporatism and profiteering. People like me who point out this malicious racket are not class warriors, we are class defenders who use the little voice that we have to speak truth to power and iniquity. We are governed without consent, we are just conditioned to accept the institutional graft and corruption that is pawned off on Americans and the world as the exemplar of Democracy and good governance. In reality, Republicans and Democrats are two factions of the same debased coin; they are criminal enterprises who use their authority and legislation to pay back their corporate patrons and bloat their own bank accounts. More and more people are waking up to the duplicity going on in Washington DC. This is why nearly 70% of Americans do not vote and refuse to endorse this illegitimate government. Less than 10% of Americans approve of Congress and only one-third of Americans approve of Donald Trump, and that’s only within the sample population of people who vote. Disapproval is another way of saying “we do not consent”‘—we are being governed without consent and taxed without representation. Democrats and Republicans in DC are too drunk on power and hubris to realize that we the people will only take so much before we say enough. Our nation was birthed through a rebellion, people who are repressed without consent and defrauded without representation eventually rise up to reclaim their nation from the hands of the insidious gentry. #WithoutConsent

“I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

Check out the Ghion Cast below where I discuss the bipartisan scam that is going on in the District of Caligula and how both parties are fleecing all of us. 

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