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Corporate Colonialism: When a Conscience Begets a Bullet

[update 2.26 – fix your attention to what is going on at this exact moment in Ethiopia. The country is in turmoil and it is in this turmoil that globalists are about to play Ethiopians against each other and use the playbook of colonization detailed below to ultimately empower the next tyrant that will sell the nation out to foreign powers. As they do to Ethiopia, they do to America and the world too.]

What is being presented in this article, although it’s specific about Ethiopia and the plight of her children, should be read by anyone who cares about justice and shares a concern about human suffering. Beyond caring for those who are being bled by a system of global colonialism and capital greed that is rendering the lives of billions throughout the world meaningless, everyone should read this article with a keen eye towards self-preservation. For the practice of divide, conquer and theft that has been perfected in Ethiopia and “Africa” as a whole is now being deployed with awesome lethality throughout the world.

Indoctrinating professors and intellectually lazy teachers pass on the disinformation that colonization is a relic of the past. In truth, colonization just took on a more covert yet infinitely more nefarious form. Whereas European and Western colonists in the past depended on brute force and the sheer power of the gun, neo-colonists of the 21st century have enslaved not only “Africa” but the entire world through a mix of cunning, cash diplomacy and clandestine violence. A cabal of covetous and ungodly monsters have managed to make every nation bow before them as they manipulate global currencies and world leaders alike. Click To Tweet

Freedom and liberty are just words in the dictionary that no longer have application in reality. There is no such thing as sovereignty, we truly have entered into a New World Order where a tiny fraction of humanity, let’s call them the top .00001%, have managed to enslave nearly eight billion people. These oppressors are not the leaders we see on TV or read about in the Corporate State Media, presidents like Trump and prime ministers like Theresa May are called titular leaders of the free world for a reason. Titular means figure head; the elections we keep partaking in are nothing more than a farcical exercise in “Democracy” where we get to elect leaders which have been pre-selected for us.

I used to make fun of “African” leaders when they would hold laughable elections and then announce with a straight face that they garnered 99.99% of the votes. But I actually respect their truthiness in hindsight—telling such outright lies is a form of honesty. I realize now the true liars are the politicians right here in America and throughout Europe who make a show of freedom and Democracy while practicing none of it. “African” leaders are lesser liars than the politicians in Washington DC and Europe who have perfected the art of deception and duplicity.

The common thread between the lesser liars of Africa and the greater shysters of Western politicians is that all of them are puppets who are beholden to those who sign their checks. As long as these leaders do as their masters demand, they can live a life of opulence and be treated like royalty even if they are nothing but jesters. Frauds like Trump and Obama before him get to be paraded around the world as if they are the second coming of the messiah when all the while they are bootlickers smooching the Lucchese shoes of their billionaire patrons. People think that the White House is the locus of American prestige, they should walk a few blocks over and visit the Federal Reserve for that is where the epicenter of global power resides.

If you doubt what you are reading and think this to be some form of conspiracy theory that I’m pushing, Google “Bilderberg Group” and do a little research about their history and it will start to dawn on you that insidious people with invisible hands are the ones who rock this planet. Every two years, global leaders go hat in hand like two cent prostitutes to bow before their Bilderberg pimps in Brussels, Davos, London and beyond. These meetings have enough security to repel a Hitler’s 5th division; the Secret Service detail assigned to our carnival barker president Donald Trump is NOTHING compared to the police state that surrounds these mysterious meetings.

Let a leader not do as they are told and what follows quickly is one of two things. The first is destabilization as the currency of the country in question is manipulated in order to wreak financial havoc. Take a look at what is going on in Venezuela at this moment; a nation once swimming in petro cash is now on the precipice of a civil war because the Venezuelan economy has literally imploded. There is no need to send in troops to overthrow wayward leaders; one billionaire can crash an entire economy based on rumors and a few well timed puts. One country after another has felt the wrath of global oligarchs as economies are cratered by design in order to get leaders back in line. The cudgel of currency manipulation has been unleashed on Greece, Spain, the United Kingdom and America as well.

Currency manipulation and crashed economies are the warning shots for any leader who does not toe the corporate line. There is a more gruesome fate that awaits leaders who decide to actually do for their people instead of serving the interests of their incorporated masters. Sadam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, Patrice Lamumba, Haile Selassie, Yasser Arafat, the list of leaders who were assassinated is one too many to count. You can add to this list western leaders like John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, as well as MLK and Malcolm; the minute leaders with stature and a megaphone start to advocate for the masses, they are forever silenced. Think it’s impossible that all of these deaths are interconnected? Just ask yourself this question, what percentage of humanity would kill someone if paid enough money. Those who have billions and an endless stream of cash can literally weaponize most humans of this planet to act in the most heinous ways—nothing induces evil like the twin temptations of money and fame.

Let me clarify with respect to the names I mentioned above. I am not vouching for all of their characters for each of them had their vices—some a lot more than others. A couple of them were truly wicked and deserved the fate they received. However, just remember that men like Sadam Hussein and Osama bin Laden were once the best friends of America and the West as long as they did as they were told. They were greeted with bullets the minute they went against the wishes of their benefactors. Osama bin Laden and the Mujaheddin were armed and trained by the CIA only to become boogeymen once their services were no longer needed. Our mafia government, serving their military-financial complex sponsors, made money on the back end the same way they made billions on the front. Head or tails we lose; heads and tails the despicable gentry who run this word stay winning in ways Charlie Sheen could never imagine.

The man you see featured in the header is one Meles Zenawi, let me add him to the list of leaders who were once despotic hyenas and yet died under the most mysterious of circumstances. At the age of 57, Meles Zenaw was at the apex of his power as he ran Ethiopia with an iron fist. He gained power the same way “African” despots always ascend to the throne in the 21st century; empowered by neo-colonists, the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) was armed to the teeth by western arms dealers and death merchants who otherwise go by the names of Northrup Grumman, Boeing and the endless mass of defense contractors that make billions in profits yearly as they arm despots and the opposition with weapons of mass annihilation in order to create an environment of never ending conflict.

The threat of Civil Wars is what “African” leaders fear most. Every repugnant leader from Ethiopia to Ivory Coast and from Egypt to South Africa has the sword of Damocles known as destabilization hanging over their heads. They come to power by the AK47 so they know it’s a matter of time before they leave this earth by the same Kalashnikov. These leaders are assured that they have nothing to fear as long as they pay the interests on IMF and World Bank loans, ship the wealth and resources of their nations to the West and they keep their people in perpetual strife and conflict. But if they step out of line and try to give the resources of the land to their people instead of giving it away for pennies on the dollar to Wall Street corporations and Western conglomerations, kaboom! Death arrives by way of bombs, bullets or an untimely visit by some strange disease.

Meles Zenawi and Muammar Gaddafi, two of Africa’s most repressive despots, tried to actually do something that was good for their people and the continent as a whole. Both wanted to organize the continent into a trading bloc similar to NAFTA and the EU and in the process wanted to have a single currency that could serve as an alternative to the US dollar and the Euro. Messing with the money of the illuminated mafia is a death sentence, it has been ever since Jesus overturned the tables of money traders in the temple. The common theme is always cash—money truly is the root of all evils that bleed this world.

Meles Zenawi went from healthy despot to a cancer infested corpse the minute he chose to deviate from the plans of his colonial masters. A perfectly fit man who attended the G8 conference in May of 2012 and looked absolutely healthy was dead from cancer by August of the same year. He received the Arafat treatment sponsored in Belgium; the same country that was the most ruthless of the colonizers who also murdered Patrice Lamumba. It is no secret where I stand when it comes to the TPLF junta that has been bleeding my birth place Ethiopia since 1994. I see Meles no different than Pol Pot and Mussolini, injustice is injustice whether the body count of these malignant autocrats is in the millions or tens of  thousands. Yet Zenawi’s sudden death and the servility of the current Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn made me reassess the legacy of Zenawi. I have no hard proof of what happened to Meles Zenawi, the truth of his demise only God and a few depraved souls here on earth know. But a man does not go from full health to sudden death, especially if he is a leader of a nation, without the invisible hands of global death merchants being involved.

As I noted earlier, what I detailed in this analysis is not something that happens in foreign lands to be dismissed as issues that don’t concern us. America is withering from this same virus of capital greed along with the rest of the world. The tears that Ethiopian children cry as they are mired in hopelessness and hunger has been imported to America along with the Yirgacheffe coffee that Starbucks keeps fleecing from struggling Ethiopian farmers. The same way a child goes to sleep on an empty stomach in Addis Abeba, children in Atlanta and Alabama likewise go to bed with hunger pangs and distress. Travel to your nearest city and go a couple of blocks away from the ritzy parts and you will realize that the third world is a label that applies to United States as well. Injustice ignored metastasizes to become injustice that robs from all; let us commit to universal justice for doing the opposite will lead to a day where we are equalized by hardship and hopelessness.

In June of 1936, Haile Selassie gave a speech at the League of Nations as the world was busy ignoring the monstrosity that Mussolini was unleashing on Ethiopians. Barbarity that equaled that of Hitler was being loosened on Ethiopians by would be colonizers; mustard gas and chemical weapons were used indiscriminately on citizens in an attempt to undo the legacy of the Battle of Adwa (watch video below). Ethiopians endured a holocaust that history books rarely mentions a—over 200,000 Ethiopians were incinerated by chemical infernos. Haile Selassie traveled to Geneva to bear witness to the world of the horrors being visited upon Ethiopians. In the most prophetic language, Haile Selassie noted:

“That is why I decided to come myself to bear witness against the crime perpetrated against my people and give Europe a warning of the doom that awaits it, if it should bow before the accomplished fact…Should it happen that a strong Government finds it may with impunity destroy a weak people, then the hour strikes for that weak people to appeal to the League of Nations to give its judgment in all freedom. God and history will remember your judgment.”

Where a once king spoke prophecy to Europe only to be ignored and for the same continent to be reduced to rubble, I—a pauper with just a pen—pick up the mantle and speak yet another warning to those who overlook the suffering of my people back home. The fires of tribalism and hatred that is burying the lives of millions in the marked graves of hopelessness and poverty will be the same fire that will come for the rest of the world. The hands of those who give charity belong to devils; as they give us pennies they rob billions from the continent. The evils committed in the dark will be revealed in God’s light, philanthropist who pretend to give, NGO’s that kneecap the continent and corporations who steal the wealth of nations will one day be held accountable for their deviltry.

The hour of reckoning quickly approaches; this global system of theft will either be felled by the people or will beget the fires of hell upon all of us. God and history will remember the depravity of those who oppress humanity. To the world leaders who cast their lot with these globalists monsters, just remember there is a fate worse than the bullets of colonialists. Our time here on earth is measured, we are here but for a mist. A time will come where judgement will be rendered—those who escaped verdicts in this world will surely roast in the next life. Choose humanity or serve malevolence, you can’t have both. For the people of Ethiopia, God’s promise will be fulfilled, ye egzyabher kalkidan mekeyer aychelum. Ethiopia shall turn her hand back to God and a new day of fiker (love) and desta (happiness) will arrive for our children. #CorporateColonialism

“I know this game; first, traders and the missionaries; then the ambassadors; then the cannon. It is better to go straight to the cannon.” ~ Atse Tewodros II (read about

Check out the Ghion Cast below where I discuss the history of Adwa and how unity was the connective tissue that enabled Ethiopians, Haitians, and Americans to stand up to the powerful. We too can have an Adwa in our lives if we have the audacity to unite as one people.

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