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Crooked Together: Two Equally Corrupt Parties Bent In Different Directions

For every 1,000 reading this article, there will be one that will have a red pill revelation. Out of the remaining 999, a minority will hoot and holler in schadenfreude, say amen and nod their head in agreement with the indictments I am leveling at the side they detest while they discount the charges I make at the party they adore. A majority of the people reading this article will acknowledge the sad reality of this analysis as they sag their shoulders with frustration. The rest are too busy being led by the nose with the latest manufactured outrage and mainstream media sensationalism to realize the extent of how we are all getting hoodwinked and pillaged.

What I’m getting is this. Both Democrats and Republicans are criminal enterprises who are colluding behind the scenes to monopolize governance in order to serve their corporate masters. I’ve written about this on copious occasions; I return to this well in the hope that a constant dose of truth can overcome the repeated lies of this most malicious system. The reality is that our democracy has been inverted where a pretense of choice, presented in the form of limited ballots, has us voting between two parties who are equally defrauding us. A Republic that was born on the notion of ‘one man, one vote’ was strangled in the cradle by an aristocracy who drove our nation into debt and shortly thereafter deputized the federal government as enforcers of corporatism and protectors of the oligarchy.

It’s been like this for a while; the United States of America was transformed into a franchise of the banking mobsters and globalist mafia less than two decades after the last shot of the American Revolution was fired. America became a perversion of the Declaration of Independence; the very idea of Federalism is the antithesis of what the founders of this nation envisioned. Thomas Jefferson, George Mason, Benjamin Franklin and the framers of the US Constitution desired a decentralized government that served the interests of the people, was responsive to local communities and disavowed concentrated power. Alas, for every one who comes up with an idea, there are a thousand opportunists who rise up to abort movements and replace them with the fascism of wantonness.

The very tyranny the American revolutionaries fought against returned with full force the minute Federalists hijacked the government and started to consolidate influence in our nation’s capital. It was in this womb of corruption that the two party system was born. The first two parties, the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans, were initially formed over the debate of whether America should have a powerful central government or a limited government that reserved most of the powers at the state and local levels. What became of the Democratic-Republican party should serve as a crystallizing lesson for those who advocate forming parties to fight the excesses of the duopoly. Emulating iniquity to take on iniquity ensures that iniquity wins in the end.

Parties have a way of putting their interests above the needs of the people. This is exactly what happened as Federalists and Democratic-Republicans kept accumulating clout and gaining leverage. What we now have is a direct result of a two hundred year plus power grab; a paradigm where Democrats and Republicans enact one malicious economic policy after the other in order to preserve their turf, enrich themselves, grow the wealth of globalists all the while transferring wealth from the vast majority of Americans into the pockets of the few. They have us fighting over red meat and wedge issues to distract us from this overriding truth: both parties are crooked, they are just bent in different directions. Click To Tweet

Where Republicans use tax policies and privatization to stab us in the heart, Democrats leverage monetary policies and bilateral/multilateral treaties to stick a shiv in our spines—the end result is the death of the American dream. Both parties are bleeding our resources and suffocating our hopes. Instead of realizing this reality and rising up to reclaim our government, we keep falling for the bamboozle of the politico-media complex. Politicians, pundits and media personalities alike have us fighting among each other and conditioning us like Pavlov’s dog to bark the minute they throw red meat at us. It is at once comical and maddening to see otherwise rational people turn themselves into human pretzels in order to stay true to their political ideologies.

Voltaire once said that it is hard to free fools from the chains they adore. But even he could not have imagined a day where liberals who were once peaceniks are now parroting Joseph McCarthy and demanding a confrontation with Russia that could lead to a nuclear war. Likewise, conservatives who once made a show of their piety and espoused morality are now prostrating themselves before a man who was twice divorced, makes weird sexual comments about his own daughter and cheated on his current wife less than a year after she had his son. The hardest thing to do in this world is to admit you were wrong; this is why liberals and conservatives alike would rather adore their chains instead of saying they got duped.

As they encourage us with forked tongues to kick each other in the shin, both sides of the aisle laugh at us behind the scenes as they serve us up to the 1%.

This is also why Obama supporters, as I once used to be, are quick to condemn Trump for dropping bombs in Syria while conveniently forgetting that it was Barack who started that very same war. Likewise, the left—at this precise moment—is being ignited into rage over companies putting profits before patients while they overlook the fact that Obamacare was cooked up with the blessings of Big Pharma and insurance companies to put the bottom lines of corporations above the top lines of our health. If you need proof that hypocrisy is truly bipartisan, think back to when the right used to chant Benghazi! Benghazi! Benghazi! when Obama was in the White House. The same people who politicized the death of Americans sure swallowed their outrage when Americans were killed in Niger. Few things in this world exceed the insincerity of people who view politics as a sport.

All along, Democrats and Republicans live like Dukes and Earls while the people they derisively call their base duke it out. Eight years after Obama gave trillions to Wall Street by way of monetary hustles while gutting the poor, working and middle-class, Trump comes along to give the same people who made out like bandits under the First Bank President even more by way of a $1.5 trillion dollar tax boondoggle. Both parties keep enacting pyramid schemes by way of legislation and stay pushing policies that benefits the richest 1% while drowning the rest of us in a sea of debt. But who has time for all these incontrovertible truths, we would rather bicker over the latest social media outrage. Pavlov’s dog was a free thinker compared to our politics. As the political class and their corporate masters thrive through their crookedness, they continue to break all of us—we are too shattered to understand. #CrookedTogether 

Limited freedom is a disguised prison::

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