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Hedges Redux: Revisiting Snowden and Uncovering the Real Traitors

Reflecting on the state of the supposed “free press” in American, one can’t help but get a bout of agita and consternation. The level of propaganda and deception that emanates from the Corporate State Media is enough to make Baghdad Bob look like a truth teller. They are almost omnipresent; partisan hacks and vacuous pundits using the guise of “journalist” to peddle their political talking points and kill truth in the process. I get a level of gratification, a sense of schadenfreude, when I see one of these corporate toadies get their comeuppance as a real journalists smashes their glass jaws and their demagoguery live on TV.

After making the mistake of watching MSNBC and Fox News back to back early this morning, I decided to watch one of my favorite journalist on YouTube in order to revel in a bit of schadenfreude while sipping a cup of coffee. I looked up Chris Hedges on YouTube; one of the videos that came up was a debate between Hedges and a political hack named Geoffrey Stone. If you don’t know about Chris Hedges, I highly recommend him and his work at Truth Dig (check out Hedge’s profile here). Geoffrey Stone, on the other hand, was a former Obama adviser whose credentials are impressive but is more or less a mouthpiece of the establishment. I was also drawn to this particular debate between Hedges and Stone because the topic of discussion was Edward Snowden.

The first couple of minutes of the debate entailed a voice over narrative as a B-roll showed corresponding video. Two Senators were quoted in their condemnation of Snowden. Both of them vilified Snowden as a traitor and gave justification for his prosecution. The vapid neo-liberal Senator Dianne Feinstein said that Snowden should not be afforded whistle blower protection because what he did was tantamount to treason. The deranged neo-con Senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham went one step further and said that Snowden should be followed to the ends of earth to be brought to justice. This is all the proof you need to see that there is no daylight between Democrats and Republicans; go beyond rhetoric and both sides of the isle are servants of corporatism–a pox from both chambers of Congress given to the houses of every American.

My intention is not to do a play by play of the debate in this article since the video is embedded below this article; you can arrive at a conclusion without me coloring your perspective . Beyond that, I’m going to be completely forthright here, I write this article out of spite. I say this because my schadenfreude was cut short before I watched the whole debate by the mendacious lies of the two Senators who were cited in the intro. What Feinstein and Graham said about Snowden was so outrageous and their audacity to call his actions treasonous so duplicitous, I was sufficiently motivated to revisit the Snowden affair in order show just how far we have strayed as a nation from accountability and a representative Democracy.

Our nation is being run by a cabal of outlaws in DC who are not governed by laws nor are they constrained by morality. The political class in DC are so drunk with power and so bought out by the donations of plutocrats that they operate with impunity in ways that would shock Joseph Stalin. In all honesty, I’ve almost given up on the idea of Democracy; the Magna Carta was not about limiting the powers of the king but transferring total power from the hands of one man to the invisible hands of the gentry. At least back in the days of absolute rulers, a king and queen could only do so much before they met justice by way of guillotines.

Now though, we have no idea who is in charge as politicians are presented before us as rulers when in reality the royals who control capital rule with iron fists away from public awareness. Cyclical change gives us, the commoners, the illusion of control and politics gives us a sense of accountability; but in truth, policies are a continuum that remain the same no matter which party is in power (read History to Hysteria). Our government fights not for freedom but for profits, they salute not the flag but themselves, and they serve not the people but corporate interests. Sovereignty perished a long time ago–we are a nation being ruled by a world order of greed and deception.

Just for the record, what Snowden did was expose the criminality of our government and gave us a peek into this mind-bending system of disinformation employed by authorities. Using the pretext of 9/11 and terrorism, politicians and bureaucrats in Washington DC have effectively declared war on the citizenry as they use monetary policies to commit mass larceny on the bottom 99%, leverage the corporate media to silence dissent and unleash the monopoly of the gun to prevent our constitutional right to overturn a government that is no longer working for us. The Federal government is anti-constitutional; almost every facet of their power runs contrary to founders’ intentions. The Federal Reserve, the Internal Revenue Service and the litany of wars our government keeps initiating is explicitly forbidden by the U.S. Constitution–our government is thus subversive and the enemy of the people.The treason was not committed by Snowden, the treasonous leeches are the Senators, Congressmen, Presidents and the political class in DC who keep nurturing this mafia government. The level of graft, corruption and nepotism in our nation’s capital is breathtaking; the Potomac river is polluted not by land runoffs but by the poison of toxic politicians. On the hands of Senators Feinstein, Graham and their ilk in Congress and the White House is the blood of endless military men and women, millions of war victims, and the countless faces who keep getting ground up by this malignant military-financial complex. The political class in Washington DC and the moneyed interests in Manhattan are willing to march us into the flames of World War III in order to prevent our awakening to this federated hoodwink (read Unite or Dissolution).

I beseech you to watch the debate below between Stone and Hedges and pay really close attention to what Chris Hedges is saying. There is a reason why Hedges was unceremoniously bumped from the pages of the New York Times; he refused to play the game and echo the very powers journalists are supposed to keep in check. This is what happens to truth-tellers; there is a price to be paid by those who stand up to the crooks who are bleeding our nation and this world. This is a debate that needs to be had by all of us; Hedges is prosecuting the criminal class in Washington DC along with their corporate donors and their media enablers in ways that is awe-inspiring. This video is the 21st century Nuremberg that is convicting the thugs in dark suits in absentia.

My fellow Americans, our freedoms are being accosted daily by an axis of evil in America. The unholy trinity of plutocrats, politicians and pundits are working together to nullify our liberty and commit holocausts on humanity for the sake of capital thievery. They keep declaring wars overseas and terrifying us with bogeymen in order to distract us from the traitors who walk the halls of power in DC and Wall Street. We ignore these issues at our peril; power unchecked eventually consumes the citizens after it is done feeding on “others”. Let the words of Chris Hedges serve as a wake up call and a closing thought. May God protect us from the complacency of the people and the malignancy of the powerful.

“We are talking about the death of a free press, the death of a civil society. This is far beyond a reasonable debate. [The US government] make the East German Stasi state look like the boy scouts. If we don’t wrest back this power for privacy, for the capacity to investigate what our power elite is doing…we can essentially say that our Democracy has been snuffed out.” ~ Chris Hedges

If you appreciate the message behind this write up and you too refuse to be hoodwinked by this federated con job that is in DC and Manhattan, share this article on social media using #HedgesRedux. While you are at it, let the traitors in DC know that  more and more are waking up to their hustle. Share this article on social media with every Congressman, Senator and the idiot Trump. Especially Tweet this article to @SenFeinstein and @LindseyGrahamSC

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