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This Week’s Recap of Corporate Media Bullcrap

Welcome back to “This Week’s Recap of Corporate Media Bullcrap”. Based on feedback of our readers, I’ve settled on the segment’s title and will use this running theme to highlight the crap that is our Corporate State Media. When it comes to writing about the sheer duplicity and breathtaking hypocrisy of the hack “journalists” and pundits in the mainstream media, my cup runeth over. This week’s focus is on a narrative which has dominated coverage in the news cycles, yet again, the corporate media is showing their true colors by choosing to be situational moralists and half-assed defenders of truth and justice.

I’m referring to the revelations of Judge Roy Moore, Alabama’s Republican candidate for the US Senate, being exposed as a pedophile who preyed on teenage girls. For the most part, I believe it is best to not rush to judgement and for society to have a presumption of innocence for people until all the facts are gathered and people who are accused have their day in court. But that was before Roy opened up his trap and actually tried to explain away his deviancy by trying to normalize a thirty year old man dating teenage girls. Those who make a show of being saints and condemn others with piety sure have a way of being exposed for the devils that they are.

The reason I’m including the Roy Moore coverage in “This Week’s Recap of Corporate Media Bullcrap” is not because Roy’s perversions are not newsworthy. Any person who seeks a higher office should be closely vetted and if they show illegal and immoral predilections, they should be shamed out of the race and be brought to justice for their lascivious actions. I’m just shocked that these corporate journalists are taking to their pads and microphones to express outrage and pretend as though they are the scions of virtues who are rooting out malfeasance. You would think that these establishment toadies had no idea about Roy’s propensities and sexual predatory ways.The truth is that there is almost an implicit agreement between corporate journalists and the powerful people they are supposed to be keeping in check. The parameters of the White House and the US Capitol are grounds that make Sodom and Gomorrah look like a monastery by comparison. There are endless hotels and bars within a few mile radius of these two focal points of power in Washington DC where an endless stream of indecencies and debauchery take place as men and women engage in behaviors that would shock the conscience. Partisan fights between Republicans and Democrats are only for TV and social media outlets; away from the public spotlight, there is nothing as bipartisan in DC as sex, drugs and depravity by the political class.

There is an incestuousness relationship between corporate journalists and pundits and the people they are supposed to be keeping in check. The media personalities who are elevated by the public are in on the orgy of excesses that go on at our nation’s capital. Roy Moore’s story is not an outlier, he is par for the course. The reason we don’t know about other Senators and Congressmen who indulge in illicit behaviors is because corporate reporters and their editors make the decision on a regular basis to swallow their whistles in order to have access to power. This is why endless stories of Bill Clinton’s predatory ways were quashed for years and continue to be swept under the carpet. Likewise the story of George Bush Sr. basically admitting that he gropes women “out of affection” is covered for an eye-blink and then quickly forgotten.

Even when the stories eventually break and the corporate media is forced to give proper coverage to the ways of sexual monsters, reporters take to the podiums to express collective indignation instead of offering an apology for enabling these sick predators. The story of Harvey Weinstein should forever serve as a cautionary tale of the disingenuous ways of corporate journalists. Most of the people who covered Weinstein’s fall were on his dole for years; Harvey used the corporate media as his enforcers and his public relations agents. The same journalists and pundits who express shock knew of his pugnacious actions all along only to flee the HMS Harvey like rats jumping off a sinking ship. So when you see a corporate journalist on TV feigning outrage and concern for the plight of the women who are assaulted by powerful people in DC, discount most of these spotlight whores as frauds and co-conspirators in the continued pillaging of the powerless.

In closing “This Week’s Recap of Corporate Media Bullcrap”, let me confer this week’s Corporate Hack Honors to Sean Hannity. This “great American”, who makes a show of faux-patriotism while he endorses partisan policies that are catering the middle class and suffocating the American dream, has lent his show and his name to run interference for Judge Roy Moore. Hannity is a low hanging fruit and a high magnitude charlatan, his fraudulence is easy to spot so I had to think twice about picking him for this week’s Corporate Hack Honors. But after realizing that Hannity, who bashed Bill Clinton to no ends about his immoralities, is using his platform to run a PR campaign for Roy Moore, he became the perfect candidate for the Hack Honors.Hannity is a prime example of how corporate media reporters peddle outrage and tactically deploy morality to feed red meat to their niche audience instead of telling the truth. This is the problem with the corporate media as a whole, profit motives and the need to grow a dedicated audience makes them loyal to one sided presentation of facts. In this paradigm, their penchant to tell a very uni-dimensional aspects of news is nothing short of lying by omission. Add on top how corporate hounds like Hannity feel the need to protect their sources in order to retain access to power and what you have is a corporate journalism that is actually incorporated propaganda. #CorporateMediaBullCrap

“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.” ~ Albert Einstein

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