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House of Farce: the Mueller Report, Russiagate and the Fraudulence of the Media-Politico Complex

The outcome bothered the establishment. “No sealed indictments,” Robert Mueller’s highly anticipated report on Russian collusion said on a crucial page in one of the most controversial documents of recent political history. With that, the much anticipated Mueller report concluded his two plus year inquiry, a meandering investigation that looked into suspected collusion between Trump associates and Russia in a supposed effort to subvert the 2016 presidential election that wrought President Trump. Nobody ever expected Donald Trump, or for that matter Julian Assange—the conspiracy’s cardboard cutout arch-villains—to be vindicated by the result. The broadcast cartels, who act as superiors, had their nose out of joint for the day of reckoning they were sure was to come.

Anchors sat in disbelief, baffled why no charges for collusion had been pursued. Then they began to ramble nonplussed. “It feels like the seeds of a cover-up are here,” fervent Russiagate crusader Joy Reid said today on MSNBC.

Reid, better known for coming up with loony theories like the time she conjectured of time traveling Russian hackers to explain the dozens of homophobic slurs in her blog that were written a decade ago, of course found a way to spin this story in an embarassing attempt to save face. The Julian Assange Defence Campaign replied. “No, Russiagators” Sealed indictments could not save the establishment once they were open to the public. Meanwhile, Assange, who is wanted for publishing the truth about the Iraq war, sits in permanent suspension of freedom even as though he and his legal team have consistently stated for years that Russiagate was a farce.

The media establishment brushed itself off quickly and walked out of its shell-shock and returned to its offensive against the Russian fifth column. Because their shame has no ends, they justified this fraud they have been perpetuating for almost three years by dismissing the non-finding by inferring that the outcome of the inquiry was contrived. Shortly thereafter, the talking heads began parroting the line. The lies are obvious, increasingly predictable and have a gray neuroticism about them. In the middle of it all was a President placed in a reality show with a threat of impeachment hanging over his head.

There are many reasons to resent Trump, but the whole Russiage narrative and the establishment who were out to pin any and everything they could muster now have an egg on their collective faces.

With his election, Donald Trump had already been rightfully disgraced by his evident racism, sexism, and general chauvinism. A general revulsion was starting to germinate in the people. Despite Trump’s obvious disgraceful demeanor, or because of it, Democrats could not bring themselves to the accept that he beat Hillary Clinton. Revenge was the first thing to emerge; in their minds, the wrong president won and he had to pay for their failures.

The defeated, threatened establishment put on its boxing gloves and dealt the first blow with psyops worthy of the CIA. The corpse of McCarthyism was given an injection of adrenaline and rose from the grave; the Red Scare was given an air of life and legitimacy by those known and trusted as “democrats” and the “free” press.

THE RUSSIANS!, they screamed, are even more evil than we used to think they were.

In their mind, Putin was standing in the background, looming over US democracy. His power was tremendous and the story stuck, and it was to stay that way, as the media establishment, with tremendous discipline, manufactured hysteria and stayed singularly focused on jumping to conclusions sans facts.

The defeated in the election stepped up to the soapbox and took up the shameless task of convincing the electorate of a fake misdeed with the hopeless job of saving Hillary Clinton from political death. Mueller's task was to legitimize Russiagate and give cover to the fraud that is the media-politico complex. #2FarceMueller Click To Tweet

Given the right time to process them and the correct procedures of logic, the claims were not credible. And there was no apparent there there other than bad faith and revenge for losing the election. The wound in the liberal ego was substantial and evident. Conspiracy was flowing too quickly to properly make sense of what was really happening, that is how they intended it all along. Op-ed policy, which forms a huge part of the media narrative and agenda, had only one thing on its mind. The damage a malicious rumour does at it is spun by media is unbelievable. Mass hysteria envelops the public as they conditioned to believe a lie.

Rumour and inuenda was supposed to suction Trump out of office and prevent the Clinton’s shredded credibility from completely collapsing. Those efforts came to a spectacular crash this weekend.

Mueller concluded the inquiry to an audience waiting with bated breath. He had a heavy burden to bear, as well as the unenviable reality that either one of the extremely powerful Trump or Clinton clans would be livid at the outcome. In the end, Assange was vindicated yet again, he left the DNC elite looking as dishonest and treasonous than ever. Poetic justice.

“People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war or before an election.” ~ Otto von Bismarck

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Meg is an independent journalist based in the Great Britain. She is passionate about history, current events and the intersection of cultures and media narratives.
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