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When Will There Be a Hashtag for #MenToo?

the revelations of sexual assaults by Hollywood celebs and A-listers like Kevin Spacey, Terry Crews’ allegations of sexual assault, George Takei also accused of sexual assault and Corey Haims’ sad story and countless untold others; I’m waiting on the push for a #MenToo’s hashtag.

In an excerpt from an interview with The Guardian, various male actors, both gay and straight, allege that Hollywood not only has a problem with males preying on younger men, but that it is rampant.

“It’s a very taboo subject,” said Alex Winter, who claims to have been sexually abused as a pre-teen child actor. “I don’t know of any boys in any pocket of the entertainment industry that do not encounter some form of predatory behavior. … It’s really not a safe environment.”

Hollywood’s powerful elite, preying on vulnerable young boys and men who are afraid of reprisal should also be acknowledged. I was shocked to learn that someone as robust in stature as Terry Crews, actually feared being ostracized or like the fear of many Black men…being sent to jail when struggling with whether to expose the man he alleges sexually assaulted him.

I’ve read countless push backs of other men refusing to accept that someone like Terry Crews with his clear brawn and strength could in fact be sexually assaulted. However, what these people are refusing to accept is that it’s not about the size of the victim but the power and size of the predators wallet and industry power that commands the struggle to expose or not in stories like Crews’ and the many women who are now coming forward as well.

How many stories have we all heard of young boys being sexually assaulted by older boys or men? Sexual predators like Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, George Takei and all the others should be exposed and condemned. Sadly, men who struggle with their own helplessness and manhood after such an assault will often remain silent.

Sexual assault is hard for anyone to come to grips with but it can be very challenging for Black men to accept or discuss since Black manhood is so intricately tied to their physical and sexual prowess. CNN’s own Don Lemon spoke of being sexually assaulted as a young boy, he goes on to tell the story during an expose about another sexual predator; Bishop Eddie Long…Lemon says that he was so traumatized with fear that he didn’t even tell his own mother.

It took a lot for a someone like Crews to say that he was also a victim…It’s time to start #MenToo for the countless of other boys and men who have been victimized and sexually assaulted by those either in power or those who are clearly victims of male on male sexual assault.

Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the many female teachers who have been accused and/or charged this year alone for sexual assaults on their male students.

One in six boys are sexually abused before the age of 18, according to Darkness to Light, an organization that works with victims and their families.

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