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May 24, 2017


They Planted a Demonic Pentagram In the Heart of a Biblical Nation

It saddens me to write this, to reflect on such vile things as pentagrams and demonic symbols on a day where I should be focusing on counting my blessings. But on one too many occasions, I’ve seen the flag of my birth land and the nation which gave life to me being debased and debauched with

Justice for Humanity: Finfine All Day

Too often we are quick to decry our hurts while we disavow the pains that others feel. Instead of acknowledging the distress of those who are not like us or look like us; too many would rather discredit “them” while only accepting the hardship of “us”. It seems that humanity is devolving into chaos as

Tedros Adhanom: the Butcher W.H.O. Cuts for Stones

You can’t make these things up. Sometimes the irony of life is thick enough that even the butchers of Ethiopia by the name of TPLF can’t shoot it with their Lockheed Martin imported guns. I wrote an article about Atse Tewodros II (link), a true hero of Ethiopia, less than 12 hours ago only to wake

Woyane to Tyranny: Vengeance that Perverts Justice

Make sure you read the article below the Ghion Cast (YouTube clip) as the words below the video are more meaningful by magnitudes for what I write is closer to my heart than when I speak. Words are worth a thousand pictures in this way. Nuance. This is the one word that radicals and demagogues

Revolutions Are Written on Paper Napkins

It always starts with with an overreach. Throughout history, dictators and tyrants have run roughshod over the people until they overplay their hands. The powerful build bridges on top of the masses until the powerful go a bridge too far. The people can only take so much oppression and abuse by their government before they

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