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Fed Up: New Fed Chair Proves Trump is Another Globalist Puppet

It will happen drip by drip, bit by bit, until it finally sets in. What at first starts as a gnawing feeling eventually leads to cognitive dissonance. I’m referring to the Trump loyalists who are 100% sure that their man at the White House is playing 3 dimensional chess. It took me almost seven years of Obama perpetuating the corporate agenda and furthering the interests of the military-financial complex before I realized that the First Bank President was actually a puppet of Wall Street. The same way, one by one, it will dawn on Trump’s hard core adherents that “the Donald” is another mouthpiece of the banking oligarchy.

I write this in light of the latest development as the Senate just voted to confirm Jerome Hayden Powell as the new chair of the Federal Reserve. If mainstream press had an iota of courage in them, they would be conveying this news as proof that the banking mafia has veto power in DC when it comes to the monetary policies of the United States. If corporate media were truth tellers, they would shine a light on the shadows that the Federal Reserve operates in.

For those who don’t know, the Federal Reserve is not “federal” at all; they are a private club of and by banks who are not accountable to voters nor are they answerable to our elected representatives. By far the most powerful agency in Washington DC, the Fed has sole discretion when it comes to setting interest rates—by extension the Fed has ultimate control of our economy. Comprised of banking executives, the Fed’s Board of Governors have more influence over our economy than the President and Congress combined.

Trump supporters had high hopes that the 45th president would “end the fed” or at the very least audit what is effectively the shadow government of the United States. Instead, Trump did the complete opposite and nominated Powell, thereby cementing the Mar-a-Lago jester as just another shill of globalists. Who is Powell you ask? Well, our new Fed chair was once the Managing Director of Bankers Trust. Why is this piece of information important you inquire? Bankers Trust was implicated in a derivatives scandal that witnessed large customer losses in the mid 90’s.

If that word derivatives sounds familiar, it’s because that was the very same swaps and repackaging of toxic debt that crumbled our economy in 2008. It was not bad enough that Obama bailed out the same criminals that bled our economy which led to the impoverishment of tens of millions of Americans. Trump just out-Obama’d Barack as he just appointed a man to lead the Federal Reserve who was once part and parcel of a financial Ponzi scheme that has become a business model in multinational banks like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Co. Our nation is run by a cabal of banking thugs and Donald Trump just appointed a Capo of la banking familia to head the mafia that is the Federal Reserve. #FedUpTrump

As long as greed is lionized by society, more and more must be fed to the lions to sustain it::

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