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This Week’s Recap of Corporate Media Bullcrap

6.1.18 Update: Joy Reid is in hot water once again; se accused Wolf Blitzer of being “former flak for the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee”. In corporate media, “journalists” get promoted for spreading disinformation and corporate propaganda but get fired for telling the truth. 

Let me start this week’s recap of the never ending bullcrap peddled by our duplicitous corporate media by highlighting the pernicious Republican tax plan. On a month that we celebrate the birth of Jesus, the same Republicans who swear they are “Christian conservatives” just did what Jesus would NEVER do. Instead of looking out for the huddled masses and the poor, Republicans passed a $1.5 trillion dollar tax cut that lavishes preferential treatment to the wealthiest among us. They did this by debt financing this most egregious bill, as in they saddled the rest of us and future generations with trillions more in debt in order to give the same people who made out like bandits under Obama’s tenure.

That last point is the reason I take this occasion to highlight the fraudulence of the endless stream of Democratic politicians and left-leaning pundits who are currently feigning outrage. If you get nothing else out of this article, just realize this one thing. Both Democrats, Republicans and the political/media class in DC, New York and Hollywood are in on this hoodwink and are equally complicit in this continued pillaging of our nation and the raping of our planet. They just take turns bashing us as Republicans cripple us with fiscal policies while Democrats drive us into dependency with their monetary policies–the left and right hand in DC take turn choking the life out the 99%.

What we are thus being treated to is a bamboozling by the corporate media as conservative outlets push this monstrosity that is the corporate rent-boy Trump’s signature achievement as some type of boon for the middle class. It’s all a con job; this is nothing short of a wealth transfer from the vast majority of Americans into the trust funds of the moneyed gentry. There is no such thing as trickle down economy; when the uber rich get more money, they hog it like the hoarders that they are. This is why the gap between the wealthiest 1% and the rest of Americans continues to explode as America is slowly becoming Geneva for the aristocracy and a developing nation for the rest of us.

A more proper term is strangle up economy as wealth keeps being squeezed up from the bottom 99% in order to finance the opulence of plutocracy. It’s bad enough to be the party of Pharisees on the month of Christmas as they enact laws that enriches themselves, they will soon enough pivot to become the party of Ebeneezer as they will use the excuse of debt to go after the social safety net of the poor, elderly and children. The same party that crammed through a 1.5 trillion dollar tax cut for the rich by adding on debt are set to be penny pinchers as they squeeze the least among us. In other words, they give pounds to the wealthy as they take flesh from the needy–there is nothing Christian about Republicans.

Yet as pernicious as conservative media outlets are in pushing this preposterous notion that wealth given to the rich transfers to health for the rest of us, it’s actually the liberal press that is more insidious with their lies. The same pundits you see on MSNBC, CNN, Washington Post, New York Times and the rest who are pretending to be shocked at the meanness of the Republicans are just a cohort of manipulative shysters. These are the same people who cheered on Obama as he shoveled tens of trillions of dollars to the crooks who bled our economy in 2008. They are up in arms over a $1.5 trillion dollar tax giveaway to the rich yet they had nothing to say as Obama gave away fourteen times as much to the plutocrats who stole the life savings of tens of millions of Americans.

In truth, our nation is not even a nation anymore. We are a corporation where we are ruled by CEOs, misled by politicians and fleeced by bureaucrats who use legislation and policies to funnel wealth from the masses to the few. There to distract us from this continued bilking of the public is a corporate media industry who collectively use a mix of sensationalism and outrage in order to keep us perpetually distracted.This is the poison that is corporate media; they are not here to edify us, their sole existence is to maximize profits and to serve their corporate masters. It is time for us to start an #MSMExit and disconnect from this farce that is corporate news.

Let me end this the way I always wrap up this segment. I award this week’s “Hackery Honors” to Joy Reid who has become the Baghdad Bob of MSNBC. To say that Reid is a paid shill is a mildest of understatements. To watch her one hour show is to realize just how much of a joke corporate journalism is. A free press is supposed to speak truth to power and root out injustice, Reid has decided to speak to power and root on injustice. She spends an hour a day presenting propaganda as news and feeding into the left versus right divide in ways that makes Fox News hacks look like Walter Cronkite by comparison. The same Joy Reid who wrote a book fawning over the speeches of the First Bank President Barack Obama had the audacity to spend the whole day today ranting about Trump’s mendacity. Congratulations Joy, you are making fortunes passing on the talking points of the Democratic National Committee as you annihilate the principles of journalism. Click To Tweet

Tune in next week as I delve into the garbage that is the corporate media and present yet another bullcrap narrative that mainstream media toadies keep peddling. If you want me to focus on a particular narrative that is being spun by either the “conservative” or “liberal” corporate media and/or if you have a nominee for next week’s “Hackery Honors”, email us your feedback at Until then, keep fighting ignorance with knowledge.

“Lying can never save us from another lie.” ~ Vaclav Havel

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