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Special Event: A Screening of “Adwa Awakening: How Unity Can Overcome Injustice” on March 31st

On Sunday, March 31st, Ghion Journal will host a special screening of a video documentary that details the Battle of Adwa. Though seldom written about in the history books, what took place on March 1st, 1896 in Adwa was a most audacious victory over colonialism as Ethiopians put aside their differences and banded as one nation to smash Italian imperialists.

Facing superior weaponry and tactical disadvantages, Ethiopian jegnoch (warriors) repelled invaders. Fascists came bellowing veni, vidi, vici only to feel the roar of the lions of Judah who responded with a collective embi (no)!

The Battle of Adwa is not just a victory for Ethiopians that my forefathers accomplished, it is a victory for people around the world who have tasted the bitter pill of oppression. This documentary will cover not only the Battle of Adwa but the victory of Haitians over Napoleon Bonaparte’s ferocious army as well as the way a rag tag American militia defeated the British Red Coats and stuffed the hubris of King George right down his throat. Where #Ethiopia|n jegnoch said embi, #Haiti|ans responded non to Bonaparte and Americans said heck no! to imperialism. #AdwaAwakening Click To Tweet

Given the age of divisiveness and manufactured outrage we live in, the Adwa Awakening documentary is a reminder that people with lesser power can defeat superior forces if they unite and overcome our differences. I’ve included the video that will be shown below, if you plan to come out to the event, please don’t watch it as we will be showing the video at the event followed by a panel discussion and a cultural show that connects the cultures of Ethiopia, Haiti and America. You can RSVP for the Adwa Awakening Special Screening by clicking HERE or clicking the picture below.

For people who are not in the Washington DC metro area but would like to attend and take part in this event, we will be live streaming the entire show at Seek Truth TV. If you are interested in being a part of the event or have ideas you would like to suggest, email us at See you Sunday, March 31st. Please use #AdwaAwakening to share share this article and spread awareness of this event.  Scroll to the bottom of this article for a special message.

Event Information: Adwa Awakening

Location: Meaza Ethiopian Restaurant

Date: Sunday, March 31st

Time: 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST

3.16 Special message: the flyer below is the first draft, another version will be coming out shortly. This is the essence of Adwa, you don’t have to be perfect to launch your dream, you just perfect your craft as you work towards your goals.

3.20 Update to special message: See new flyer below & click on picture to find our more information/RSVP

Spoiler Alert!

Please only watch this video if you don’t plan on attending or watching the live streaming of the screening of Adwa Awakening at Meaza Restaurant.

Post Script

As I was writing this article at Chez Hareg, one of my favorite coffee shops my wife and I frequently visit, I met a young lady from Venezuela who came here a year ago after she fled the ongoing strife in her once home. We shared conversations about how Maduro, Guaidó and all the internal and external players who are jockeying to gain power are only interested in enriching themselves. I forwarded her an article I wrote about Venezuela; as she was reading the article and I was finishing up this write up, she paused and noted “you are actually telling the truth about what is going on in Venezuela more than any newspaper out there”. Lies require massive advertising budget to condition the public, the truth needs zero funds, it just needs to be told.

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