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The Audacity of Disinformation: When $100,000 > $1,000,000,000

[Update 2.16 – the Special Counsel charged with investigating the “Russian interference in the US elections” just filed charges against 13 Russians for conspiring to hack our Democracy. On this same day, corporate shill Andrea Mitchell is interviewing neoliberal Congressman Adam Schiff at an event sponsored by the Counsel of Foreign Relations. CRF has been one of the most foremost leaders in destabilizing countless nations and drawing up plans to topple governments around the globe. Read this article below in light of this astounding hypocrisy that is at the foundation of this scheme to peddle a non-story by corporate media and political authorities]

Breaking news! The elites really think that we are idiots. I mean, the level of contempt that they have for us astounds me. Let me give you a prime example of what I’m talking about. Corporate State Media outlets like the Washington Post and CNN are reporting with a straight face that a $100,000 Facebook ad is prima facie evidence of Russian interference. Of course, the unthinking sheep on either side of the political divide run with the news as they argue and counter argue this “news” without realizing that this tidbit is nothing more than subterfuge. The truth is erased small chunks at a time until a deluge of lies buries the truth alive.

The hacks at the Washington Post will have us believe that $100,000 was enough to have some impact on the outcome of the presidential election. Even though they don’t come out and say with specificity that Hillary Clinton lost because of this ad buy from Russia, they leave just enough inferences to let people arrive at that conclusion. This is the height of yellow press journalism as the mainstream media pundits engage in breathtaking disinformation with the sole purpose of keeping the public perpetually in the dark. The irony of it all; the tag line for the Washington Post is “Democracy dies in the dark”—self-projection is a hell of a drug.

Let me take you back to the Citizens United case where the Supreme Court—which takes the side of corporations and moneyed interests at all times—put the last nail in the coffin of our “Democracy”. In a ruling that was astounding in scope, the Supreme Court justices handed our nation over to the oligarchy and multinational corporations. In 1886, the Supreme Court used the 14th amendment to confer personhood upon corporations when they decided County of Santa Clara v. Southern Pacific Railroad in favor of the railroad barons. Since then, corporations have taken small nibbles eating away at America like cancer consuming a healthy body.

Citizens United marked the day our nation, and our Democracy along with it, succumbed to stage IV Cancer Inc. Not only did the Supreme Court make it possible for the top .01% to nullify our collective voices by weaponizing their money, the Supreme Court also opened the door legalize bribes and corruption by way of dark money. Using 501 (c) (3), PAC and Super-PAC vehicles, Citizens United empowered Americans and foreign nationals alike to inundate our elections with an untraceable cash and drown our votes in a sea of fungible money. This is why I refused to vote in 2016 and will no longer vote going forward; I will not partake in an act of empty symbolism when I know that my vote is inconsequential compared to the voting power of a billionaire’s checkbook—this two-party hustle is not redeemable.

Instead of focusing on this systemic corruption that takes place in DC between politicians and special interests, the Corporate State Media has the audacity to report on a measly $100,000 Facebook buy as if the Russians just parachuted into Dupont Circle. The amount of money that swills around D politics is mind-bending. Barack Obama raised $200,000,000 in 2008, they convinced us that most of that money was from small donors. That is a lie from the devil’s lips. Just because 51% of the number of donations came from small donors does not mean 51% of the money in aggregate came from small donors. If I raise $2,000 and 999 people gave $1 while 1 person gave $1,001, I can claim that almost all the donations came from small donors, notice how I did not say most of the money came from small donors.

It’s slights of hand like this that the Corporate State Media “journalists” engage in all the time. They don’t have to lie by commission when they can lie with impunity through omission and never be called on their bullshit. Unaccountable billions of dollars are exchanged between corporations and politicians yet the corporate owned media outlets would rather have us believe that $100,000 had more influence the outcome of the 2016 elections than the billions of dollars that has euthanized our Democracy. Of course media hounds are going to spread disinformation; telling the truth of our political system and how corporations have colluded to leave us voiceless would threaten their hustle since the Corporate State Media is dependent on the money and largess of their plutocratic masters.

Instead of telling us the truth, the barking dogs at Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News play up sensationalism and outrage. All of it nothing more than subterfuge and disinformation; as long as we are singularly focused on outrage, we never get to understand just how thoroughly a few plutocrats have initiated a hostile takeover of our nation. Almost every facet of our lives are managed for us, we get taxed to death and every day a new law or a levy takes away yet more of our freedoms. There is a reason that the Corporate State Media is peddling the none-story of Russia’s $100,000 Facebook ad, they are trying to divert our eyes from the billions that has destroyed our Democracy and journalists depend on to pay their mortgages. #Audacity100K

“Politics have no relation to morals.” ~ Niccolo Machiavelli

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