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Obama, Clinton and the Trump They Wrought Us

Much has been said over the last 24 hours about the damning revelations that Donna Brazile has levied against Hillary, Obama, DWS & the DNC. I’ve read tweets by many who are now blaming Donna’s attempt to sell her new book, along with sexism and Obama for the clandestine deal that was made between them.

However, what no one is saying is that Obama not only paid off the millions that Hillary Campaign was indebted with but he literally gave the DNC to Hillary & DWS, along with nominating Hillary to SoS over his intended nomination of John Kerry. Obama’s deal with Hillary after winning in 2008, was to step back from a party that was already Clinton owned and allow them to layout their path for her win in 2016. This was unlike the usual process of the winning presidents takeover and controls the party.

These deals were all in an attempt to silence the cacophony of noise coming from Hillary’s PUMA’s, a group made up mostly of angry white women who felt that it was her turn and therefore were refusing to endorse or support Obama.

As much as I have contempt for Obama on many issues; I won’t lay the devastation of the DNC on his doorstep. The DNC was being ran solely by the Hillary camp the day that Debbie Wasserman-Shultz was sworn in and Hillary Clinton became SoS. The plan to elevate her, buy off superdelegates, media, Hollywood, Wall Street and everyone else they could find was already being plotted and put into place. The DNC and Hillary loyalist, had no intention of running on Obama’s record or with his support in 2014 (and it was the very reason that they all lost).

I will never forget how bold and arrogant, white women like Alison Lundergan Grimes were in stating that she was NOT an Obama Democrat but a ‘Clinton Democrat’. We also should never forget the vile racism of Hillary’s best friend, Lynn Rothschild; who lead the PUMA’s (Party Unity My Ass) and even left a chair position within the DNC to go campaign for McCain/Palin. Then there’s Huma Abedin who was shown in leaked emails to be repeatedly mocking who the real POTUS was when the title of President came up without the use of Obama’s name…she made it clear that Bill Clinton was her president.2014 was their test balloon of the electorate and Hillary/DNC thought for sure they could run against Obama but were sadly in for a rude awakening when they all lost and their new game of Hillary morphing into Obama was launched. What’s also missing in all of the many stories of how DWS (a woman) was this great fundraiser and had raised all of this money for DNC over the past 8 years. This was stated after people complained of her Wall Street funding sources that she had put in place.Lastly, what’s probably more egregious is that the DNC has not learned its lessons. They have just purged all of the Progressives to replace them with Hillary loyalists & Wall Street lobbyists. Imagine the continued corruption of Hillary and DNC, had she actually won. #DemExit.

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Charlie Peach’s tenacity proves unending. Though she was censored by Twitter, she keeps on speaking her mind. Check out her work on her Medium page by going to HER PAGE HERECharlie’s views are not necessarily the views of the Ghion Journal, we publish her work in our ongoing effort to enlist writers who can present news and analysis apart from this two-party racket that are the Democrats and Republicans. 


Charlie Peach

Charlie Peach

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